Comments for Walt Disney World working on “Frozen” fix to shorten waits to meet Anna and Elsa in Fantasyland


  1. cheryl

    Brilliant – paper fastpasses, what will they think of next??!!

    1. Julie

      Haha! My thoughts exactly!

  2. alice

    This is a great idea! Hopefully it will work. We have fast pass + for next month.

  3. Stacie

    How long is “moderate” though?

    1. Garrett

      I’m guessing about an hour…

  4. Scott

    Wow what a great idea! Now they should do that for every ride and let all guests use it with just their entry ticket and call them fastpasses. Oh wait…..

  5. Garrett Monteiro

    WOW! What a genius, original idea! Why haven’t they thought of this earlier? Oh wait… But seriously, my bets are that this will barely affect the lines at all. If paper FastPasses barely work for 3+ hour line Radiator Springs Racers, they’re not going to work here.

  6. Michelle

    There is no way I would wait in line 3-4 hours to see a character. I have children and they have never been that into meeting the characters. And my youngest still wants them to keep away. They are all OK from a distance and to look at.

  7. Lynne

    A quick question if you happen to know. I got up at midnight when my 60 days opened and got an A&E FP for exactly 5:30! Now do you think I’m going to have to compete with all these paper fast passes and have to wait over an hour at 5:30?

  8. cathleen

    Lynne. This has nothing to do with fp+. You will still have a normal fp+ wait.

    1. Lynne

      Thanks for the good news!

      1. mel

        Lynne we just came back last week and saw a&e 2 days in a row with a fast pass that I got staying up until midnight 30 days before our trip…no wait at all
        ..like tops 4 min watching the other family finish before us!!

        1. Lynne

          Thanks for more good news, Mel! I’m so excited to go in 2 weeks!!!

        2. Marisol

          Hi Mel… I’m planning a trip to MK in two weeks. What suggestions do you have? I mean.. from 4 hours to 4 minutes… that’s a huge difference… How did you do it? What day of the week did you go? What time? Anything in particular that you did to make it so smooth?

  9. Ray

    At least it’s a fix!

    1. EricJ

      “This new process eliminates the need to spend hours waiting in line, freeing guests up to explore and enjoy the rest of the park.”
      Yes, that -would- be rather more profitable for the park, since you can’t buy a t-shirt or Mickey bar when you’re cattle-roped in line for almost literally half your park day.

      They’re trying to make sanity out of insanity, and I’m on sanity’s side with this one:
      Although I’ll miss the shouts of “Stay in line, suckers! 🙂 ” from the short lines at Space Mountain and Big Thunder, maybe some of us WITHOUT neurotic gay/fangirl Frozen fandom might want to chat with the characters too. C’mon, Frozies, get a life or share the wealth, and if you can’t, maybe the park can find a way you -can-.

  10. EricJ

    Without FP+’s? Oh, that would be, um, EVERYBODY, since the reservations usually book up solid weeks ahead.

    You created the problem, people, don’t blame the solution. I, for one, could use it next September, and bless ’em for it. 🙂

  11. Muffin Dad

    Great now the masses will stream out to the rest of MK to once again spoil those who can plan.

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