Comments for An Imagineer’s Adventure Getting “Magic Journeys” Film To Epcot Center In Time For Opening Day, 32 Years Ago

epcot imagination pavilion

Credit: Disney


  1. star-w

    i wish the returned THIS instead of captin eo because of it’s extoror looks like a nice 3d shoe captin eo was short and felt like a 4d music video LOL

  2. Brother Bill

    I wish they would bring this, along with maybe Captain EO, and Melody Time, to Blu-Ray 3D!

  3. Reesie

    This is quite an amazing story. I found myself on edge with anticipation while reading it. DL and WDW have had weird traditions of having many things to fix before opening day, and this is no exception. Would love to hear more stories if you have them.

    Oh, and I agree MJ should be brought back. I remember seeing it, and I was so young that I kept taking my 3D glasses off. haha Would love to see it return if only briefly.

  4. I caught Magic Journeys at the Magic Kingdom after it moved away from EPCOT when I was a kid. It was an amazing show and the music still runs through my mind from time to time. Even though The Lion King is my favorite Disney Film, I was a little disappointed when it replaced the show at MK. I appreciate that PhilharMagic has at least brought 3D back to the theater, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Magic Journeys.

  5. Love hearing stories about the chaos prior to the opening of EPCOT Center, so I thank you for sharing.

    Was the preshow video the one with Makin’ Memories? That song’s still stuck in my head and it’s been decades since I heard it in Disney World. If it’s still in my head, then I can only imagine what it must be like to have heard it so many times in such a short time period.

  6. TJ B

    Hey Mark, do you happen to know or know someone who does know the specs for the laserdisc that held the audio for Magic Journeys? I happen to have show copy #4 and have been trying to figure out how to run it…

    1. Gabriel


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