Comments for Review: Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2014 brings big flavors on small plates at Walt Disney World


  1. Melissa

    All of this stuff looks amazing and really impressive. To take part in the food and wine festival do you need to purchase an additional ticket or do you just visit the booths in their areas and pay for the meals?

    1. Robert

      Unlike Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween at Magic Kingdom, the Food and Wine festival included with your entrance to Epcot! This year there are special “after hours” events at the Food and Wine Festival that will have a separate charge.

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I want to be eating all of this stuff!!!!! Nom nom nom nom nom! 🙂

    1. ppony

      Food & Wine needs to add more months. Heck, let’s just make the food part a year ’round staple!

  3. Michael


  4. Héhé , i was here , i remember every piece to these times , was a great day

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