Comments for Disney theme parks to bring back pet products with new Disney Tails line, to include Haunted Mansion bow tie for dogs


  1. wendi

    Are the bowls ceramic or plastic. Seriously hope NOT plastic. Never feed out of plastic!

  2. Sue Ault

    SO happy.!!!! It’s about time the Disney Tails line was brought back. Last several trips to WDW I was so disappointed that I couldn’t buy our boys, Phineas & Ferb, their doggie bowls, accessories etc.!

  3. abby

    Disney is CATIST! Okay I guess I’ll get a dog then.

  4. YES! My little Sebastian would look so cute in that bow tie. And with that toy.

    Basically, I’m buying him everything.

  5. Tay

    Why only for dogs 🙁 I would like to have Disney themed items for my cat too….

  6. Matthew Danner

    I saw these at Animal Kingdom today and they are just horrible! Really surprising actually. The smallest collar they sell is for a large dog, the bowls are cheap plastic with a sticker inside! Couldn’t believe it. This is products for dogs in 1980-1990, not now. The Disney line at PetSmart is much much better. I was so excited about these products and I was jaw drop shocked at what poor quality it all is.

  7. Hey! Will I be able to buy these products in January? If so, where?

  8. Mary Lou

    I’m wondering what happened to this line. I saw something on Disney’s website about a Disney Springs store called Fetch which would sell this line. It was supposed to open Spring, 2015. I don’t see that this store opened yet. Anyone know what happened to Fetch?

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