Comments for VIDEO: Tribute to Off Kilter, Mo’Rockin’ as Walt Disney World makes changes to classic Epcot entertainment


  1. Disney Fan

    So wouldn’t “Raglan Road” be a good fit for “Off Kilter” next with the Disney Springs renaissance? Especially with their huge following…

  2. Robert Fang

    Off kilter is one of my favorite bands to see at Epcot.

    Change is not always a good thing!!!!!

    This is very disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michel LaBrosse

    So disappointing t o see two great shows leaving Epcot. The worst is the decision to replace live music by a show of lumberjacks not very tasteful and appropriate for a Disney audience. Please bring back The Kilters and Mo Rockin.

  4. Pam Webb

    I was shocked and disappointed that Off Kilter was “let go” from EPCOT. If that many people were still enjoying them, and the members of the band were still brining us all in, WHY change? If it’s not broken Disney, DON’T fix.

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