Comments for “Frozen” ride announced for Walt Disney World in 2016 to replace Maelstrom at Epcot, “Frozen” Christmas also revealed


  1. Nathan Eldred

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

    1. Angela


      1. Izzy


        1. Susan

          Unfortunately it is all about the all mighty dollar with Disney now. They know Frozen is a cash cow and sadly they will compromise the integrity of World Showcase because of it. Changing an existing ride will be done quicker than having to make something new elsewhere. We are in the parks now and are so sick of seeing Frozen everywhere! I don’t even think it was that great, but that’s a whole other story!

  2. Chanel

    OUTRAGE! We cry OUTRAGE! Malestrom is one of the highlights of Epcot! They had better do a darn good job with this NONSENSE! They had better retain some of the character and nostalgia from this beloved ride… now it’s going to be over run with screeching little “princesses” … GRRR…

    When will this madness end..

    1. Matt

      My screeching little princess can’t wait.

      1. Joleen

        My “screeching” princes can’t wait either ;). Frozen is not just for girls, it appeals to everyone! My boys are going to be excited, and so am I!

      2. Linda


    2. Marc

      The thought of kids at Disney World… Outrageous!

    3. Joann

      Princesses have been in Norway since forever. They do a princess breakfast lunch and dinner. Why would anyone that didn’t have children go ri Disneyworld anyway!

      1. Jen

        ok…I don’t have kids but I LOVE going to WDW. I’m also excited for the Frozen ride too. Lots of my childless friends also enjoy Disney so please don’t pick on the “no kids” folks. Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth.

      2. Chris

        I don’t have kids and I LOVE WDW. Love it so much that I dropped everything I ever knew and moved to FL to work there. People with no children aren’t allowed to believe in Disney magic?

  3. David

    Now I wish for a hostile takeover of the Walt Disney Company that results in the company being broken up and sold off in pieces like they almost were in 1984.

  4. ohnotheydidnt

    This is one of the signs of the apocalypse!

  5. jennifer dailey

    I agree, I dint think epcot is the place for this. Although I do understand Disney wanting to bring more people to epcot, I think that it will ruin the general atmosphere that epcot is all about.

    1. Demaris

      I agree ๐Ÿ™ I think EpCot is not the place for this attraction. . .this is a definite Magic Kingdom attraction and it does take away from the point of the World Showcase. I am so disappointed as my husband has never been to Disney and we are going the second week in October so he won’t be able to experience Maelstrom. And EpCot is more enjoyable for adults. . .I for one have raised my “screaming princesses” and enjoy the peace and quiet of World showcase. Very very sad ๐Ÿ™

  6. Jessica

    Yay!!! So exciting!!

  7. Kendra

    No! Bad idea. I love Malestrom, it’s been an Epcot favorite for over 25 years. What does Arendelle a fictional place have anything to do with Norway. Keep the Disney Princesses in Magic Kingdom please. ๐Ÿ™

    1. Inge Hassel

      Arendale was created inspired by a real Norwegian village. Also the famous lutefisk is mentioned. The names are common Norwegian names so – frozen does belong in Norway –

      1. Dan

        That’s like saying Mary Poppins belongs in England, Ratatouille in France, Pinocchio in Italy, Manga in Japan, Dudley Doright in Canada…

        1. Michael Brannon

          Mary Poppins does belong in England, Ratatouille does belong in France, and Pinocchio does belong in Italy, and they have all made appearances there. Manga and Dudley Doright, however, are not Disney properties

          1. Megan

            There is Manga at the Japanese pavillion. Last time I was there they had stuff for all sorts of amines and mangas in the shop ๐Ÿ˜›

          2. Dan

            But none of those has those characters as a main part of their displays or activities. They are in addition to the main country exhibitions.

        2. Dylan

          Remy (from Ratatouille) is in the France Pavillion… With that said, i still think this is sad .

          1. Charles B

            The difference being that the France pavilion is not replacing the movie about France with a Pixar short. … not yet anyway …

      2. Cory

        I have to respectfully disagree. Norway belongs in Norway. Frozen belongs in Fantasyland. But I’m just holding out false hope of a restoration of the original themes and ideas of EPCOT Center from the ’80s and early ’90s. I must eventually accept that “Epcot” is becoming Magic Kingdom South (the one with the golf ball).

      3. Izzy

        I know but don’t you think frozen is taking over a little bit?

  8. Dan

    The beginning of the end of World Showcase.

  9. Marc Morini

    Another great Epcot ride gone. Between this news and what they did to Journy Into Imagination I now feel almost no need to visit Epcot anymore. I hope the frozen ride is fun, I just don’t think it belongs in the showcase.

  10. Catherine

    Absolute and utter garbage! Not only is this a sign of the money making corruption in Disney’s higher ups, but It’s a slap in the face to the original dream that Walt had for the park, not to mention an insult to the true fans of Epcot, and the entire country of Norway. What happens next year when the Frozen fad dies out, and you’re stuck with a ride no one wanted in the first place?.

    1. Chanel


    2. David

      Batman & Robin was a better movie than Frozen

    3. Gina


      1. Dave

        “money making corruption” haha. Disney is a for profit corporation wanting to make money and give the public what they want at the same time is far from corruption. Disney radical fanatics will never dictate what Disney does and man that’s gotta just burn ya’ll up! haha

        1. Pat

          Hahaha thanks for that Dave, was wondering when someone would say that to this moron. The insane fanatics ruin the experience for so many others. It’s disappointing. If they just toned down the crazy, Disney may actually listen to them.

    4. Jessica

      Sorry but this was Walt’s Dream. He wanted to make this into a movie but didn’t know how he wanted it done. Watch the making of the movie and you would know it was his dream. To add this as part of the Norwegian theme of Epcot is perfect since all of the movie is completely built around it.

    5. Michael

      I too love Maelstrom but you do realize we are at about a year after the movie came out and it’s still just as popular right? It may be a ride that YOU (and many) didn’t want anyways but I can guess that a majority will welcome it.
      The dream that Walt had for the park never manifested anyways. Maelstrom was/is great but it’s dated, has wrong information and i bet the vast majority of people who visit EPCOT do not realize there is a ride there. This will draw people to the World Showcase.
      Has anyone ever though that they could keep the ride about the culture of Norway and use the Frozen characters as a way of connecting with the audience and getting them to actually pay attention to the content of the ride?

    6. Renan

      Walt Disney never had any dreams for the EPCOT theme park. He dreamed about the EPCOT city which influenced EPCOT but Maelstrom was never in his original idea because EPCOT was not a theme park. Please search about the history of Disney World before stating stuff. I agree though that Frozen should not take over this amazing attraction but it does belong in every way in Norway. Also this fad is probably not gonna go so easily, it has been almost a year and people are still just as into it and I bet the frozen short set for next year will just fuel the fire and so will Frozen on Ice. You just have to go with it. Disney is a bussiness and if that is the way they see the money then they will do it.

    7. Maranda

      What EPCOT is now was not Walt Disney’s original idea, Celebration is much closer. Maelstrom was intended to teach the masses about Highlights of Norway, Frozen actually does a really nice job of this incorporating the ice cutters, trolls, etc. wrapped within a story line. Not all the movies focus as much on the culture as this movie does. I don’t think this is a bad idea and while I will miss Maelstrom I also missed Horizons and the Body pavilion and the ride through the aquarium and the original Figment, new isn’t always bad, Mission Space is pretty awesome to replace Horizons (I personally was HIGHLY disappointed with Test Track so even though it’s in the same location, I don’t count that). Plus watch Frozen again and there are scenes in the movie directly from Maelstrom. This was planned when the movie was created. It was very obvious and I appreciate the incorporation.

  11. Miranda

    How long has the frozen event been extended too?

  12. Chanel

    I will say hats off to Disney if they can TASTEFULLY incorporate this. However, my main concern is for the Norway pavilion and the country and people it represents. That is the main purpose of the World Showcase pavilion, to give people like myself and so many others that don’t have the opportunity to travel the world to get a tiny little taste of these countries in a Disney way. This World Showcase pavilion has been visited by people all over the world for years…and they keep coming back, because it is beloved. Please Disney, please – take care of what you do!!! I agree that the World Showcase has needed some update for a while, but please don’t loose the nostalgia – remember we’ve been coming back for a reason. Please represent the people of this country well. Please at least give a nod to the attraction we’ve all loved for a quarter of a century.

    1. Virginia

      So well said, Chanel!! I agree completely.

  13. Dave

    I really hope some of these comments are tounge-in-cheek, otherwise methinks you all need to focus on things in real life. we are all fans of the parks but there’s a limit to how much things like this should actually affect you. remember Walt said it will never be a museum…

    1. Amanda

      Who gives you the right to determine how people feel, for a lot of people, Disney growing up was a place of magic, sorry you couldn’t experience that and had to get left in the “real world”

    2. Eric

      Methinks using the word methinks is beyond pretentious

  14. Gina

    I just don’t get how this movie is taking over Disney World!! Its a good movie i actually appreciate it more then I did at first but I still don’t know why everything has to become Frozen. Don’t change the ride. Maybe add them at them in but changing the whole ride should go back back over the falls!!!!!

  15. chris

    This is horrible epcot has always been about the countries not the movies. I think this is an awful idea and is ruining my favorite country in epcot

  16. Jon

    NO NO NO!!!!!

  17. Gina

    Also….. there are SO many other things that need to be done at EPCOT bring back Dreamfinder, redue Ellen’s adventure , add more Countries put some love all around EPCOT.

  18. Mary

    While I’ve seen a few people saying this is a good idea, a majority of people hate it. This is not what Epcot is about. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the movie but this is getting way out of hand!!

    1. David

      If I were CEO of Disney, Frozen would be banned from ALL Disney parks.

      1. Pat

        Hahaha sarcasm?

        1. David

          No, I am serious. Tangled was a better movie than Frozen and that is a FACT.

          1. Greg

            Finally, somebody said it!

            This is a slap in the face to generations who loved this ride. If it must be updated, so like they did with the Mexico ride and incorporate characters into it. I don’t love the re-do on that ride, but at least it still resembles the former.

  19. Jocelyn

    I think this should be at magic kingdom not Epcot, to be honest Epcot is quiet boring for kids and some adults and a waste of a day. To add one new ride or show is now going to make it any better I certainly would spend the money just to go for one ride no matter how much my kids liked it sorry still a waste of a day!!!

  20. Linda

    I keep thinking about parents with small children wandering around World Showcase, drinking wine during the Int’l Food & Wine Festival … nobody better spill my stuff … just sayin’ …

    1. Rick

      Sounds like you need to try AA.

      1. Jamie

        The thing I despise most about Internet comments is people thinking they have the right to say things they would/should NEVER say if face to face with a stranger.

  21. Barbara-Ann

    My daughter would love this! If having a Frozen ride gets the kids to WANT to come to Epcot (where they will inevitably learn about other countries and cultures), isn’t that a good thing? I, for one, hope it is finished by the time we go to Disney the end of March.

  22. kattie

    I am sad. Maybe they will keep most of the ride and just add the characters in a few places. Like when they added jack to pirates. My little pal figment will be next on the list of things to go I’m sure. I as a mom of small children this is the one park I dont want to see get ran over by them. Whats the food and wine festival going to be like with 15,000 screaming little girls. Add more live street performers or something else to enhance the park. Dont take everything away that we love. I have been going to disney 2 times a year for 29 years. Im sad to see all the classics continually being removed instead of enhancing what we already love .

  23. Mike

    Does Norway (the nation) have a say in this? One purpose of Maelstrom has been to promote Norway’s tourism and commerce, but I assume all that will get tossed aside when Anna and Elsa move in.

    1. Dan

      My understanding (I could be wrong) is that Norway no longer supports the pavilion and that Disney was trying to work something out with them to no avail.

  24. Julie

    I have no problem with little bits of Disney squeezed into the World Showcase. But if they turn all of Norway into Frozen I will be very disappointed. Would ruin that area and the atmosphere of the Showcase.

  25. Paul W

    Oh joy…and I was SO looking forward to the Maelstrom ride in late October ๐Ÿ™

  26. Lia

    In response to Jocelyn, many aspects of Epcot have needed to be updated for quite some time which is why it’s been so boring for many kids and adults. World Show case is the best thing about Epcot (except for SeaBase!) I hope that this is the beginning of more updates in the Epcot, but after this Frozen addition, I hope they’ll focus on other aspects of the park.

  27. Sean

    I really don’t see the big issue here.

    You talk about it flying in the face of the world showcase as an “accurate representation” but have you honestly looked around the world recently? Last time I checked a map of the UK I didn’t see a “hundred acre wood” anywhere so why is Winnie the Pooh in England? I can meet Snow White in Germany but I don’t remember the film being set there or talking, angry ducks originating from Mexico. Even more to the point, no one here seems to have an issue with Jasmine being in Morrocco, Agrabah wasn’t even on the same continent!

    I am perfectly fine seeing Anna and Elsa in a pavilion that inspired their film, Arendelle is even based of the Norwegian town of Arendal. With regards to the ride though, let’s not jump the gun here. Mexico seems to perfectly straddle the line of using disney characters and cultural relevance so who’s to say that this isn’t the same thing?

    Lastly for those lamenting the loss of a classic, if things weren’t updated then you wouldn’t have even had a Maelstrom to get upset about as it didn’t open until 6 years after the park opened in the first place.

    1. kelly

      Actually, you can see the “real” hundred acre wood in England. I think it is in Sussex? You can visit the area where Christopher Robin would play that inspired the books his father wrote .

      1. Sean

        I think you missed the point of the comment, there is no “hundred acre wood”, only inspiration from the UK which draws distinct parrallels to Arrendale and Norway

  28. Ali

    Don’t get me wrong I love frozen, but there are some people out there (like me) that grew up loving maelstrom and they can’t just take that away!!!

  29. Honor

    I also do love the Maelstrom..but this park really needs some renovation…if not it is pointless to follow in what Walt Disney’s expectation’s were for the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow…otherwise known as (EPCOT).Our children are the future…the need for many more countries and more future rides and experiments for all ages is needed at this particular park. If not the name fails. While I love the world showcase and the ability to drink and enjoy many cultures in one location….Epcot needs more for the children and young adults to do. While I love taking my 3year old on the dinosaur ride it is not the same ride as when I first experienced it when I was 5 years old(1981)….now it has Ellen D. And the Jeopardy game theme that was a hit at that time…..new things brought to the park ‘Frozen’ or not should be embraced by all ages as it is for all ages (young and old) it willn help our children build their minds to the future who will be making way for the communities of tomorrow.

  30. Apocalypse Pooh

    I guess this will be opening…what…in 2016?

  31. Chandler

    Disney’s so scared of Universal that they’re not bothering to plan anything anymore. Just throw Frozen everywhere. What they’re forgetting is what Universal did so well: making Harry Potter work with the rest of the resort, and not oversaturating it either.

    1. David

      Universal is DEAD. Without Nickelodeon Studios, Kongfrontation, Back to the Future, and now Jaws, there is no point going there anymore. I’d rather have kept Jaws than expand HP. Haven’t been there since it closed and have been happily boycotting since.

    2. Renan

      Are you forgetting that Universal built TWO harry potter lands. They are basically doing the same thing. Adding it all over so they can make money. Actually more cause building a land is really expensive, let alone two. While Disney has just made meet and greets, fairly cheap activities in Hollywood Studios and now a ride. So it is no where as much as Universal has used with Harry Potter. At least Disney uses their heritage, they closed the Snow White ride and built another one just more fun. While Universal has been taking out all of their old and amazing movie rides and just adding things that are not even owned by them.

  32. Alan

    Really really disappointed to read this. So the ride will be opening three years after the film has come out?! This isn’t like Harry Potter. The World Showcase is all about showcasing other cultures not randomly adding a new ride cause the film made a fortune. The Maelstrom ride was the best attraction in the showcase. What will be next Disney planes replacing the hall of presidents?

  33. Reading these comments, I am beginning to wonder if I rode the same maelstrom ride as you fans? It sucked, it was short, and wasn’t it a way to get you roped into a boring movie at the end? If I’m wrong, let me know, but I’m pretty sure it was one of the crappies Disney rides on my list. I also hate Frozen,but whatever.

  34. Dina

    Why would they NOT monopolize on Frozen?? It’s wildly popular and it’s what universal did with Harry Potter. The movie and characters are SOO likeable and kids of all ages love it ๐Ÿ™‚ bring on all things Frozen ๐Ÿ™‚ besides, adults can still get their drink on at Epcot ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. David

      They would not monopolize on it to keep the fandom under control plus it was not the best movie they ever made in recent years. Tangled was FAR superior.

  35. DisneyFan

    All right, I like Frozen, and I love Disney, but no. I knew it was coming, but WDC should be ashamed. Walt Disney must be turning in his grave right now. All that I keep seeing in my mind right now is how excited Walt Disney was when he presented the idea of EPCOT to everyone via television. All of the other nations in the showcase have authentic and informative attractions (for now… except Mexico, but I am pretty sure most people do not even know that one exists given its short queue lines around the clock), and that is the way it is supposed to be. Disney is a business first and foremost, I know, but its owners need to recognize that it is never acceptable to change Walt Disney’s original message. If I was Norwegian, I would slam them for this. No offense, but pieces of Norway that Disney animators thought were good enough to make it into the film do not represent the country all that accurately – which totally undermines the sanctity of what the World Showcase stands for. I am all for Disney presenting their trademark characters for meet n’ greets (e.g. Mulan in China), but to take out an attraction which was one of the only moving, fun, AND informative (not too many can claim all of those criteria) ones in the World Showcase is a huge mistake. If anything, a happy medium should be reached in that Maelstrom stays and Frozen can also come to Norway (although I was also fine with them just showing off some of the examples of Norwegian inspiration in another walk-through attraction at Norway). I know there is not enough space, but one thing I have always said is that the Showcase should expand to include more countries and also an update (but not in the way they are going currently). The world has grown into a more global community, so EPCOT must reflect that. There is no country from the Middle East, and Morocco representing the whole continent of Africa? Give me a break. Here’s an idea, Disney, why don’t you take the colossal profits you made off of Frozen and make that happen? Please and thank you.

  36. Amanda

    This is an outrage. I grew up with the Maelstrom ride! I’ve been going to Disney ever since my mother was pregnant to me, so for 21 years! That has always been my favorite ride at Disney, and I have personally waited almost two hours to get on that ride, and I am sure that other people will agree. I understand that the World Show Case isn’t as popular, and that Disney is trying to draw more people in there, but the World Show Case isn’t for animation, it is for the COUNTRIES to show off their HERITAGE and their unique aspects to their own country. Frozen is a great movie, do not get me wrong, but it does not reflect the Norway as a country, it is a movie that is nonfiction and focuses on a storyline plot, barely on the beautiful country as a whole and their culture! It is an abomination that Walt Disney will just take out a Disney original. It is a ploy for Disney to attract more guests and make more money, and it is turning into just another Monopoly. They need to consider who they are targeting for THE SHOWCASE. Animation and fairytales are meant to be rides at MAGIC Kingdom, hence the name, and just because Disney wants to obtain more money from their guests, doesn’t give them a right to take away a ride that means so much to many people, and the people who have been loyal to Walt Disney World their entire life.

  37. Crystal

    RIP, Maelstrom. You were always wonderful to me on those hot, humid days. What other rides and memories from my childhood are you going to destroy, Disney? Frozen does not belong in EPCOT! EPCOT is a place to go and learn about all the different places on our planet, not the make believe ones (that’s what you have the MK and HS for). All this does is open the door to shift the focus from other countries’ histories and legends to characters/places based off of said country. Guess we should expect a Mulan ride in China and a BatB ride in France. Again, if you want to go to a fake world based off of a real place, why not go to “Fantasy” Land? Or, if it’s based off of a movie, go to Hollywood Studios! Stop ruining EPCOT. I know EPCOT is nowhere near what Walt had originally imagined, but this is just taking it too far. Nonsense, I say. And not for nothing, but the crazy Frozen fandom that we see today will die down one day (i.e. when the next Princess movie comes out), whereas Norway’s history and lore will continue to live on. Viva la trolls!

  38. Harold

    Hearing this news just makes me sad. Disney was the company that originally founded the idea of a “themed park” what better way of destroying the ideas of what your business once was then by totally ignoring theme to add an attraction from a hit movie that sells a lot of merchandise. Don’t get me wrong, I love Frozen, awesome movie. But put it in Fantasyland with the rest of the princesses and leave the only Disney park I actually enjoy anymore alone!

  39. candice

    We are huge frozen fanatics and a lover of Disney! I can’t wzit to bring my girls to Disney. I as a kid went 5 times and each time disliked Epcot. The future ride was about it. I will definitely visit Epcot jow that Frozen will be there, my Husband enjoys history, so he will enjoy this park, and now we will too.

  40. WDWlover05

    Time marches on…As a big fan of Horizons and World of Motion I remember feeling that these attractions needed to be left alone as EPCOT icons but without updating and refreshing the rides we would all be missing out on Test Track and Mission Space! Did anyone protest the closing of Mission to Mars by the way?

  41. Brian English

    2016!?!? Will Frozen still be a thing in 2016.

    This is a nightmare. Worst move by Disney ever.

    Why do they keep kicking sand in the face of Epcot!?

  42. Lo

    I never got to watch the 5 minute video about Norway.

    I’m not happy about this. Trend #SaveMaelstrom on Twitter.

  43. John

    Honestly, my main concern is that now there’s a better chance I’m going to spill my alcohol on a kid that bumps into me in the World Showcase. This will be great during Food and Wine =/ lol

  44. Brian

    I love Epcot but will dread the crowds this will create around Norway.
    Malestrom was an ok ride but in need of an update. No one stopped to see the movie at the end. If done correctly this could show Norway countryside well. Just hope it’s not cheap like the Little Mermaid ride that just opened in MK.

  45. Cintia

    Awfull idea!!! Let Frozen be at MK & DHS!!!! Money makes the. Worked go round!!! Shame on you Disney!!!!!

  46. Tach

    A Frozen ride at WDW was inevitable. However, being a Disney Princess film, the most appropriate place for it is Magic Kingdom- specifically Fantasyland. Epcot is not the right place for rides based on fairytales. If it was, they would have done that from the beginning.

    Placing the fictional land of Arendale in the pavilion for the REAL country of Norway is completely upending the whole theme and purpose of The World Showcase. However, Disney seems uncaring of theme and purpose at Epcot, and has been so for years.

    Having character meet & greets in their countries of origin (or closest approximation- looking at you Aladdin & Jasmine) is begrudgingly acceptable, as it helps keep the younger demographic happy. But removing an attraction that is the showpiece of a pavilion in order to do a quick cash-in on an ultra hot property is shortsighted at best, and a potential disaster at worst.

    We’ve seen it before. How popular is Stitch’s Great Escape? Pirates of the Caribbean isn’t a 2 hour wait because of Johnny Depp is it? They just shut down the American Idol Experience- partially due to lack of crowd flow. Pirate’s Lair at Tom Sawyer Island, anyone? These updates/replacements were all short-term thinking by those at TDO/TDA who only saw dollar signs as those properties were super explosive, and now most are also-ran attractions.

    Again- I’m not against a Frozen attraction. The summer event at DHS and the upcoming one at DCA are acceptable, even if they are done on the cheap. BUT- to overlay this classic attraction because its easier than building a new one in a more fitting location just smacks of bean-counting and lack of respect/understanding of what World Showcase is/was/should be.

    Just as Walt was dismayed at seeing Cowboys in Tomorrowland, we should all be dismayed at this move- its more than bad show. Its a bad omen for the future of Epcot.

  47. Patricia

    If all you people don’t like having screaming, excited kids at Disney,including Epcot. Then I suggest you go to Universal or somewhere else. I think Frozen will be a good addition to the park. When I mentioned to my parents about the switch, they did not even remember the ride even though we went on it every time we went to Disney. My girls are excited for this ride and are now getting more excited about going to Epcot. I remember when I was little, I wasn’t too thrilled about going to Epcot because I saw as it as just walking and no fun. And another thing I know everyone thinks that this is a bad idea but I am sure that Disney did research and surveys to random people. So just because a few of you get on here saying that it is bad or that you will not enjoy Disney anymore, I find that hard to believe because if you are a true Disney fan then you would never give up on Disney. Plus you are the ones that have to let people know that you are a hopeless negative person. It is usually the ones that disapprove that comment and then the ones that are true Disney fans reply.

  48. Kathy t

    Any idea when additional fast passes for the Sing along at Hollywood Studios will become avaliavle for October? Thanks

  49. Sarah

    This outrages me. This is beyond ridiculous and I am tired of this. Frozen was a great movie, stop shoving it down my throat. I love disney and disney world and this is just ridiculous! I love this ride, you have plenty of space. Build a new ride if you want a frozen ride. This makes me so mad!! Not good disney. I hope they see how wrong they are and stop this in its tracks. It’s disney world and world showcase. Not frozen world and frozen showcase.

  50. EricJ

    Another Armchair-fanboy current-movie-attraction Internet viral-nagging campaign gets the greenlight in the real world?
    What will they call this one, “Olaf’s Great Escape”? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. DisneySon1

    Personally, I don’t think Maelstrom was really such an incredible ride, at least compared to it’s direct cousins Pirates, Splash Mountain, 3 Cabs, and American Adventure. Aside from the god-awful teal walled queue, the attraction always seemed disjointed and forced to me. The opening viking eye was cool and mysterious, and the ice cutters and polar bears and everything were OK, but the ride moves so quickly past all of this and really wants to get to the trolls, which are kind of the whole point of the ride. I mean, not to offend anybody, but trolls will almost certainly be part of the new ride, and though they are “Frozen’s” characters, I think they capture the spirit of what the Maelstrom trolls currently are without being terribly creepy. Finally, we plunge into the pretty forest, almost going “over the falls”, which I never really felt was a real thing, oddly. Even as a child I knew that we would never go over the falls out of the show building and I always thought that part sort of cheesy. Finally, there’s that oil rig. I personally always found the ending of the attraction incredibly anti-climactic and… honestly, though they must be an incredibly important part of today’s Norwegian culture, you have to admit that it sort of takes away from the appeal and beauty of Norway thus far exhibited in the ride. It never seemed scary or anything to me, just plain ugly, especially to end a ride on. The best part of the ride for me, ironically, is the unload, because of the little fishing village at the end and the patio, which I’m really going to miss.

    Realistically, what this new ride will probably give us is a much better queue, callbacks to the ice cutting scenes and the polar bears of Maelstrom’s days, Trolls, beautiful scenery which will probably be very similar to the current Norway Pavillion’s scenery, and some sort of “Let It Go” scene, which will probably make for a more spectacular and visually dazzling scene than Maelstrom’s big oil rig finale or even the troll magic.

    Let’s be honest here. If we had heard that Marc Davis’ “The Snow Queen” was replacing Maelstrom, we would all be freaking out. But really, the Frozen ride will probably be incredibly similar in structure. You go through an incredibly naturalistic environment that will probably be filled with Norwegian animals (along with, of course with Olaf, Sven, Anna, and Kristoff), and then we’ll start to reach the Ice Castle, which will likely be guarded by Marshmallow. We enter inside, and maybe this takes place after the movie and she’s happy to see us, or maybe she’s scared and send us “back, back!” or something to that effect. Either way, the scene’ll be dazzling. The finale will probably end in a thawed Arendelle with Elsa creating a snow flurry for us to ride through. This kind of a structure, at the end of the day, isn’t so different than that which Marc Davis proposed so long ago. In fact, it kind of has a tighter storyline, more like Splash Mountain, than the proposed ambling through the snow.

    For what it’s worth, Norway’s travel page used Frozen-isnpired advertisements for a while to advertise going to the “real Arendelle”. And Adventures By Disney’s using “Frozen” to promote it’s vacations to the real Norway. So both Norway and Disney have been cashing in on this connection since the film came out. If Norway remains a partner, we’ll see, but I’m going to gamble yes on that.

    I am confident that Imagineering is going to go to great lengths to make this ride a) Visually incredible, b) Culturally sensitive, implanting nuggets of Norwegian history and fantasy throughout the attraction, c) Pleasing to the fans and groundbreaking in the themed attraction industry and d) True also to the movie, making the characters more likely than not some of the most advanced audio-animatroic figures ever created, especially Elsa.

    Though we will lose some quirky charm, I doubt the entire pavilion will be gutted and turned into Arendelle. My bets are that the church will remain, and I think that was always the most culturally significant part of the pavilion, while the ride was so much more focused on the lore of Norway. I suppose we should also remember that the Maelstrom “story” is also a story that was constructed by Disney. It just didn’t have “For The First Time In Forever” in it.

    I’m cautiously optimistic that the marriage of Norway and Frozen will be tasteful, respectful, and ten times more dazzling than the current attraction at the pavilion, while preserving what is truly important about Norwegian culture in the pavilion. But until we can actually ride this thing in a few years (or even see concept art), I’ll withhold final judgement and wait until we can actually judge this “transformation” ourselves.

    1. Chaz

      I appreciate your perspective.

      My only concern is that they’re jumping on this too soon. I’m not even concerned so much about Frozen’s staying power. (Star Wars and Harry Potter were hits from day 1 and they’re still relevant today.) It’s just the general rule of thumb for these sorts of projects is 4-5 years from conception to opening day. Now Disney’s obviously didn’t decide this yesterday, but assuming they started brainstorming on opening day for the project, that would leave them at most 3 years if the ride opens at the end of 2016. Granted, they have the building in place already, so that probably helps, but still. I wasn’t exactly attached to Maelstrom either, but this ride would still need to be spectacular to justify removing a fan favorite.

      Again, excellent post, and I too consider myself cautiously optimistic, I have my own concerns as well.

      1. JW

        Honestly, I fear Frozen will never go away.

        1. darth_marshmallow

          Honestly, I fear people like you even exist.

    2. Sarah

      I liked the Norway ride its a staple epcot Disney ride so when I heard about this it I thought maybe it would be better suited in the magic kingdom not epcot

      1. Cheryl

        Completely agree!!

      2. MGFLO

        The Norway ride was cute but very forgettable. Frozen is a huge hit, all the kids love it (and sing the songs), this will be a great addition to Norway! I just hope the ride is better than average. I mean hopefully there will be some new effects and things to make it stand out. We just got back from WDW a few weeks ago and it seems like big changes are in the works all around the parks!

    3. DisneyFanTina

      My biggest concern is that it’s taken so long for Disney to complete a parking garage at DTD and if they take that long to retrofit the Maelstrom Ride, good grief, Frozen will not only be let go, it’ll be forgotten! ‘For the First time in Forever’ will have a whole new meaning!

      1. Anonymous

        Frozen will become forgotten?! Tell that to Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Lilo & Stitch, etc.

    4. JT

      The attraction Epcot needs to eliminate is Captain EO….that thing was dated when it came out…just sayin…

    5. Alex

      This to me is a great opinion, As you hit on all the notes well.

    6. kt

      I think Disney does need to keep updating. Sometimes they take out the good stuff though, like the little remote control boats outside of the Jungle Cruise. Believe it or not, something as small as that we loved doing. The last time we were there, they had taken out the remote control boats which actually really bummed me out. It was nice to let the children feel like what it would be like to control a boat right after riding the ride. But I love the enchanted Tiki Room and hope they would never replace that—it’s so unique. I actually remember the old 20,000 leagues under the sea ride where it went under water –that used to be my favorite and will always remember that one; I try to explain to my daughter now who just looks at me like what? I do HATE the new way they are doing fast passes…….that has really put a snag into our plans the last time. It’s hard to predict where you are going to be when…when you used to get the pass at the ride it was easier because you were already in that area at the time.

  52. PJ

    Maelstrom wasn’t my favorite ride, but it’s an important part of the Norwegian Pavilion IMHO. It’s a real shame to me that they’d replace it for the flavor of the month movie…

    1. Dallas

      the 5th highest grossing film of all time does not equal flavor of the month.

      1. EricJ

        Transformers 3 is #7, and Iron Man 3 is #6…You were saying? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. EricJ

          Oh, and playing the “Worldwide!” game again, were we?
          Domestically, Frozen is the #19th most popular film of all time. BELOW Transformers 2, since there is no justice in the world. ๐Ÿ™

        2. Mike

          Neither of those films are flavor of the month…

      2. David

        The Sound of Music is the 5th highest grossing film of all time. Doesn’t count without inflation.

        1. Chaz

          Sound of Music didn’t have to deal with piracy to the same extent that Frozen did. (We all know someone who watch the movie illegally, admit it.) Also, there was no form of home media back then; if you wanted to see the movie at all, you went to see it in the theater. Waiting for the DVD wasn’t an option.

    2. Renee

      A Frozen ride is fine but place it somewhere else. It does not belong in the World Showcase! I am disappointed in Disney. I say to the Frozen ride in Norway, “disappear, disappear”.

      1. Anonymous

        No. Idiots like you are the ones who need to “disappear, disappear” and learn to be okay with Maelstron “disappearing, disappearing”–its time has come.

      2. MGFLO

        It is relevant to Norway, isn’t it? The present Norway ride isn’t really anything to speak of either. Frozen will be a real attraction.

  53. Chris

    I don’t know if I’m elated or gassy, but I’m somewhere in that zone.

    1. Lolo

      I just laughed out loud! Best comment I have read about this all day!

    2. Minnie

      Chris wins the comments section. ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Chaz

    “But despite some Disney fans proclaiming that adding the hit animated film to Epcotโ€™s World Showcase ruins its original intent and theme, โ€œFrozenโ€ fans will no doubt flock to the park as soon as it opens for a chance to sail through Arendelle for the first time in forever.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    1. EricJ

      If they (Disney -or- the fans) liked the story and characters so much, let’s see them do it WITHOUT plugging a lyric from one of the songs.
      Go ahead. I dare ya.

      1. Chaz

        Sorry? I’m not even sure what point you’re trying to get at. The songs are off-limits because . . .

        1. EricJ

          …Loving a soundtrack does not = loving a MOVIE.
          If it did, there’d be a lot more Tarzan at the park.

          1. Chaz

            For a lot of people, that isn’t even an issue. Plenty of people love both the movie’s story & characters as well as the soundtrack.

  55. LarryC

    They should build it at Hollywood Studios and leave Maelstrom alone!!!

  56. David

    As I stated earlier, I would rather see Disney suffer a hostile takeover and be broken up and sold off in pieces like they almost were in 1984, than see a Frozen attraction replace Maelstrom.

    1. Brian

      At first when I heard this news (7 minutes ago) I was upset and texted my family in outrage to let them know.

      But then when I thought about it some more this unfortunately makes sense. Disney is built for the kids, so they have to cater to what is gonna draw in more children to the parks. Right now the World Showcase is almost entirely adult attractions so this will help them there. But moreover, where else could they have put this attraction?
      MK just completed a massive expansion of New Fantasyland so it can’t go there.
      DHS must be gearing up for a large Star Wars section because Disney just paid $4 billion for the property and closed down Anerican Idol
      AK just doesn’t make sense
      It wouldn’t fit thematically in Future World at Epcot, and it really wouldn’t make sense to put anywhere else in the World Showcase.

      I’m definitely going to miss Maelstrom (luckily I got to ride it my last trip there this summer) but I can’t get too mad over this decision. Epcot needs another headliner attraction to go along with Soarin and Test Track, hopefully this will be it.

      1. Jeff Lynch

        I really wanted them to re-theme Blizzard Beach as a Frozen-themed water park. It would have been perfect. All the water slides could be melting snow. The theme could be Olaf getting ready for summer and all the snow melting. Re-theme all the buildings to be Arendelle type buildings and have meet and greets with Anna and Elsa. They could even build a restaurant to have character meals. Olaf and other snow people animatronics and statues everywhere. Have the lazy river pass by scenes from Frozen here and there.

        It would have been amazing, I think. Such a missed opportunity.

        1. Robert

          You just described re-themeing an entire park versus one attraction. Think about it from an operations (down-time) and profit standpoint. You’re suggestion, while cool in concept, makes absolutely no buisness sense. Remember, these are for-profit parks, a part of a large corporation. They will want to maximize profit with the least amount of investment. I can’t even begin to think what it would cost to retheme an entire park.

        2. Xavier

          I would just like to say that the water parks are purposefully themed separate from the parks to incorporate Disney’s water parks by storm theme. Typhoon Lagoon was super popular when it opened so they took the inverse and made it even better! Frozen would make people pay too much attention to the theming and take away from the attractions themselves. The waterparks are a showcase of technology believe it or not. Disney has 2 of the most state of the art water parks out there today. Maybe a scene in the cave or a summer festival but I would draw the line there.

    2. darth_marshmallow

      I’d rather see a dog’s anus than not seeing this happen.

  57. David

    Is the ride staying and just changing the storyline or is the log ride going away? I hope it stays. I look for to Maelstrom each visit to EPCOT.

    1. Woolf

      Since the attraction will only be down for just a few months, I suspect that the ride itself will stay exactly the same and the theming will change a bit to make it fit into the FROZEN plot. The biggest change I can imagine is the room with the oil derricks, which always seemed odd for the ride’s storyline. Even if they are accurate to Norway’s culture. For the rest of the ride I expect just minor changes.

      And I expect the theater at the end of the attraction will be converted to the new Anna and Elsa meet and greet area.

      1. Woolf

        Disregard my previous thoughts. I misread the opening year. I thought it was early 2015. But after re-reading it, I see it is early 2016. That is more than one year of down time. Anything could happen.

        But I still suspect that the ride itself will stay the same and everything around it will change. But only the Imagineers know for certain.

  58. George

    A- This Does ruin the intent. Maelstrom is fun and informative and I love how it turns your around. Boo
    B- 2016?? That seems like an awfully long time for construction. Also, there aren’t that many rides at Epcot so taking out one means a lot.

    1. Anonymous

      Maelstrom is not really that informative. It’s actually a hot mess.

  59. Bill

    What does Arrendale have to do with Norway? I think that this is a mistake.

    1. Felicia

      Arrendale itself is a fictional place . The name and surrounding areas in the movie pay homage to Norwegian culture .

  60. Michael


    This is a Fantasyland or Studios attraction.

    1. Anonymous

      Foamers like you say that about EVERY attraction! Stop it! >:(

      1. Monu

        I believe you are misinformed. “Foamers”? I am a former employee. This belonged elsewhere. Soarin was a good edition. As well as the new test track, and mission. This person is not the only fan of Disney to be upset at this new bit. It was enough they made the Mexico ride completely for children. The reason this park was built was for worldly experiences. For lovers of travel and culture. Learning. Almost a museum if you will but with a ton more flare. It really bothers me that ignorance still plagues comments and pages like this one.

        1. Anonymous

          You’re acting just like a foamer right now with what you’re saying, Monu.

        2. Woolf

          Maybe the original idea behind this EPCOT park was to be educational and “almost a museum,” but the REASON the park was built was to make money. A lot of money! And for the most part, people don’t really want a museum experience when they’re paying for a theme park. People want fun attractions at theme parks. And this has been the direction Disney has taken since they started redoing EPCOT to make it more entertaining and less educational.

        3. Frankie

          I couldn’t have said it better myself. Loved Maelstrom and disappointed they are replacing it with a kiddie ride. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  61. Amanda

    NO!!! Just NO!! This does NOT belong in the world showcase!!!!

    1. darth_marshmallow

      YES IT DOES!

    2. Anonymous

      Oh, yes, it does! >:(

  62. Marilyn

    I am sure through all the years, Disney knows what they are doing. That is their business. Let it Go and let’s see before we critic it. Love the sing along show!

    1. EricJ

      (See? Just CAN’T DO IT, can ya?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. WFB

    People only seem to come to EPCOT during special events. The more people that come the more Disney will invest. The Donald makeover was refreshing in Mexico. EPCOT opened with no Disney characters and that was soon changed. Layering in Disney stories in their native countries will not detract. Add Alice or Toad to United Kingdom, bring Snow White to Germany, bring the Disneyland Pinocchio to Italy. People are not sitting through the collection of films in the countries. Need to do something to get attendance up.

    And by the way, I agree that the original Journey Into Imagination is a far superior attraction, how much more Disney can you get?

    1. Woolf

      I’d like to see an Aladdin attraction in the Morocco pavilion (even though that would not quite be in the right country).

      And it would be nice is something could be added to both the Germany and Japan pavilions since each already has space for an attraction to be built.

  64. Jeany Sanchez

    awesome news! I love Frozen the ride and I can’t wait to ride it in 2016!

    1. darth_marshmallow

      Finally another person who is happy about it!

  65. Eric

    If you guys who obviously have way too much time on your hands don’t like the ride then don’t go to it pretty simple! I know I will be taking my kids to ride it.

  66. RJPiner

    Why can’t Disney just add new attractions to it’s parks instead tearing down classics. Here is an idea, why not add a new ride based on a popular movie to Hollywood Studios the park themed around movies? Call me crazy but Hollywood Studios is in desperate need of help.
    To be honest, I feel this (along with the upcoming Avatar land)is just “knee jerk” reactions to Universal’s success with it’s two Harry Potter lands and Transformers.

    1. Anonymous

      You could not be anymore wrong even if you tried.

    2. Woolf

      A big part of the upcoming Avatar land and themeing is to give people a reason to come to or stay at Animal Kingdom after dark. Currently people leave in the late afternoon or early evening. But more money can be made if there is a reason to stay longer (or get people to arrive later).

      And money, is what all of this is always about! It is easier and cheaper to rehab or retheme a ride than it is to just add a new attraction or area of a park. Plus, if attendance is low for a certain attraction, it becomes more costly to operate. If redoing an attraction can boost attendance to that attraction, then it is another way to reduce overall costs.

      Like it or not, people, especially younger, female people, LOVE Frozen and cannot get enough it. And while that may eventually subside, those characters will always create that same feelings for those people. Can you imagine what the lines will be like once the Frozen attraction is open? It is going to make it a lot easier to get onto Soarin!

  67. Jeff

    1. People will flock to it, I’m sure it will command staggering wait times, and 2 years from now, little princesses will still be singing the songs while they wait in line.

    2. It will be underwhelming. With a 2016 opening (a short timeline for WDI), I am certain they will be using the same ride building and ride system, and what this will essentially amount to is a moderate quality Frozen overlay.

    3. It sets a new precedent for the deterioration of Epcot. Future World has been floundering for well over a decade, but I believe World Showcase has been what holds this park together, because it has remained true to the original intent of the park, and the countries maintain the authentic charm of their real life counterparts. They educate and inspire. Now, we are introducing a fictional land into the mix, shoehorning it in based on similar clothing and architecture. It completely dilutes any remaining vestiges of the original conceit, and further deteriorates what makes the park great.

    I disagree that Disney is for kids. Disney is for families, Disney is for everyone. Epcot appeals to adults and knowledge seekers, those of us who relish museums, and traveling to non-English speaking countries. People who enjoy watching Cosmos and the History Channel, who want to know more about where we came from and where we have the potential to go. The challenge of continually finding ways to keep that spirit fresh is a one that nobody at WDI has had the ability or desire to take on since the late 80’s. So it has become a repository for popular clownfish, and California based attractions that kind of work, and Ellen. I’t’s really just a shame that arguably the most unique park ever built is slowly losing its identity, being homogenized into a generic theme park.

    1. Anonymous

      Jeff, you’re a moron! >:(

      1. Anonymous

        I’m Anonymous, and I’m rude to anyone who offers a valid (and possibly correct) opinion that differs from mine!

      2. Monu

        Very rude

    2. Erika

      Perfectly stated! Thank you!

      1. Erika

        That was addressed to Jeff. I agree with you, Jeff!

    3. MegaDisney

      I agree with you 100%

      And what is up with the over the top rude comments? If you feel that strongly have the nerve to identify yourself. Easy to be rude when you hide behind anonymous.

    4. Frankie

      Agree with you 100%. Disney is for everyone, and a Frozen themed ride doesn’t belong in the World Showcase.

  68. Matthew W

    I am personally torn. I enjoyed the frozen movies, yet Maelstrom was by far one of my favorite rides at the parks. Of course the immaginneering isn’t great, the animatronics aren’t top notch, but thats the point. The novelty makes me feel happy. I will severely miss this great ride. If only 4D videos had been created by now we could keep the ride forever

  69. erica

    This is the worst thing ever.

    1. darth_marshmallow

      Other than your mom!

      1. Marv

        You need to learn some manners. Don’t be rude just because someone’s opinion is different than yours.

      2. Frankie

        Your comments don’t belong here. Hard to believe you’re a Disney fan.

    2. Anonymous

      No, Erica. Mean-spirited close-minded people like you are the worst things ever! >:(

  70. Data Girl 3

    NOOOOO!!!!!! I love Maelstrom!

    Why are they turning World Showcase into another Magic Kingdom? First it was throwing Donald into the Mexico boat ride, now this!

  71. Marv

    @anonymous – you are extremely rude. Just because you do not agree with Jeff does not mean he is a moron. He has very valid points. Also, why is Erica mean spirited?? She likes the ride and is sad to see that it will be closing. Her opinion. Why don’t you put your name where your mouth is??

    1. Erika

      Just ignore these “trolls”. They just want to get a rise out of people.

  72. Walt.

    Ahhhhhhh …….nothing says come explore the wonders of the worlds around us like over priced merchandise and meet n greets. Pretty sure Uncle Walt would have done it this way.

    1. Woolf

      No, Walt would NOT have done it this way since his EPCOT would have been a town and not a theme park at all (and it probably would have failed since most utopian towns have in the past).

      But he would have made changes and updates to his theme parks since that was what he was about and what he specifically said should be done with Disneyland.

  73. Anonymous

    I’m a huge fan of both Maelstrom and Frozen. I think the idea of WDW adding a Frozen ride is a wonderful idea (and a no-brainer), although I wish it could have been placed just about anywhere else. I am a little relieved by this talk of keeping the existing building. Does that mean that the Norway pavilion will still exist, but the ride will simply be different?

  74. Stephanie

    In 1982 when EPCOT opened, less than 3% of Americans had passports. Now 36% of Americans have passports and in every income bracket at least 20% of people have traveled internationally at least once, but for those who make over 150,000, 69% have. The world showcase is not as exotic as it may once have been. Popular movies tied to locations increase tourism. Adding movies to the World Showcase pavilions makes sense for increasing tourism to specific countries and increasing EPCOT profits.

    Since at least the 90s the future in movies has been commonly portrayed as a waste land or an authoritarian society that uses technology as a tool to control people. I assume that is part of the reason people are so opposed to magic bands – but would Walt have thought they were cool technology? He seemed to really like new technology.

    I think these two trends are responsible for EPCOT having low attendance if you exclude the garden and wine festivals. I think these problems can be counteracted by 1) changing future world to science world (but make attractions based on information that dosen’t need to be constantly updated, like general taxonomy, human anatomy, mineralogy, flashy chemistry and physics experiments, very general astronomy, etc.) Disney characters can host the attractions the way Nemo hosts the living seas. 2)They should add Disney character attractions to all the world showcase countries.

    Adding characters doesn’t make EPCOT less educational, it encourages children to engage in the subjects. In one day at EPCOT kids can’t absorb a thousand facts about different things, but EPCOT can get them excited about science or social studies/history/art history. This can only happen if the children visit the park. Currently, EPCOT is increasingly seen as an adult park. You can’t educate kids if you don’t have access to them.

    1. Jax

      I agree wholheartedly. Disney is for families. What would be a better way for families to experience the culture of different countries than to make it entertaining for BOTH kids and adults? To my knowledge no other princess films were developed by incorporating a trip to a country that the princess was to represent. Epcot is about showing cultural differences and frozen did so. Will we honestly be learning less about Norwegian culture because facts/showcases are shown in a fictitious town and voiced by fictional characters? As long as the ride has characters show Norway and its culture factually there is “no harm no foul” in my opinion. Did anyone watch the abc documentary on the making of Frozen? If you had, you would have learned about the trip to Norway to try and make the film as authentic as possible by including facts of the culture–properly having characters walk in blizzard, authentic costumes and artwork, etc….Kids learn when they are engaged. So engaging them while learning cultural facts is key. I like learning while being entertained than just by dry facts so what is the fuss? I visited Disney in June. I personally LOVE Epcot because of cultural immersion. However, my child who is 9 and friend’s child who was six were TOTALLY disinterested in the thought of going to Epcot. They only agreed to go to Epcot for princess lunch in Norway restaurant and to get princess pictures and autographs. They were intrigued though by different items they saw when walking amongst the countries ONCE THERE. So I believe too Disney wants to get kids to enjoy different cultures but know they need a character ambassador so to say to “get them in the door” to do so. Frozen is an attention grabber for kids and lets face it about as many adults enjoy the music and the movie as do the kids albeit the parents initially were introduced to the movie via their kids. I only went to see frozen for my daughter but thoroughly enjoyed the movie and soundtrack as did she. Epcot is about Educating while being entertained not for adults to learn facts in a museum setting. Change and accepting it is a very real part of ADULT life too! Does an adult dismiss facts in their mind because they are told by fictional characters? Or do they remember more learned facts because they were entertained while learning the facts. I think the objections are most vehement for those who want to preserve Epcot as an adult park where they don’t have to deal with kids. A break from the kids park if you will.

      1. Frankie

        Sorry but I disagree. As a child I really enjoyed the Maelstrom. The trolls, the boat, the drop. It was fun! It didn’t matter that I didn’t recognize any characters or sing a long with the music. Also, I have travelled all over the world, and one of my favorite parts of Disney now that I’m an adult is the World Showcase. It hasn’t lost it’s appeal just because I’ve got a passport and experienced different cultures. It’s very authentic and I wish it would stay that way.

  75. Richard

    Having worked at Epcot as a Cultural rep, I know the guest will love this change/addition. Epcot like Animal Kingdom requires investment/interaction from guest for it to be of value. The kids are not ride fixated thatโ€™s usually the parents dragging them around with their urgent itineraries. The โ€œFun Stopsโ€ was the highlight of working there. The 1 on 1 interaction, sharing knowledge, and educating enquiring young minds that we all have similar values, and should respect cultural differences. Very few parents seemed to get this valuable concept. If the Frozen rework brings more kids/families to World Showcase who then go on to interact with the other International Cast, and learn from it. Iโ€™m all for it. Itโ€™s only the same as having the Character meet and greets there!

  76. krystal

    I understand ever they’re doing from a business standpoint, which seems like an effort to get more visitors to a slower part of the park (the wait time for maelstrom is usually the shortest in epcot) but this is like letting Mulan take over the China area, or Alladin take over Morocco. Not excited by this at all.

  77. Alexa

    Noooooooooooo. Disney, whyyyy?

    1. dcfan

      i know!

  78. Brittany

    I think Disney should make a park recreating all the rides and themes they shut down from Disneyland, Disney World etc. I would enjoy that park. I’m surprised Disney hasn’t done that to make a little extra. I also think personally they should of put the Frozen ride at Magic Kingdom. The reason why they chose Epcot (besides the obvious of it being Norway) to reel more
    People into Epcot.

    1. Anon

      As fun of an idea this is, the whole reason those rides got closed down was because they weren’t getting enough people for their money. If that frozen ride draws in much bigger crowds to epcot while only costing the same price to run per day that means cheaper tickets or more money for disney to make more stuff

    2. GLORIA


  79. christo

    firstly nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    second is unless they also expand the Norway building then your have a 3 hour wait for a min long frozen ride which even the fans will just say no

    1. The “fans” were willing to wait in line 6 hours for a meet and greet. I am sure the new ride will offer Fast Pass, just as the Maelstrom did (though it was seldom needed.

  80. Goodbye Maelstrom. Hello Frozen. I think it makes sense. World Showcase really needs a reboot. Here are my thoughts…


  81. Kaitlyn

    This is Epcot, a place of the future, of space, of around the world culture. This is a park not meant for princess movies and themes. I love Frozen but it belongs in Magic Kingdom with other princess attractions. I love Maelstrom, don’t take it away and replace with singing and dresses and princesses. It might be a good move for Disney money-wise and I agree with a Frozen ride, just not at Epcot and replacing Maelstrom.
    It is like putting Mulan shows in China, a Belle restaurant in France, a Snow White ride in Germany, a Pocahontas theme in America, Jasmine in Morocco. They may come from those places, but their movies do not represent those countries.
    The World Showcase makes us feel like we are in different countries not in a movie. Frozen may be set in Norway but it does not show Norway life and culture.

    1. It’s like putting Donald Duck in the Mexico ride or Nemo in the Living Seas. Oh. Wait a minute. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Woolf

      Adding princesses to represent these countries makes them less authentic? Even though these other countries often DO have (or have had) their own royal families? Almost every DIsney princess is based in cultures that actually had them.

      And the stories that Disney is most known for all come from and are rooted in many of the cultures these pavilions are meant to represent. Why wouldn’t including these stories that come from these same cultures be a good addition? Especially if the serve to get more people (especially children) interested in those cultures?

      Isn’t that what EPCOT is supposed to be about?

      I don’t see a problem with it. I love the Disney characters and I also love learning about and traveling to the different cultures and countries that inspired them.

  82. BB

    PLEASE NO!!! I LOVE MAELSTROM!!! ;^; Disney you have so much land you aren’t using build it somewhere else.

  83. dcfan

    why. why. why. this is why i’m beginning to hate disney. faith in humanity lost.

  84. Brian Metcalf

    We are conducting an academic survey on this. Please share your thoughts and opinions about Frozen and it’s impact on tourism and what should be done with the Norway Pavilion and Maelstrom ride at Epcot. The anonymous survey is at:


  85. Reed

    After reading some of these comments, I am truly conflicted. Both sides have excellent points. Here are the facts: Maelstrom is not a good ride. If it teaches you about the history of Norway, then all I got were Vikings, trolls, polar bears, and an oil rig. There has to be more to Norway than that. Also, it was incredibly outdated. I firmly believe a refurb would have been more appropriate. However, you must concede the fact that Disney is a profit making company. And companies in the entertainment industry do not typically survive on educational experiences. The only way you will get work done in that park, whether it’s to add countries (there isn’t a single country from two continents, two and a half if you agree that Morocco doesn’t represent the majority of Africa) or just reshape future world is to bring in revenue. Then you will see the products you want to see. Does this belong in DHS or MK? Preferably. But we don’t know what shape this attraction will take. Will we board boats and Anna Elsa and Olaf will be our ambassadors through a story of Arendelle/Norway? Will it just be a ride about the movie? No one knows yet. If this is what it takes for us to get some much needed upgrades to Epcot, then I’m all for it.

    And to those saying Frozen doesn’t have staying power, consider this: when the Let It Go segment happens during Celebrate the Magic every night on Cinderella Castle, there is thunderous applause afterward. Same goes for when that song plays at Planet Hollywood nightly. People love this movie. They will continue to love it. It’s not dying down anytime soon.

    One more thing. As someone who works on property, I can guarantee you that there are more screeching adults than there are princesses. In fact, the majority of bad guest experiences are from Whitney adults who think their vacation is a right and not a privilege.

    1. Reed


  86. P Shannon

    Like this hasn’t been in the planning since before the movie was released? First time I saw the movie I said look how much the echoed the Norwegian pavilion at Epcot do they can bring movie themed stuff to the park! You think they are surprised that this is their biggest movie ever? This was all preplanned. Disney is the greatest marketing force of all times! Watch and learn!

  87. Judy

    I think you’re all missing one big point here: it’s not about the ride. It’s about that incredibly outdated movie at the end of the ride. I love Maelstrom and I’m sorry to see it go but Frozen is extremely popular and has staying power and will be a large draw back to Epcot. In order to keep the lure of Norway active, I do hope they will replace the movie at the end of the ride that explores the culture of Norway. BTW, for those of you who say that Frozen is just a flavor of the month, review your history of popular Disney films that continue to engage children i.e Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pinocchio, et al.

    1. Ken

      I’m a fan of Maelstrom but people don’t understand that the edu-tainment EPCOT has been slowly fading away but this is a way to keep it. Come for Frozen but you never know what real world Norway information, history, or image will inspire someone to learn more instead of walking by it just to reach somewhere to eat.

  88. Anon

    I’m hoping this ride is similar to star tours and every time you have different dialogue, or somehow the technology behind turtle talk with crush is built into the ride and you can have a different experience every time

  89. Tim John

    I certainly see the reason why they would want a ride based on Frozen, however I think it’s more suited for the Magic Kingdom or at least in Disney Hollywood Studios but not Epcot and certainly not in the World Showcase. What does Frozen the animated movie have to do with the history and culture of Norway? They both have snow in them?

    1. Disney used Norwegian culture and architecture extensively as inspiration for Frozen. Check out the exhibit in the stave church next time you visit EPCOT. http://stephenkg.blogspot.com/2014/09/a-maelstrom-of-response-to-frozen.html

  90. Karen

    I have a 7 year old son and we are of Norwegian decent he us only second generation born here. Now someday we might head back to see the real thing but he always loved the ride and since he could talk he’d tell me…”mom that’s where we come from”. Its a shame I’m gonna have to force him into the norway pavilion from now on cause of how much he hates “girly” things. I’m also afraid that this is too rushed and it will be a half assed ride and the real ride will end up in California because they will spend time on it.

  91. Jack

    While many people are not happy about the ride replacing Maelstorm, myself included given I go to Disney every year but have never been able to ride it, the Frozen ride will most likely be an enchanting new experience and one of the most magical and memorable Disney Rides of all time. So now that this is happening, and I am looking forward to seeing what the talented Imagineers can accomplish with this ride.

    This is my interpretation of what a Frozen Ride would/or should be like.

    Imagine the towering North Mountain in the distance, we see Elsa’s Castle perched on top. We enter into the queue where we can read facts about Norway and maybe even have Olaf tell us some interesting things about the country. There will be interactive games that are educational about Norway and its origins. Then things start getting a little chillier. We load into a continuous train of sleds, in order to keep the line shorter the ride will need to have a continuous system like Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. We enter the Frozen Heart scene, it isn’t huge but they incorporate some of the ice harvesters from Maelstorm as a tribute to the old ride. We see baby Kristof and Sven as well. Then we pass through Norway landscape and into Arendelle, we encounter Anna singing “Do you want to build a snowman?”. We get to see both sides of the door, Anna knocking on the door and Elsa sitting there with Ice and snow around her. We continue through into “The First Time in Forever” where we see Anna in the courtyard with the ducks singing. The the sled travels into “Love is an Open Door” where Anna and Hans sing on top of the clock. The we move into “Let it Go” where we travel into the Ice Palace where Elsa is transforming into the Snow Queen singing the Iconic song. Passing through the ice doors as Elsa proclaims “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway” we enter the “In Summer” scene. Olaf lies on the sand holding a drink and singing. Then we move into “First Time in Forever Reprise” where Elsa freezes Anna’s heart. We exit the Ice palace in a confrontation with Marshmallow the giant snowman. We enter “The Valley of the Living Rock” and the song “Fixer Upper” there are several singing trolls and even trolls from the old Maelstorm ride. Finally we pass into the “White Out” scene. We pass animatronic Elsa confused in the heavy snow and Kristof and Sven racing to Anna. As the snow clears we see a heartbroken Elsa crying over Anna when she freezes. Finally we enter the “Happily Ever After” where Elsa and Anna, linked arms, wave goodbye with all the entire cast from frozen aboard a ship (excluding Hans, we see him in the ship jail cell).

    1. EricJ

      In other words, scr*w the country, you just want three minutes of the danged SONGS…
      Well, don’t worry, that sounds like what Tom Skaggs wants, too. ๐Ÿ™

      1. Jack

        Obviously you did not read the first part about the queue being educational about Norway, so you are forgiven. While Disney is for families, kids don’t want to sit through an entire 4-5 min. ride where all they talk about is a country. They should keep the video after though, maybe even change it a bit to be hosted by Elsa or Olaf to keep kids interested. Sorry if you don’t want a ride about the Frozen songs and iconic scenes but that is what Disney said we are getting so we are all going to learn to deal with it and embrace this classic-to-be attraction ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Ray Conn

    Please don’t change the Maelstrom. I was recently at Epcot, and even though i love Frozen, i almost cried when i saw the museum in Norway had changed. I cried over the loss of the original museum, and my children were upset as well. We can’t eat in the main restaurant without princesses and now there is no true museum to our heritage. Now the Maelstrom will be taken away as well?

    Please put the ride in Magic Kingdom. Let Norway have something of itself remaining like the other countries are granted. Mulan didn’t dominate China. Belle and Aurora did not control France. I love Anna and Elsa, but i love Norway more.

  93. Tom A

    Maelstrom is my favorite ride ever since I was a little kid. Always been fascinated with Norway and its culture. I have also loved Frozen since the first time I saw it at the movies theatre. This movie is way too popular so a move like this was bound to happen. No room in Magic Kingdom after their large expansion and it appears Hollywood is gearing up for Star Wars and/or Cars. As much as it hurts me to say Norway makes the most sense. I am more concered about the space in that area. This ride will have a line that matches Peter Pan and will always be long. I waited in the 5 hour line for Anna and Elsa and the line was awful. The entire thing was broken into pieces and spaced around almost to China. They need to figure out the queue line and make sure it works well. They already have a character restaurant and a nice sandwich/snack place. This area will easily always be congested. Hopefully they dont get rid of my little sandiwch place. My favorite place to grab a quick service meal!

  94. Strimploa

    Love the movie or hate it; love the ride or hate it; inviting kids into an area known for it’s abundance of alcohol is never a good idea. (Not to mention it tends to run adults off). I’m anxious to see what it does to WS alcohol sales. Otherwise I don’t mind one way or the other.

  95. Stephane

    For me this isn’t about whether or not Maelstrom “was that great a ride”. That’s not the point here. The point is that the World Showcase has always been a place to showcase the communities of the world. Arendelle is not Norway, even if it’s “inspired by”.

    Arguments I’ve heard:
    1) Maelstrom is not that great anyway.
    So build something new NORWAY related
    2) Well Mexico has Donald Duck in it now
    Yes… As one of the Three Caballeros, in Mexico…
    3) Epcot is losing its vision anyway.
    I’m not sure why people keep saying this, PARTICULARLY about World Showcase. It is STILL pavilions representing each country. It is STILL run by people FROM those countries. there may be a bigger focus on food and drink these days, but it’s STILL food and drink from those places! I just don’t see how shoving “arendelle” in there is okay. If I were a Norwegian working there, I’d be pretty insulted.

    Yes. It’s a popular franchise. Like nothing Disney’s ever seen. I get that. They want to cash in while they can. But it seems very shortsighted to override something “meaningful” and shove it in there.

    4) There will still be “Norway” elements in the pavilion.
    “elements” in the NORWAY pavilion. As if between the meet and greet, the ride and the popularity of the franchise aren’t going to completely overwhelm any “norway” stuff that still remains.

    Frankly, I find it outrageous and a precedent for the death of the World Showcase. Why not just attach all the parks together and make one giant magic kingdom since anything that makes each park unique will eventually disappear anyway.

  96. rachel

    It saddens me that if I have kids, they will no be able to enjoy the same Disney world that I did. Epcot was always my favorite park because of its intellectual and culturally diverse nature. This is just another attraction that Disney has stripped of any substance in favor of some passing fad.

  97. Woolf

    My hope is that this FROZEN mania continues for a long time and that so many new people visit EPCOT because if it (spending more money along the way) that we can finally get several of the NEW Pavilions in the World Showcase!

    I would love to see a giant Egyptian pyramid right in the center of World Showcase acting as the official “weenie” bringing people into it. And of course, some sort of attraction inside.

    I think it makes sense to add a Brazil pavilion, since so many Brazilians visit Walt Disney World.

    And adding the country of Australia would also include an entire continent.

    So hopefully adding an attraction for an wildly popular film will also mean being able to “complete” the World Showcase down the line (much like how Harry Potter helped Universal maintain and add to their parks).

  98. Jacob Perlovich

    I am personally think this is not necessary because they have Magic kingdom for that not Epcot. I am really shocked that Maelstrom will be gone and so is Off Kilter And Mo’Rockin. I was going to Epcot for years and now I think I will not go to Epcot anymore because I think Frozen is so overrated and a sad movie and I am not a huge fan of that movie. I am surprised it is so popular that people would not stop singing the soundtrack what happened with this movie that they have to close Maelstrom that was there since 1988 and put a frozen ride.

  99. Aibo

    As a Norwegian that will be visiting W.D.W for the 49th time i Oct, i must say……Go Frozen.

    1. GLORIA


  100. Manny

    I don’t think Disney thought it out well. Epcot known largely for its alcohol beverages and as a more adult park. Now they ate gonna plop Frozen ride with right down on the middle. Wrong park, wrong atmosphere. Should make for some awkward entcounters with the buzzed patrons .

    1. bdnb

      As popular as Frozen is, it’s so clearly the wrong location for a Frozen ride, it’s ludicrous. World Showcase doesn’t showcase the Disney animated features. What, however, does this crossover mean for the World Showcase? A Mulan ride in China and a Ratatouille ride in France? One goes to World Showcase for a totally different experience, not to overwhelmed by lines for kid rides. What will the Norway experience be like if there’s always huge lines for “Frozen,” which I thought was set in Russian not Norway. But I guess those distinctions don’t matter anymore. It seems the ideal place for it would be the new portion of the Magic Kingdom that features other princess fare such as Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. This would have been a perfect addition in the right location. Now I’m just left scratching my head. So much for Walt Disney’s original vision – too bad they don’t care about that anymore.

      1. bdnb

        I guess it was set in Norway but it’s still a peculiar choice to insert Disney characters into the World Showcase experience.

      2. Micki

        I wouldn’t mind a ratatouille or Mulan ride! Have you ever even been to Epcot, its very kid oriented. They already have talk time with crush, the little Nemo ride, and the wonderment of filament. Epcot is about introducing culture, and if adding things so my children will have fun while walking through the park and learning, well than I am all about it. Shame on all of you for trashing of the Disney name, times change maybe you should embrace it instead of being so linear. I am amazed at what they have done with the parks, and am sure Walt is very happy with the magic that they have added. Keep up the good work Disney, that’s why three generations of my family come all the way from MN to see your parks every year.

      3. Keegan

        Well Disneyland Paris just got a Ratatouille ride, so I don’t think one in Epcot would be that far off. I think it’s great that disney is Introducing something new to the world showcase. Epcot only has 2 main attractions: Soarin’ and Test Track. Other than that theres not that much to do at epcot. I think making the world showcase a little bit more interesting for adults and kids would be great. Plus where else would they put a frozen ride? Not in Magic Kingdom cause they just finished New fantasyland and frozen doesn’t really fit in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

    2. Tyler

      This may not have been Disney’s most wise decisions, but there are SEVERAL meet and greets throughout the showcase. Although a lot of it is food and alcohol there is still exciting and fun things to for the kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Frostysnowman

    Disappointing. First they mucked-up Akershus by making it a princess restaurant. Now this. Bleh.

    1. Oobatz

      If Akershus wasn’t a Princess restaurant, My family would have never gone there 3 times in the last 5 years. We fly in from MN every other year, and we base our trip on reservations for the Princess’s restaurants (against my wishes).

  102. This is a Great Disappointment. Norway was the best country to visit at Epcot.
    Shouldn’t Frozen be at Disney World and not Epcot…
    That is a complete bummer.

    1. Blainy

      So EPCOT isn’t Disney World? It’s a really bad place to put a Disney ride then!

      1. Disney owns all Epcots, wherever they are located…Epcot is just one park in the Disney Theme Park experience, and in no way stands independent of Disney Entertainment empire. As such, Disnsy maintains sole discretion in choosing which rides are modified, upgraded, or demolished in any/all of the Disney Theme Parks worldwide. Usually, if a Disney movie becomes a box office hit, it will be followed by a series of Disney Theme Park modifications[rebuild/redesign/rename] to a particular area within each given park. Rider frequency, age of the attraction, and need for upgrades to an attraction are important factors determining what type of attraction/ride is to be revamped or replaced.

        1. Sean

          The IS only ONE Epcot. It exists IN Walt Disney World. Wherein ALSO exists The Magic Kingdom Which is what the ignorant Glen C. was originally referring to, though he did not know it.

          Happy you are equally ignorant, suggesting that there are multiple “Epcots”

          1. 221BBakerSt

            Immaturity is very evident in these posts. I find it unnecessary to take a “stab” a person to whom could possibly be trying to express one’s thoughts and emotional attachments to a location in Disney World that can likely be linked to a distant memory. And furthermore, when Disney World first opened, it was comprised of just the Magic Kingdom. Epcot did not open till 1982 which is exactly a 11 year span. When Glen says “Disney World”, must people should understand that he is talking about the Magic Kingdom. Likewise, I still call Hollywood Studios by the name MGM studios. In conclusion, when one writes a comment that tries to mock or ridicule another person who means well, it reveals inner struggle within the mind of the person who has the moxie to write the comment, whether it is a doctored illness or insecurities.


      2. mirts60

        Irony really is lost on some people. I don’t think Blainy was being serious.

    2. Makayla

      No because Arendale is from Norway so why would they not put it in Norway I’m happy because I absolutely love Frozen I’m so excited

      1. Nate Rodriguez

        Frozen sucks

  103. Anderson

    Maelstrom NEEDS replacing, or at least a major update. I didn’t mind the Mexico ride change because it still focused on the country it represented.

    This situation would detract from the original point of World Showcase, and that is showcase the cultures of the country with a Disney twist.

    Sure, there are Disney characters in the other countries; but the main point is the country’s culture and heritage.

    With the Princess meals at Akeshurs (pardon my spelling), I am miffed that I can’t eat in a country that I like without being pestered with characters I don’t care for (I am male and 18, so there!)

    I don’t mind a Frozen ride, and a boat ride representing Frozen, if it is going to be so, doesn’t seem like a fit to the movie.

    I hope Disney reconsiders it’s plans, but it’s very unlikely.

  104. Rosie

    One, I’m sick to death of the “FROZEN” phenomenon . . . or whatever the hell you call it. Two, why don’t they put this ride inside the Magic Kingdom, where it belongs?

    1. Makayla

      Because Frozen takes place in Arindale

    2. Maelstrom Mama

      Because now you have to go to two SEPARATE parks to cover all of the important Disney rides for that certain age group, spend more money, and stay longer. Very smart on Disney’s part, but I am pretty disappointed. The Maelstrom ride holds a special place in my heart.

    3. MAX

      Why cant you people be positive! I mean its disney who cares if its in a terrible location! None of the guests care anyways!I bet you it will be perfect!And 2nd of all Universal is not a place to waste money! Malestrom want epic anyway!! It wasnt even that popular! Too much to do in EPCOT!

      1. MAX


  105. chaz

    Let it go let it go keep malestrom in it’s place. If you change the ride I will go take my money to Universal.

    1. David

      Universal is DEAD. Without Back to the Future, Nickelodeon Studios, Kongfrontation, and Jaws, Universal Studios Florida is dead and buried. I’d rather have kept Jaws than expand HP.

      1. Sean

        Universal is FAR from dead David. You are an ignorant hater.

      2. Ruben

        Universal? DEAD? There was a 7.5 hour wait time for the NEW Escape from Gringotts ride! And, FYI, that was what replaced Jaws. Get your facts straight before posting ignorant comments.

        1. David

          Escape from Gringotts should NOT even exist because Harry Potter does NOT belong in Universal. Tear it out and put back Jaws. Universal is dead.

  106. Jonathan Kreimer

    I like the Malestrom don’t take it out PLEASE!

  107. Chad

    Does anyone know how many people actually ride Maelstrom, versus the number of people who go to Epcot and opt to go for other rides?

    I enjoyed Maelstrom myself and rode it every time I was at Disney World, however, I also can’t say as I will miss it that much.

    Let’s face it; if the ride were really popular I doubt Disney would be replacing it.

    That being said, I agree with the other comments that Epcot is more of an adult park and so a ride oriented towards kids is a bit out of place . . . even if there is a connection with Norway. Epcot is supposed to be about the culture and experiences of the countries the pavilions represent. I don’t think they need to be made over anytime Disney makes a movie set in that country.

  108. Johnny

    Inserting a Disney ride in Norway is an insult to the land and country. It doesn’t have any historical significance to Norway. I have a feeling that the World Showcase will not be about a world show case anymore, but to have a trending ride that will only be popular for five years.

  109. Johnny

    If anymore attractions are removed from the World Showcase, to only be replaced by a Disney film, I will end my pass holder status and visit Universal Studios instead.

    1. Dianne

      I returned from a 10 day trip to WDW last week and just learned today about Malestrom being replaced. How very disappointing. I have to agree with others that a Frozen attraction is more suited to either the MK or Hollywood Studios. It does not accurately reflect the Norwegian culture which I thought was the intent of the countries at EPCOT. Aren’t there enough attractions for the kids at WDW – do they have to add another? It’s not like Malestrom isn’t still popular. There was a steady line of people waiting to ride it with an average 30 minute wait. As a matter of fact, the only way we’d ride it was with a Fast Pass. I really like that EPCOT is more adult oriented. It’s a refreshing break from the over stimulation of the other parks and it doesn’t hurt the kids to calm down a bit and learn about other cultures. This is a bad decision – hopefully there won’t be others following.

      1. Laura

        Very well said!

  110. Jessica

    So Sad…. Glad I was able to take my kids and husband for the first time on Maelstrom this summer. A long time fav of mine… Where is Disney headed?

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  112. Laura

    Completely wrong park for Frozen. It’s great to get away to Epcot from all the craziness of the Magic Kingdom. I love both parks, but Frozen belongs in the Magic Kingdom.

  113. Ned

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  114. Cory

    I don’understand why they have to put frozen in place of Maelstrom. They a lot of land and space. I come out from California 3 times a year to Disney World. And one of my must thangs to do is ride Maelstrom. Everyone has there must do thing and thats mine. I would like to have one of those trolls. Can i buy one.
    Anyway that is a shame to see Maelstrom leave.

  115. Cory

    I don’understand why they have to put frozen in place of Maelstrom. They have a lot of land and space. I come out from California 3 times a year to Disney World. And one of my must thangs to do is ride Maelstrom. Everyone has there must do thing and thats mine. I would like to have one of those trolls. Can i buy one.
    Anyway that is a shame to see Maelstrom leave.

  116. Jayne

    Even if the entire Norway pavilion was to be the line for that ride, it STILL wouldn’t be long enough. I’m going to be quite upset if it’s too crowded in Norway for me to get into the Kringla Bakeri. I think a much better move would’ve been repurposing the entire Blizzard Beach water park into a Frozen-themed park. All the kiddos can swarm to one place and leave Epcot to us drunken adults ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Disneylover157305

      I agree blizzard beach is a better place to put frozen and make it Olafs summer water park

  117. Jacob Perlovich

    I don’t feel a need for a frozen ride. What is frozen have anything to do with history and educational things. Maelstrom was a great historical ride that was open since 1988 and they closed it for some cartoon. I am also very tired of hearing Let it go even in Walmart I hear that song. I will really miss Maelstrom.

  118. Disneylover157305

    Aww this is sad that maelstrom closed I liked the movie and the ride my dad always said to me back back over the falls it’s sad to see it close lots of memories for me I remember the last time I got in of the Viking boat and I almost cried when I got out of it for the last time and same with the movie :'( ๐Ÿ™

  119. Disneylover157305

    I also think it takes away world showcases spirit now insted of norways spirit it will be about addvertising frozen ๐Ÿ™

    1. I love disney

      I love Maelstrom. I mean it’s part of Norway’s culture. Yeah there are Disney princesses at Norway’s restaurant. But you gotta have a little Disney in the park. I don’t think Maelstrom should be replaced by a Frozen ride. I mean a talking snowman and a girl who shoots ice out of her hands just isn’t part of Norway’s culture. If Disney is reading this listen to the people who like Maelstrom. I think Frozen is popular in every park. Even in California. I think they should keep Maelstrom and Frozen has enough popularity.

  120. Dana

    First off I’ve been a visitor to Disney parks Orlando since I was a kid. Epcot is my favorite by far of all the parks. Maelstrom was one of the best rides there. It needed updating but not” Frozen”. “That movie is horrible and is sorely over rated with inconsistent animation and screech filled songs! Totally disappointed !!! I have no desire to there!
    I agree with another post maybe a Mulan ride. Frozen no way! To late now!

  121. Humberto

    Pinocchio’s Daring Journey at Italy Pavilion in EPCOT.It would be a good idea?

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  124. Daniel

    Do you know the timeline for this new ride?

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    Prior to signing any contract spend some time to read through every range, including the fine print. If you find anything at all outlined that you simply do not recognize, tend not to indication till you receive an response that you recognize. Unsavory salesmen may use a legal contract to put numerous charges that had been not reviewed.

    In the event you retain the preceding suggestions in mind next time that you go looking for a vehicle, you will end up prone to get a full bargain. Purchasing a car lacks as a head ache. Simply use the information with this article and you will receive the vehicle you desire in a excellent value.

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