Comments for Off Kilter, Mo’Rockin’, and more Epcot acts leaving Walt Disney World, replacement entertainment announced


  1. I wish they’d bring back Rondò Veneziano to the Italy pavillion. They played Baroque music, playing original instruments, but incorporating a rock-style rhythm section of synthesizer, bass guitar and drums. I fondly remember going to see them perform many times a week during the summer of 1997 when I worked there. Glad to see that Epcot is trying to freshen things up. But please, PLEASE never ever get rid of the Voices of Liberty.

    1. George Noey

      This group still exists, they just changed name and location. This group is called Nova Era now and they play in Downtown Disney 4-5 times a week.

      1. stekie o

        Sorry, not the same group but same kind of mudic

  2. Tina Brooks

    I cannot believe they are replacing Off-Kilter.

    1. Bryan D Taylor

      big mistake

    2. Heather Cox

      I am disgusted in the fact that they are leaving!!! I believe all Off Kilter fans should write and call Disney to stop this from happening!!!

      1. PiperChick

        The Fans of Off Kilter are organizing here! Please join and help in the fight to get the decision reversed! 🙂

      2. JanetPorter

        No, Epcot will not be the same without them !!! They have made several changes that I am most unhappy about….I have one, which I will not mention, that if it goes, I will be going, too. This replacement of “Off Kilter” has definately changed how often I will visit WDW and how much time I will spend in Epcot. They might think that we don’t matter and that the multitudes will continue to flow into their parks, but There Is A Limit as to what the guests will tolerate until they start withdrawal of their monies ….they are already about to “price themselves out of business”.

      3. Jim

        I am a big fan of Off Kilter, but when they play to 40-50 guests per set, I feel embarrassed for them. This will give the band an opportunity to soar to new levels. I hate to see them go, but Epcot was holding them back.

      4. Lee Baker

        I just watched a video of the new lumberjack show on You Tube…it is horrible!!! I loved Off Kilter and we always planned our day at EPCOT to coincide with band being there. I hope Disney fixes this mess they have made

        1. Richard

          I have seen all the replacement acts and they are garbage. This is the biggest mistake EPCOT has ever made. I loved the belly dancer out front at Morocco and I don’t want to have to go eat at the restaurant to see her. The replacements out front hurt the ears and the eyes.
          And perhaps the greatest insult of all was to totally do away with Fife and Drum. Walt is spinning in his grave.
          Those flag people in Italy are worthless. The Ziti Sisters had great presence and got the crowd involved. Watching guys throw flags around is not of any interest.
          Disney strikes out on all counts on the EPCOT changes.

    3. bill carter

      Do not replace off kilter. they make us all happy and get our feet moving.

    4. Gary Boon

      Big…Big. mistake. What are they thinking. I hope Disney people read a few of these posts to see how much this group is loved by everyone. They need to stay on as long people continue to enjoy this group. Please re-think this Disney. Thanks

      1. George Reid

        really unhappy Disney have booted out off-kilter – my opinion on everything Disney has changed.

    5. Anita

      You can see Off Kilter (have loved them for YEARS!) at the Scottish Highland Games —

    6. Jim Watson

      Off Kilter will be begin touring. Keep an eye on your local Irish Festivals. They will perform in June at the Riverfront Irish Festival in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

  3. ll

    They aren’t doing anything to replace the Fife and Drum? How sad! My kids always love marching with them and getting a scroll. 🙁

  4. Jerry

    keep the fife and drum corps, that is part of American history.

    1. JanetPorter

      Jerry, I so agree that the fife and drum corps outside the American pavilion is an important part of our American history and serves to promote patriotism. I hate to see them leaving Epcot.

  5. Molly

    Not Off Kilter!!! We love the guys and purposely see as many shows as we can.. No reason to go to that side of EPCOT.

    1. bill carter


      1. Bill Cohen

        Off Kilter is unique, extremely talented and charismatic They draw more people to the WDW and are worth their weight in gold
        I will not be going to Disney anymore in protest..neither will my family or friends. I can put up with the overwhelming
        hordes of visitors but not with Disney’s non-sensical decision
        to terminate their most popular live music acts..

  6. JoAnn

    Can’t believe Off Kilter is leaving. Sitting and listening to them is one of my favorite things to do!

  7. Ryno

    What is this fascination with portraying Canada as a bunch of lumberjacks? Very odd and disturbing.

    1. Gene

      Blame Monty Python. “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK. I sleep all night and I work all day…”

    2. Drew

      Maybe Eric Idol can sing the lumberjack song he hasn’t done much since Journey into Imagination.

  8. Art

    Yet one more MAJOR mistake that Disney is making….I love OFFKILTER….As do many other guests…change is not always better…Walt would not approve of disappointed guests….it’s again the quest for the almighty dollar….well….they might not get mine anymore

    1. Rick

      You have….a VERY odd way of…typing.

      In any case, you really shouldn’t make claims for Walt. Entertainment acts come and go, it’s the nature of the industry. While it is always sad to see a beloved act go, it happens. Don’t throw the entire park away because of one act. Who knows, you may love some of the new offerings.

      1. JanetPorter

        Rick, wondering why you found it necessary to bash Art for the way he types when what was important was his freedom to exercise his right to his opinion concerning the topic at hand ?? Walt Disney was for progress and change, but never at the expense of the happiness of the guests.Some of us can speak for him because we know the whole reason he created Disneyland and WDW was not “All about the money”; as it seems to becoming.Sure, it’s a business and must make money, but it is suppose to create a fun, happy environment for both children and their parents and grandparents….lose the joy, lose the guests, lose the money ….the end !!!

    2. Jeff Lynch

      OMG, you are such a cliche. Did you really just use the tired old phrase “the quest for the almighty dollar”. How pathetic! I know this is something that Millennials enjoy throwing around, but that Occupy Wall Street stuff is so 2011. The fact is that things change. Disney is a business and is bringing in new acts. Whether you like it or not, most people who go to WDW go once in their lifetimes or once every 5 to 10 years. Disney is always refreshing its entertainment offerings. Walt Disney did that all the time at Disneyland when he was alive! New things were coming all the time. It’s only recently that super fans have started crying and moaning when anything changed in the parks. Walt was always about Disneyland changing and evolving and never being completed, never being a museum.

  9. Ellie

    Love Off Kilter. Always brings a bit of home when we visit. One band that people never in a hurry to move away from listening too.

  10. kim

    Off kilter is on the top of my must dos. Why are they leaving or being replaced? We deserve an answer. 2 thumbs down

    1. Deb

      From what I understand, Off Kilter and Mo’Rockin will have their last show on the 27th of September. They only found out about the termination last night.

    2. PiperChick

      The Fans of Off Kilter are organizing here! Please join and help in the fight to get the decision reversed! 🙂 It’s been confirmed that they don’t WANT to leave…it was a Disney decision.

      1. nita gail geerer

        I currently have a year long pass to Disney, and will not be renewing again this year when it is up. I will get the 3 or 4 day pass so I can see the American theather shows in May but no longer interested in the lesser Disney. they have gone downhill too much to be bothered with again. they even skimped so very much on the Christmas décor this year that its not funny.

  11. Connie

    Please don’t eliminate Voices of Liberty. Allow us to keep some of the spirit of America and the dream of Walt Disney. Also, we need the Fife and Drum Corp. for the kids. What a great way to teach them about the history of our country.

  12. Barbara Ballou

    My daughter and I LOVE Off Kilter. We have all of their CDs and always have
    to see them when we are in Epcot. Can’t imagine them not being there. We
    were looking forward to seeing them in August 2015. Hopefully Disney will
    rethink this!

  13. Jennifer

    While I understand the business side of replacing acts and attractions, it is not always the best decision. There are staples in the park that should be kept as loyal fans continue to enjoy them and new comers get to experience it. Off Kilter is one of these staples. I have enjoyed their show for years and have never seen a small audience for them. Now when I bring my 7 year old daughter, she asks to go to Canada to see the “boys in skirts play the fun music” This is not a good business decision Disney. Very sad indeed…

  14. Carly

    So glad off kilter is leaving. I walk past them as fast as possible. Time for something new in each of those places. Now if we could get the drums at Japan to leave….

    1. Bob

      I agree with Carly- GET RID OF THOSE DRUMS AT JAPAN!!! I hate them, and I am a drummer! Every time I walk past those Japanese drummers, I relive the bombing at Pearl Harbor! I still have not gotten over what Japan did to the US Navy at Pearl Harbor. Get rid of those Japs!!! It’s a loud and lousy show! As far as the acts that WERE dismissed, really, it is time for some fresh entertainment. I know several EPCOT entertainers personally. So, I feel for the ones who will lose their jobs. That said, DIsney has been VERY GOOD to them for many many years. In the entertainment business, it is important to have fresh acts. Also, entertainers know that any day could be their last performance. It’s sad to see them go, but life changes. It’s a fact. Nothing lasts forever. Those who lost their jobs will have to find something new. And good things will happen for them all, I am certain. Change is GOOD. Most of the time anyway. Can you imagine four more years with Obama? Thank God for change.

      1. John

        Pearl Harbor? Really? You relive it? You are what, 90 years old?

        You must want the whole Japan pavilion removed then.

        You maybe you want a few more nukes dropped.

        Don’t forget, but move on.

  15. Mike

    Nothing will replace Future Corps IMO. I’d trade all of those groups to bring those talented guys back.

    1. Christy

      You’re right. We’ve been coming to Walt Disney World since the week it opened in 1971 for my 12th birthday. As a musician and music teacher, I have become so disheartened at the loss of live music in the parks. We actually, as many of you have said, planned our days around the schedules of performing groups.
      Yes, Future Corps was a favorite as were the Tuba Fours in the Magic Kingdom. Years ago there was a mariachi band that played at Pecos Bills. We ALWAYS had lunch with them. For a long time there was a fantastic group that played a huge marimba at Coronado Springs—GONE!!!!! What happened to Return to Zero at Hollywood Studios—Beauty and the Beast was great, but the pre show was phenomenal.
      Christmas vacations were planned around the College Christmas Brass that played in front of the train station in the Magic Kingdom–Wow! theses kids were FANTASTIC!!!!! and what a crowd they would draw.
      Where is the summer college band these days? Have to go to California to see that.
      I know live musicians are costly, but with all the alcohol Disney is selling these days, they ought to be able to afford this kind of entertainment for those of us who aren’t interested in “wine tasting”. I hate it that in the evening at EPCOT I see people who have over indulged in that rather than the wonderful live entertainment that used to be everywhere.
      I’m praying someone doesn’t get a “wild hair” and think they can do away with the Voices of Liberty or the Candlelight Processional. Yes change can be good, but tradition has a place in our society where so much
      is “throw away”.
      I have always been so proud to spend my money at a place where family, tradition, patriotism, education and quality entertainment have been a priority. Let’s pray the focus stays on those things rather than the bottom line.

  16. Sad516

    Off kilter is leaving, but there is another Celtic band moving into the United Kingdom. So if you’re upset because you like the style, you will probably enjoy the new band. If you like off kilter specifically, then too bad. Guests that go to the park a lot get tired of the same acts over and over. I go to epcot 2-4 times per month. I’m glad there will be new entertainment.

    1. Kent

      you wrote, “Guests that go to the park a lot get tired of the same acts over and over. I go to epcot 2-4 times per month. I’m glad there will be new entertainment.”

      Now you’ll be tired of seeing lumberjacks 2-4 times a month for the next however many years.

      1. Jeff Lynch

        Where else can you see lumberjacks? I think that’s an interesting thing to see. Frankly, I can see a live band just about anywhere on weekend nights. I couldn’t find a lumberjack show if my life depended on it where I live. I think it’s a cool thing to have. Something different, and really it’s what I expect from EPCOT.

        1. John

          I live in Wisconsin. If I want to see Lumberjacks, I go to Hayward for the Lumberjack World Championships.

          1. John

            Or I go to the Dells for the Northwoods Lumbjack show.

            Really, you should try Wisconsin in the summer, very pleasant.

  17. Donna

    I just hope the new Moroccan entertainment is not as closely related to strippers as their last one. It was frustrating to go to Epcot and see the woman on stage dancing very suggestively and taking layers off. This is a dance of seduction and has no part in entertaining crowds where children of all ages visit. It was very disturbing at Christmas time to see the event center stage, crowds started to walk away during this act including my family. When we came back around the only one’s left were men and some women, to me this speaks volumes! To the Disney CEO’s, please place standards on public entertainment in your parks.

    1. I’d like to address some of your concerns because they’re just ridiculous. First off, the fact that you are calling the entertainers at Epcot “strippers” is very insulting to them. The performance they were doing is part of Moroccan culture and while maybe you see it as suggestive or kinky, it is in fact something that has been ingrained in the American mindset. In other parts of the world, this type of entertainment is considered beautiful and part of their history. I would suggest you stop assuming that because they’re dancing or doing routines that seem suggestive to you, personally, that they are automatically in the same class as strippers.

      During the holiday season, Epcot provides a variety of entertainment offerings and not everyone will be interested in seeing every single entertainment offering. To assume that the reason there were little people watching this because it was suggestive is just plain dumb and insulting.

      Please do your homework before you put accusations out like you did or worse, call entertainers from another country “strippers”.

      1. Eliz

        She said they were taking off layers of clothing. Whatever you think, that makes them strippers. Has nothing to do with culture, just semantics. This woman in this picture above is not dressed appropriately for a family destination. There is nothing immodest about belly dancers (and we’ve seen them at Morocco previously), but she should not be in public dressed that way. I would immediately remove my family if that were visible to us. We don’t dress that way in public and expect others to be modest also. We have no interest in her personal anatomy.

        1. John J

          Have you ever taken off your coat when you get to work? Does that make you a professional stripper?

        2. Marlon

          So I take it you guys have never been to ANY pool on WDW property? Lol

      2. Greg

        I completely agree. To say that this “dance” is not about seduction and viewing the dancer as a beautiful sexual object is just naive. It is in appropriate for family entertainment. If you want to have it there, don’t put it front and center. Yes, some strippers do not take off all their clothes, (usually due to local laws) but they are still strippers, and no, taking off your coat does not make you a stripper. Nice straw man there. In regards to people in swimsuits at the pool, the difference is they are not up on a stage twirking, or starting with more clothes, and suggestively taking off outer layers until they get down to the bathing suit. If you do not see the difference, you are a moron.

    2. Roddy Barros

      Wow, strippers. That’s a wonderful way to see another culture.

      Just a question: do you really think if it was anything at all close to stripping Disney would allows it inside their family theme parks? The point of the World Showcase is to expand one’s horizons. To show you what else is out there. Some people are happier seeing only their own backyard, but from the comments left here, it seems to me the vast majority enjoys expanding their views of the world. 🙂

      1. Jeff Lynch

        I hate this mentality that public schools have been teaching that we have to see all cultures as equal and we have to accept what other cultures do as if everything about them is good. That’s just nonsense. Some cultures are not good. Some cultures are bad completely. Other cultures have things in them that are bad and other things that are good. It’s ridiculous to dictate that everyone must think all other cultures are equal and wonderful. They are not.

        Arab cultures treat women poorly. I am a gay man. In all Arab cultures gay men like me are treated horribly, if not killed. These are backwards cultures that should not be put on the same level as Western cultures that give rights to women, to gays, to all humans.

        I don’t think belly dancing is appropriate at Disney. I think it’s an adult form of entertainment. It could have had a place at Pleasure Island. If Disney wanted to do a dinner event in the night time and have a belly dancing show, then I think that would be appropriate — for adults. Belly dancing is a sexual show. It does nothing for me, but straight men are aroused by it. Having a show where people are aroused sexually when children are present is not appropriate.

        1. Roddy Barros

          Well, you’re certainly complementing your argument by displaying a bad example of North-American culture, I’ll tell ya that. And you use the fact that you’re a gay man to bash others? Talk about irony, sir!

    3. Joe Spence

      Say Wha? Strippers? I’d hate to hear what you think about those dreadful pirates at the Magic Kingdom?

      1. Eliz

        There is nothing immodest about the pirates.

        1. Joe Spence

          Except for the fact that they’re looting, burning down buildings, selling women as “wives” and drowning a man in a well. How is that ok, but belly dancing isn’t?

          1. Heather T.

            Actually someone complained years ago about the women and Disney adjusted the ride to not offend them.

    4. John J

      Donna, I think you are a bit off base here. I see so many families and young children dance with the performers every time I’m there. You are entitled to your opinion, but to equate the performers to “strippers” really says more about you than it does about them.

    5. Kay

      This is part of the Morroccan culture. I”m sorry that you feel so insecure in your relationship with your family that you can’t allow them to watch a woman dance in a way that celebrates her culture. As for being like a stripper… If I were you I would ask for your money back from the strip club you went to where you saw them dancing like this, because you got ripped off. As for her ‘removing layers’ the only time I have ever seen her tale something off was her taking off the covering she wears when she walks out from the pavilion. Pull your head out of your butt and grow up..

      1. Eliz

        What she said has absolutely nothing to do with her relationship with her family members. Because someone doesn’t agree with you, you decide to attack? You might want to explore maturity also.

        1. Greg

          You people touting cultural respect are ridiculous, as if that covers all. How far do you want to take that? Some cultures behead people. Some cultures mistreat women regularly, some cultures are cannibalistic. Should we really celebrate all of these things too? No you say, well then you are not accepting of that culture. How can you be so close-minded?

          1. Jeff Lynch

            Greg — public schools have been teaching people to say “all cultures are equal” for the last twenty years. This is how people feel superior now, to say “I believe all cultures are equal…look how enlightened I am! I am better than you because I see all cultures as equal and wonderful”. Please.

            The reality is that a good portion of the world is a vile place because the dominant cultures there are vile. It does everyone a disservice to pretend that cultures that don’t respect women and persecute minorities for various are “wonderful cultures”.

    6. Jeri Dawn

      That’s cultural respect & appreciation for ya! Wow! Really??!! People like this shouldn’t even leave their homes. Don’t take your family to a pool or beach… you may all have a cardiac episode! I am flabbergasted.

    7. AJ

      Wow. What a ridiculous statement. I guess you probably see sexual suggestion in the princesses’ cleavage, the leotards worn by cast members in the parades, or the traditional Hawaiian costumes used at the luau at the Polynesian. Those who look for trouble usually find it. The CEOs would laugh at your closed minded, bigoted opinion.

    8. Annie

      You are easily the most ignorant person I’ve ever come across.

      1. Eliz

        Do you not have a looking glass?

        1. Mara

          Do you not have one Eliz?

    9. Lori

      I want to weigh in on MoRockin. We love this show! My daughter has loved the energy of the performance since she was two. At ages 2 and 3 the dance was her most sought out autograph! The dancer has children of her own, I believe three and performed for a few months while pregnant, God Bless her. We will be there in ten days and are looking forward to taking in some farewell performances. While she and the other acts will be missed, I do feel change is good for us all and I am certain we will be quick to have new favorites and a refreshed outlook in regards to EPCOT. Farewell to our millennium favorites and welcome to the new acts!

    10. Heather

      Strippers?! No, please educate yourself on the art of bellydance before you call it “a dance of seduction”. This beautiful art form was created by women FOR women. It is a dance that embraces the natural movement and curves of women. It builds confidence and a community for the dancers. Bellydancers are not sirens slinking around for sexual attention. They are strong, beautiful women speaking an ancient language. Please, research the history of bellydance and maybe even drop in a local class. You perception is a misconception and you really are missing out on something beautiful.

    11. Alice

      If you think Mo’Rockin was ‘suggestive’, you must be one of those Duggar-type people who think holding hands before marriage is ‘obscene’…

    12. Bethiebee

      LOL. Lady, you are ridiculous. I hope you feel put in your place right about now.

    13. Ryan

      The point of the World Showcase is to provide you with a taste of different cultures heritage and traditions. Belly dancing is apparently a large, or at least an important, part of Morracan culture. To compare these mostly clothed dancers with strippers is absurd!

      I have never been to a strip club, I’m guessing from your comment you have. But I’d like to think I’ve seen enough TV to have a pretty good idea neither of these two are even closely related. I’ve never seen this show as a kid or even now as an adult taking kids to the park and thought it objectified women in a ‘stripperish’ way. I’m more concerned about the rudiculously revealing clothing young ladies wear around the park on hot summer days. I understand one wants to be comfortable but shorts that leave cheek hanging out and crop tops with huge arm holes that show way too much boobs and bra are more of a concern, or should be, than this display of another countries culture.

      Grow up, learn, educate…. but most of all, have fun.

    14. Jules

      Wow. I don’t think you were at Epcot because I have never seen the dancer “taking layers off.” Belly dance is a big part of that culture the area represents. A woman expressing herself through cultural dance is not a “dance of seduction.” Please educate yourself.

    15. Joanne aka metalijojo

      Wow! Strippers?? Really? This is a perfect example of why Mo’ and the other acts need to stay. They represent a part of the culture of Morocco. To think that you are teaching your children that traditions and the arts of other cultures are equatable to strippers is scary. No wonder this country is so messed up!

      1. ImaDisneygurl

        1. ImaDisneygurl

          That original (empty) post was supposed to be a “thumbs-up” for “Joanne aka metalijojo”…

    16. Tia

      I sincerely hope you never take your children out of your home again. Belly dance is a part of Moroccan and Mear Eastern culture, and is no more suggestive than Irish step dancing! I am Lebanese, and was taught this art form by my aunts, grandmother, and mother. I teach it now to my daughters as a proud part of my heritage. Shame on
      YOU for bringing your hang ups to bear on my culture!

    17. Dee

      Wow. It’s disheartening for me to see an adult (I’m assuming) write something like this about another’s culture. I’m working so hard to give my grandchildren an appreciation for different cultures. I hope they don’t grow up to have such a narrow opinion or to think that our way is the only way. Being able to experience these things is one of the best and most fun things for me to do at Epcot. While I’m sad to see the old acts leave, I’m looking forward to seeing new things too.

    18. DJ


      I feel sorry for you that you are so judgmental.

      Good grief un-clutch your pearls and open your mind, this is Belly Dancing and to refer to them as strippers is extremely offensive.

      Maybe Google Belly Dancing and learn about it or even Google Morocco and see how it’s a part of THEIR culture.

      Also I am going to guess that you do not go to any beaches because some woman wear far far less clothing on public beaches then most Belly Dancers.

    19. Katie

      I’m deeply saddened by this. How can you be so closed minded as to see such a beautiful act of art and culture as something shameful? Why go to Epcot Worldshowcase if you are unwilling to learn about and embrace other cultures? And what a horrible message to pass on to your children.

    20. Nancy

      Donna, seriously? You don’t understand belly dancing. They are a far cry from strippers. It’s a cultural thing that encompasses more than just Morocco. Many cultures around the world have forms of belly dance including the good old USA. Myself and many of my best friends are belly dancers. The clothing style varies depending on the type of belly dance. Some actually wear “lots” of clothes in many layers that I might add They Don’t Take Off! Belly dancing is a beautiful art form that allows all women of all ages, sizes to enjoy life through dance. I personally would love to see Disney keep MoRockin and add the diversity of the new Berber music & dancers! Blend it all together in one show!! PS please don’t condemn things you don’t understand. Just saying. 🙂

      1. Margaret

        Nancy, I totally agree with you.
        Donna you need to get out more. Belly dancing is a beautiful style of dance. If you had taken some time to find out about it, you would have found that in some areas EVEN MEN do it. I also suggest you Google “belly dance”. Wikipedia gives a very good definition of “belly dancing”. Before you compare some other country’s style of dancing to strippers, I would suggest you learn something about it. Nothing gets me more upset than someone as ignorant as you. Opening your mouth about a subject you know NOTHING about. The dance studio my granddaughter attends features belly dancers in their recital every year. Every one loves seeing them. It brings a bit of different cultures to the kids involved.

        Sorry to see all these acts go, but some times change can be good. Let’s welcome the new acts with an open mind.

    21. ImaDisneygurl

      That is the most ignorant thing Ive heard in quite some time… Bravo…. Pure ignorance. (smh)

    22. Fred Thomas

      That’s the most rediculous comment I’ve ever seen.

    23. Tony

      You must live a very sheltered life if you honestly believe that Moroccan belly dancers are closely related to strippers. You are the reason Disney has to keep dumbing down the entertainment and language in the parks.

  18. Joshua

    Traditional Berber music, yeah, that’s going to pack ’em in.

    And Canadian Lumberjacks, really? Way to further stereotype an entire country. Perhaps you should have a new German show where a bunch of guys dress as Nazis and march over to the French section and have their guys run away.

    1. Kent

      Now that was funny.

      1. Kent

        Downright “looney”

      2. ImaDisneygurl

        ROTFLMMFAO… . I (obviously) agree w/ “Kent” …

    2. Bethiebee

      Have you listened to Berber music? It’s actually gorgeous and some of it, not too different from what was already being portrayed by Mo’Rockin. I’m pretty excited to see what they will do with it.

  19. Janet Brown

    I am sad to see Off Kilter and the Fife and Drum Corp leave. My friends and I never miss Off Kilter and we go to Epcot many times a year. The Fife and Drum, as others have said, is a huge part of America and it won’t be the same without that Patriotism.

  20. kerri

    Ive always ignored the bellydancers, i never thought it was disney friendly, if i wanted to watch this trash id go down the block to hooters.

    1. ImaDisneygurl

      HOOTERS?? You’re equating a county’s “culture”, which is 1000’s of years old –to HOOTERS?!?! ….WOW…

    2. Chris

      Oh well… another ignorant bigot who has never travelled beyond her own backyard… pityful and sad, sad, sad little prude… Your life must be so boring. I suggest you get an education and acquire some general world culture… Oh, and are you comparing Hooters’ hard working employees to “trash”??

  21. I am saddened to hear about the many entertainment groups leaving, and I just wanted to take a moment to express my disbelief that the bellydancers could be perceived as “strippers”. As a former bellydancer at the Moroccan Pavilion (in Restaurant Marrakesh, I can tell you that couldn’t be further for the intent of either show. Bellydance is a cultural, joyful dance, and most importantly, it is an ARTFORM that takes years and years to master. It shows no more skin than Princess Jasmine. The veil being taken off at the beginning of the show is not meant to represent “removing clothing”, rather it preserves the splendor of the costume while the dancer walks to her location, and gives her a chance to show the beauty of the prop itself. As an owner of the Orlando Bellydance Academy, I can assure you that the biggest fans of bellydance are WOMEN and children. It is a celebration of life and of a vibrant and expressive culture. I think it is wonderful that Disney had such a show for so long. Mo’Rockin will be missed very much, as will the other incredible entertainment groups leaving. They have brought joy to many, many people.

    1. hannah

      And you were an amazing bellydancer in the pavilion. You inspired me to learn the art of the dance. Even got to dance with you twice such an honor. I’m very pleased to see you have an academy for dance.

  22. Jamie

    Wow, going to the pool must make your head implode then if you liken Moraccan belly dancers to strippers. Guessing Jasmin isn’t your favorite princess then with her hussy attire.

  23. luvmickey

    I will miss Off Kilter. Me and my wife see every show when we visit. They are great musicians. I wish Disney would rethink this but probably will not. It is just so sad.

  24. donna

    I am another that will miss Off Kilter. I could spend an entire afternoon between Canada and the UK just listening to music and laughing to the offerings of the World Showcase Players.

  25. Tamera

    This is America. We pride ourselves on freedom of speech and having the right to express ourselves. We expect tolerance.

    I am growing weary of people who feel the need to belittle and name call someone who has a differing opinion. If someone was offended by a performance, so be it. If someone found the same performance a beautiful representation of cultural entertainment, again, so be it.
    But the name calling and rude comments about someone based on their opinion are shameful. We need to stop hiding behind the relative anonymity of the internet when we post things we would never say in a face to face discussion. We desperately need a return to civility in this country.

    1. Steve

      I agree with you about name calling. I strongly disagree about the rude posts. When a person is too ignorant to learn about somebody’s culture before taking a giant crap on it, they deserve to be made to look like the idiot that they are. Ignorance is the worst prejudice of all. I have found great humor in many of these posts at a time when my favorite attraction at Epcot – Off Kilter – is being replaced. Also love Mo Rockin, because they are extremely talented and FUN. Never was a big fan of the British Revolution, but they drew huge crowds of passionate fans. What totally sucks is that this is all being done to save Disney money while trying to get the guests to shop and spend more. It’s all driven by $$ spent per guest, and ways to increase that.

      1. Tamera

        Hi Steve,
        I have no problem with people disagreeing and voicing their opinions, but it doesn’t need to be rude or hateful.

        State your opinion and even why you believe the other person to be wrong, uniformed, or misinformed, with clear, well thought out reasons or support. Personal attacks do not help a conversation or discussion and certainly do nothing to inform or sway someone to your way of thinking.

        If people get this heated and ugly over an entertainment group, what are they like when discussing serious, life altering issues? I stand by all of what I said in my first post.

    2. Ana

      Unfortunately the internet has no nationality. Just because you are sitting in America does not mean that anyone else is. Therefore its silly to say that this “country” needs to return to civility. And everyone else is entitled to their opinions too. If you want to voice your opinion on the internet be prepared for other people to do the same. I see plenty of name calling on each side. And yes, people DO say these things to each other in real life too. But remember even if people don’t say this to you, either on the internet or in real life, they are probably still thinking it about you.

  26. Jen

    How could you replace off kilter??? Bad move! And the Fife &drums??? What’s wrong with you Disney???

  27. Cathy

    Off Kilter is awesome and has changed their act in the past year and is better than ever. There jokes are the same but so is all the things on Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, etc., and they do not change ….they being replaced too. EPCOT was my favorite park but won’t be visiting it much with Off Kilter and Britisn Revolution leaving

  28. steven stewart

    British Revolution is not leaving they are just adding Celtic band to the mix, dont know what they will be doing schedule wise though.

  29. Margarita

    Wow I cannot believe the remarks being made about MO rock in and the belly dancers. How immature it is to say that belly dancing is stripping. I have taken my daughter several times to see the show and eat at the restaurant which has a show with a belly dancer.She has enjoyed both of them. It’s a cultural art form to dance no matter what race you are. Different styles of dance from all cultures should not be compared to strippers.

  30. Pam

    Sorry to see Off Kilter go! They have been my favourite of the World Showcase acts for many years.

  31. Tamera

    Fan, I totally agree! My point exactly. Thank you!

  32. Will

    I for one will totally miss the World Showcase Players. Those folks are hilarious. I never really enjoyed the musical acts all that much, but these guys entertained me every time. Crappy move Disney.

  33. Tariq

    It’s a shame that people are trying to shame the belly dancer and her culture. But as a fellow Arab-American, I’m sure she is used to it. I think basis of some of these comments is the current deep seated ignorance and bigotry against Arabs and Muslims. As mentioned Jasmine dresses the same, but to another point Ariel is in a shell bikini. I don’t think this is only about a belly dancer. And shame on any of you who called her a stripper, she is someone’s mother, sister, or daughter. What if someone said it to you or your family member?

    1. Greg

      Tariq, I am sick and tired of someone pulling the race card any time someone says anything negative against anyone deemed a minority. I am sick and tired of others calling those that do ignorant and bigoted. Maybe you are the bigoted one, against anyone that says anything negative against your people. As a matter of fact, I assumed all Muslims were bigoted against people of other faiths, based on the way I see thousands of Muslims acting in the Middle East, and based on your own religious book, the Koran, which is NOT all about peace. And of course she is someone’s daughter. Are we no longer allowed to criticize anyone because they actually have a parent or sibling? Get real.

  34. ppony

    The lumberjack thing? Could they be more trite and cliché? Very sad indeed. The other acts warrant interest, but that one is just plain sad.

  35. Victoria Cole Brofman

    Just a note: Since belly dancers originated in a part of the world where women are required to cover from head to toe, I find it an odd tradition. I believe I read somewhere that the women who traditionally preformed the Dance of the Veils were women held by the Sheiks as concubines and were forced to dance for him to entice him and his guests. I would not call them strippers rather sexual slaves. That said, I really haven’t paid much attention to them when at Epcot. Also, one could argue that belly dancers are not much different than hula dancers at the Poly. Both shake their bodies and move in a sexual way.

  36. Cheryl

    I can’t believe they’d let the fife and drum corp go. What a loss. Glad I got to see them in 2013, but I can’t say that I saw any of the other acts when we were there.

  37. saraa

    I don’t wear undergarments in the parks and would prefer to be completely nude.

  38. Cecilia

    I look forward to watching Off Kilter 🙁

  39. Rod Trett

    There is a Save Off Kilter group now on Facebook. I recommend voicing your opinion LOUDLY about saving the main reason soooooo many of us go to Epcot more days than any other park when we’re there … OFF KILTER!

  40. Have you ever gone past Off Kilter to see the seats empty during a performance? I haven’t. Yes, the Fife and Drum Corps might not have the crowds…but I do believe it ties into the theme of what that section of the park asks for. I also agree, bring back Future Corps!
    Hey Disney. If your wanting to change some of your performing groups, why don’t you slowly work them in? Half the performances and then slowly take them out. I think you might not tick so many people off that way. You can also see if the crowds are going to like the new groups or not.

  41. Bill Wishart

    As soon as I arrive at Disney World every year I head through the International Gateway (back entrance into Epcot) and fly to Canada to see Off Kilter. I go to see them as many times as possible for the next 10 days. They are true icons as evidenced by me seeing the same people show up year after year, decade after decade mainly to see and experience Off Kilter’s magic. Disney, please listen to the many many thousands of people who hope that you change you decision and keep the pipes a-playin’.

  42. Jacob Perlovich

    I am so upset and shocked to see Mo’Rockin go It was my favorite band that I was seeing for 8 years. I remember I would always run to see them. I am probably never going to Epcot again after September 28 because of this.

  43. CelticLaird

    It’s very sad, but you have to realize that Disney DOES NOT CARE what folks think about this sort of thing. There was a huge letter writing campaign when Leon the pianist from the Rose and Crown was let go and it went absolutely nowhere.

  44. Lynnie Swift

    A lumberjack show is no substitute for Off Kilter. HUGE mistake!!

    1. JanetPorter

      I totally agree with you, Lynnie Swift, but I don’t think the WDW entertainment dept. really cares what the guest think. I’m quite upset with many of the changes , not only in Epcot, but in WDW generally. I have been a fan and supporter for many years; spending thousands of my hard earned dollars there, but am recently giving some thought to seeking other locations for my entertainment and recreation.

  45. Jacob Perlovich

    I just found out that Maelstrom is closing permanently on October 5 to be become Frozen ride. I truly miss Mo’Rockin I was even trying to sing like they do. I would even talk to the performers they are putting a berber music and dance troupe instead of mo’rockin. I just wonder what Amir Ali their leader that left upset at them 6 years is going to say about his band no longer at Epcot. I am so mad at Epcot right now.

  46. Dave

    Probably time for off kilter to go. Have never personally got on with their output but I know so many like it. Always was a disturbance to the general EPCOT tranquility for me.
    I hope the Frozen update is a success, Maelstrom has always been a great surprise ride for those who took the time to queue.
    Closing Horizons was the biggest mistake ever for EPCOT in my humble opinion.

  47. JanetPorter

    One of the best comments in this forum…..thank you. Let’s try to be nice to everyone….state your thoughts, but no name-calling or verbal attacks to those that disagree with you….please !!!

  48. John

    I will miss Mo’Rockin very much! I am so disappointed to hear Disney is letting them go. Every time I was there the crowds seemed delighted by what they heard. Our whole family from youngest to oldest found their music a real treat, and they were always a part of our Disney tradition.

  49. Jacob Perlovich

    I am still very shocked to Mo’Rockin is now officially gone from Epcot after 15 years of them performing. I was coming to see them for 8 years almost every Saturday. Now I don’t want to go there because I don’t want to hear chainsaws at Canada pavilion because they got rid of off kilter for some lumberjack show. I am upset that they not only got rid of Mo’Rockin. They got rid of Maelstrom ride for a new frozen ride. I am really tired of hearing Let it go. Thank god they have Mo’Rockin’s and off kilter’s final performances on YouTube.

  50. Off Kilter will be playing at the Dunedin Highland Games (Dunedin, FL) on March 28th.

    1. Greg Salvato Jr.

      Just learned Off-Kilter is gone from Epcot…ugh.

      Why not simply move them over to Disney Springs – they can play at the Raglan Road Pub.

  51. Joan

    We visited Epcot from Canada,specifically to watch MoRockin and the belly dancer.It was always the best part of our trip.
    I am sad to learn many of the acts are gone now.Off Kilter is another one.

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