Comments for How to Create A Dragon: “Harry Potter” sculptor offers stunning making-of look at Diagon Alley creation at Universal Orlando


  1. Eric

    That dragon sure it’s huge. But I’m afraid the fire will eventually damage the dragon statue, won’t it?

  2. Eric

    Here’s my fanmade top 8 list of attractions and events that Universal could/would do to their theme parks someday at the future that I would love to see.

    1. An interactive 4D simulator ride that would be based on Angry Birds.

    2. A nightly fan event that would be themed to South Park that would be suitable for adults only (18 and older).

    3. A nightly fan event that would be themed to Hatsune Miku which would be occurred from August 1st to September 1st.

    4. Whichever a scare zone or a haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights that would feature Flippy (in evil form) in Happy Tree Friends.

    5. A 4D show that would be based on Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock.

    6. A themed land that would be based on Nintendo.

    7. A musical stage show that would star Garfield after replacing the Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios Florida.

    8. A wooden rollercoaster that would be themed to the T-rex in the Jurassic Park themed lands at most Universal parks.

    1. Eric

      ^^^^^ Is this dude serious? Please, tell me you’re joking. ^^^^^

      1. Eric

        ^Other Eric, I was just being so playful and imaginative with my list and in reality, those rides and event on my list I made doesn’t REALLY happened and exist at Universal theme parks, they’re just part of my imagination and play to think if they can or could come at Universal some point (though it may not happened really). You know, fan’s dreams. Hope you get it.

        1. Eric

          You know, to tell the truth, I have a feeling about I put the words “would” and “could”, I believe I meant “will” and “can” like “Universal will/can someday think of building new attractions and event to their theme parks at some point according to my mind”, am I right?

    2. Shooter

      Your ideas for the most part are very far fetched and not even close to what could accomadate universals demographic. The last one was the only one that honestly made any sense. Not very imaginative sorry bud.

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