Comments for Star-Lord and Gamora to appear as first Marvel characters at Walt Disney World in “Awesome Mix Tape” party


  1. Since1976

    Wow. Disney continues to test the limitations of the Marvel/Universal Orlando license.

    Rock on.

    1. Oscar

      I Hope the Marvel/Universal Orlando expires soon, so Walt Disney World can use the Marvel characters

      1. Yezzir

        The license expires 2050

        1. Theon

          Incorrect.The Marvel theme park contract is indefinite. Sorry to burst your bubble 😉

    2. Andrewski

      Universal did not buy any theme parks rights for GotG because it was such a colt following they thought it was safe…. so Disney just said screw you Universal!

  2. Claen

    I could watch baby dancing Groot all day.

  3. Brian G

    The Guardians are made of former nothing characters and Big Hero 6 were created after the Universal agreement – none of the characters had any chance of being near that contract. I’ve been hoping they would be fair game and this is fantastic proof.

    1. EricJ

      It’s not about “How big they are”, “When the contract was signed” or “Did Universal own them”–
      Up to this point, THOUGHT it was about “Disney can have no Marvel walkaround characters or attractions in the same city as Universal IOA”….Until this sort blew that out of the water.

      (Maybe it’s that it’s technically classified as a -show-, where they’re not M&G’ing the guests, that gets it around the legal loophole, like the movie preview?)

      1. jbw

        Universal has the rights to the Characters they currently use and the family of characters that go along with them along the East Coast of the US. Universal had the option years ago to add in more Marvel characters but choose not to.

      2. Brian G

        The contract, which you can read online, covers very specific characters that Universal has the rights to. I.E. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and Doctor Doom are covered in it. The Speedballs, Sleepwalkers and Groots of the IP catalogue, less so.

        1. EricJ

          At which point we could ask, “So why aren’t we getting Groot?”, but come to think of it, I’d rather settle for Devine at AK. 🙂

  4. Smitch425

    Any talk of Star-Lord and Gamora being added to the lineup for MNSSHP this year? That would be amazing! A girl can dream, right? Lol

  5. Steve

    Great to see the Marvel characters making an appearance, but come ON enough with the Dance Parties! They’re the biggest cop out as opposed to adding anything of substance and it just gets worse and worse. No more Push, but HEY AN INCREDIBLES DANCE PARTY. They’re legitimately out of control at this point.

  6. Man inside the machine

    There is going to be even more Marvel things coming up soon at WDW.
    Universals contracts were penned before Disney acquired them, and Disney is willing to
    Take a hit to get the characters in the parks or their “OWN” park…. In the future.

  7. Quimora

    Star-Lord and Gamora! ♥♥♥

  8. We Are Groot

    According to the contract, Disney is not allowed to have anything with the name Marvel on it within a certain mile radius of a Universal Marvel based park or attraction inside their parks. The loophole is that Disney did not advertise Guardians of the Galaxy as a Marvel production, but as “From the studio that brought you Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America” So they’re not technically breaching the contract as it stands.

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