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  1. Jeff Lynch

    The Internet has decided that Sea World should no longer have killer whales and that they should release them all into the ocean. SO I don’t know why they are doing this, since consensus on the Internet is always right about everything.

    1. EricJ

      But it was the DOCUMENTARY! It SAID so! And it had to have been right, because it AGREED with me!

      (How many times should Sea World be forced to apologize their entire lives for something they didn’t even -do-?)


      Not everyone giving their opinion on the internet know what they are talking about

  2. Victoria Cole Brofman

    So excited about this. Love Sea World and appreciate all the good they do. Thank you, Sea World.

  3. Eric

    I wonder if SeaWorld would someday build another expansion that would contain the exhibits of bigger whales like humpback whales, sperm whaels and even blue whales if there’s a bigger space around those SeaWorld theme parks

    1. Erics a idiot

      ^ Eric you’re an idiot. That would make a lot of sense.

      1. Eric

        Just kidding. Ha, ha! That wouldn’t happened, you’re right. But please be kind to me, that hurts my feelings when you call me an idiot. <:(

        1. Richard

          No I like that idea!!! Can you imagine being able to see a humpback whale?!! They could also make a huge take and be the first park to house a full grown great white shark!

          1. Eric

            Thank you :). I would to see the bigger whales at SeaWorld someday. And a great white shark? doesn’t SeaWorld have those great white sharks?

  4. Chaz

    It’s amusing to me how the animal activists (well most of them) are only freaking out about the killer whales at Sea World, not the millions of other species that live there. Honestly, if their intentions really were to help the animals, they would be focused on more than just the top seller for the park.

  5. Stoich91

    Seaworld has done both good and bad, as has EVERY theme park (Animal Kingdom from Disney was built on valuable wildlife wetland habitats) but they truly do care about their animals. Although Seawolrd is a business, the animals have never been about money and never will. I hope some of the people who hate on Seaworld will have their childhood restored to them or have the experience of seeing their own children someday gaze in awe and find a deep connection to an animal that until Seaworld was only loved by .02% of the worlds’ arctic population. …

  6. mechelle avalos

    Very excited!!!! It looks amazing.

  7. Andy

    The activists know these animals can never be released into the wild, they would die as they no not how to fend for themselves. The best solution has always been an end to the shows (still yet to see this as not in the announcement) and as large an exhibit as possible, this is ‘as a sceptic’ a very big step in the right direction and strong proof seaworld is listening and learning to public opinion and doing the right thing. We’ll done seaworld. All we need now is then end to the shows, this new exhibit is more than enough to draw a crowed.

  8. Liz

    I’m glad to see Seaworld showing some effort in finally responding to Blackfish. I do think this is a good step, but I like many people still believe the animal shows should be shut down. I won’t even go to the bird show at Animal Kingdom. But I would go to SeaWorld now & just skip the show. Everyone who has a pet keeps an animal in captivity, but I don’t think an animal should expected to perform just for human amusement and profit. I can learn about this beautiful without seeing them do back flips.

  9. Lisa Kudek

    Beautiful slave quarters,don’t you think? Release the families please.

  10. tracey cassford

    way to go sea world,,however you were already great now you will be even better

  11. mary peters

    I am happy that they are making the habitat bigger. I always thought to get rid of the circe show and somehow use the lagoon for them to swim in. As intellegent an animal as they are, they probably like to come out and play during their shows. They have long since stopped over working them, it’s more a playful atmosphere. All my animal love to interact and do tricks that make me smile and laugh. if people out there want the shows stopped, then stop having your children doing tricks for your friends and family. In the last 30 years of going to Seaworld, I would have picked up on cruel behavior. They were born in captivity, if you are of German decent, should I send you to Germany to survive? How about the Rain forrest? And just maybe, being out of the trashy oceans, polluted with radiation, oil, and so called global warming, this species will live. Get off the hating of Seaworld, worry about what you are doing whats right for you. Keep your nose in your own yard so to speak.
    Can’t wait to see the new exhibt!!! Looks awesome, and I’m sure the whales will love it.

  12. If they would go threw with it they would stay with the plan the whales would be alit happier and they would stop dieing and they possible would be able to start breeding again if they changed males every other years so they wouldnt be inbreeding

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