Comments for Universal Orlando announces new Loews Sapphire Falls Resort hotel to open Summer 2016 with Caribbean flair


  1. EricJ

    And are those Citywalk boat shuttles we see in the concept art?

    1. Todd

      I think u can walk over the bridge to get the water shuttles at the old hotel!

  2. Robin

    I think this will be a wonderful addition to the resort complex Universal has begun. Having it be Pet Friendly will definitely put them a step above Disney, as long as they keep the cost in line! More and more ppl. Are traveling with pets and are staying in and at other resorts close by in Orlando! Both Universal and Disney are missing out

  3. Grace Moore

    Want information concerning employment possibilities

    1. Eric

      Loews hotels on turkey lake road (south of universal). Apply in person or you might be able to apply online.

  4. Roddy Barros

    Question: when they say “pet friendly”, does it mean it’ll have pet “areas” or pets will be able to roam free? It’s weird that we no longer have to ask for smoking/non-smoking, but apparently now we have to ask if it’s pet friendly or not.
    I mean, it’s great that pet owners have this option, but when smoking, gluten and peanuts are taken into consideration due to health issues, what about allergies and other issues related to animals?
    People used to understand that you can’t really take your pet to malls, restaurants, planes, hotel rooms… So as long as there’s consideration to those that are not “pet people” and there’s some sort of separation, I suppose everyone will be able to enjoy themselves.

    1. Eric

      I use to do front desk at Royal Pacific a few years ago. Pet friendly means that you can bring your pets with you and we had a certain section of rooms that could only be used with pets. Pets were not allowed in restaurants or off leash. There was a separate dog walk area for them. All Loews hotels are pet friendly from Portofino to the other ones out west or up north. Employment is thru Loews hotels and you can apply in person at Human Resources on turkey lake road towards sand lake.

      1. Roddy Barros

        That seems very sensible. Thank you for your answer!

  5. Frankie

    Resort looks beautiful,too bad we could never stay there,pet-friendly means off limits to us with severe pet allergies. I had hoped it would be like Cabana Bay and free of allergens for us. They have no allergen free deluxe resorts? Alas we will have to stay at WDW.

    1. Sean

      The pet friendly rooms are only certain rooms. You can request to stay in rooms pets have not used.

  6. Taylor

    It’s awesome that Universal Orlando is getting more on-site hotels!

    Though, I gotta admit that I would rather see more news about more expansions happening WITHIN the two parks.

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