Comments for American Q elevates BBQ with bold flavors, modern twists in a new restaurant mashup at B Resort Orlando in Walt Disney World


  1. Steve Douglas

    This looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to try it. It will for sure be on my list to hit this holiday season. Thanks Ricky for the great review.

    1. Erin Emanuel

      Please let us know when you are available to enjoy American Q’s awesome dining experience. Reservations can be easily made by using Opentable, calling the hostess at 407-827-3080, or contacting myself, Erin Emanuel, Restaurant Sales and VIP Services Manager at 407-201-9967 to personally handle all requests from a party of 2 to 200. Please feel free to send any questions or requests to my email as well, at Erin.Emanuel@besortlbv.com. Thanks again to Ricky for the awesome review and we can’t wait to have you join us as well!

      1. Kevin

        I can’t wait to try when we come down in October! Sounds simply amazing!

      2. Jeff Lynch

        Erin —

        My friends and I will be eating at American Q specifically because of Ricky Brigante’s write-up. Just so you know that his writing about you is leading to you getting business. I would have probably never heard of you or thought to eat there if not for Ricky.

        1. Matt

          That’s the point of writing a review Jeff…

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