Comments for Disney reveals Sorcerer Package details and perks for D23 Expo 2015, tickets on sale August 14


  1. Jake

    I am so doing this

  2. TJ

    As a Sorcerer for the last 2 expos, I can tell you that I will no longer buy this special ticket. The number of “limited” tickets had gone up every expo, as well as the price. First $1000, then $1500, now $2000!?!
    So, a short 4 or 5 day expo trip as a Sorcerer now will set you back about $6000 or more for a couple. I’m sorry, I don’t like waiting in lines, but for that kind of money I can go on SEVERAL Disney trips.

    1. Lori


      how was your experience with the Sorcerer Package? My problem is the time spent waiting in the lines I felt I was missing a lot of the other stuff. Did you feel like you got a good value with the merchandise given? Did you get an special experiences and treatment?

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