Comments for Villains Unleashed brings out the dark side of Disney as rare characters descend upon Walt Disney World for one night event


  1. The lines were ridiculous for anything…drinks, especially the event merchandise, and totally unacceptable for meeting the characters.

    1. Michel

      I would have stood in a line for hours to get a picture with Constantine.

      Can we get more Constatine, Ricky?

      1. EricJ

        Aw, I thought Constantine was going to be the old walk-around Kermit who used to be outside MuppetVision! (They look so much alike, you know…)

      2. Ricky Brigante

        Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Constantine (line was capped before I got to it!) so I don’t have anything more to share. Sorry.

  2. William

    If WDW management were smart they would turn this into a nightly event ala MNSSHP and MVMCP. They know people want this and will flock to this if it is managed well. It would be another way to get people in that park. When they start the supposed construction for the big renovation, it would be a great way to get people in Hollywood Studios who won’t be going for the usual attractions and shows the Studios offer during the day. People already plan their trips around Halloween and Christmas ticket events. Even more people, like me, would plan a trip for a Villains Unleashed event.

    1. Kyle

      It’s only their second time doing it. The first was to see how popular it would be (didn’t have to pay). The second was a more controlled version. Expect it to expand next year.

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  4. Erin

    The balloon artist was John Cassidy.

    He performs on DCL pretty regularly.

  5. Melanie

    Can anyone tell me the names of the songs that played during each of the Oogie Boogie Freakshow acts?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Here are a few: Halloween Monsters – “Ripped Apart (Dubstep Faces Of Death Remix)”, AWOLNATION – “Sail,” The Cramps – “She Said.”

  6. Jason

    Hi! Great photos! Excited to see a photo of me pop up! Would it be possible for you to email it to me, as ours turned out blurred! It’s the one with Judge Frollo (I’m Jack Sparrow!) many thanks!

  7. Alan Jackson

    Hi Guys.. Great photos for this event.. Just an added issue we noticed that Disney could improve on.. The merchandise for this event was in one location.. The line for this location was 1-2 hrs. long to get the special merchandise. Wish they utilized more stores to sell the merchandise. Secondly, at the end the autograph baggies they handed out could have been organized better.. It was a free for all when the event let out to get the bags.. Lastly the firework show went off at 12:45am.. For me I loved the time selection, but I heard a lot of people complain about firework show could have gone off little earlier.. I’m thinking that after the firework show most adults with younger kids would have left the park.. This might have helped with getting photos with some of the Villains…

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I agree about the merchandise and the bags. But instead of making the fireworks show earlier, the event should have simply gone on later. I would have been happy staying until 2 or 3am if it meant being able to meet some characters.

      I suspect the issue was that Disney’s Hollywood Studios was never really made for a fireworks show. So when they do have one, they have to close half the park until it’s all clear. So putting the fireworks at the end of the day is really the only decent way to do it.

  8. Jeff Lynch

    Sometimes I wonder if the executives who run Disney have brains or not. They leave so much money on the table. I think that if they had a Villains themed night every night at Disney Hollywood Adventure (which I have heard the DHS will be renamed in the next year) that they would pack the place. Have it be a little more adult oriented, but not exclude kids. Once the sun sets, have these special villain themed performances and meet and greets and menus items and all that. Villain themed shows. People who spent all day in the other parks would flock to DHA at night to experience the villains takeover. The Disney executives are such fools not to do this, and not to have a dedicated Villains area in the park. Absolute fools.

    1. Stefany


  9. dumurin

    Aaargh! Why no Ursula in this show????

    1. bryan

      The problems with a Ursula meet and greet are two-fold. First is she “lives” underwater, and unlike Ariel’s mermaid meet and greet she cannot simply sit on a rock as she would “die”. She also does not have walkable legs, which leads into the second problem. Second is the costume. It would be massive, and that is an understatement. Unlike other larger than life villains where proportions are thrown to the wind, how can a costume be properly created to accommodate her six massive tentacles? They would need to build her a rig, to just hold the costume.
      If anything though, I think they should just hall out the Broadway costume since I personally think it was gorgeous.
      Don’t get me wrong Ursula is my favorite villain, but I don’t see Disney creating a meet and greet for her anytime soon.

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