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  1. Jeff Lynch

    Mickey Shaped Salmonella Pasta?

    I about died when I read that, then realized I read it wrong.

  2. Ron D

    Yep it is what I expected and a sad day that it is no longer the classic menu but Chef Andrew’s California Foo Foo. The childrens menu is actually more appealing then any of the other choices. Sure gives me plenty of reason to NOT renew my 25 plus year membership and dine elsewhere. What happened to the CLub Classics-such as Beef Wellington, lamb, and the French cuisuine

    1. Ricky Brigante

      What you call “classics” others might call dated cuisine. In recent years, I was more impressed by Chef Sutton’s Carthay Circle menu than anything served at Club 33. Yes, it’s a change and those who had favorites at the club will be disappointed to not be able to get those anymore, but I personally welcome the new menu.

      1. Kyle

        I too like the look of the new menu. The previous menu was dated and full of starchy oily food that could be found at any other restaurant. I love the food at Carthay Circle and wish I had a membership to Club 33 now. Chicken breast with grilled peaches…yum.

      2. Nick Hronis

        A superbly prepared lamb chop and french cuisine is never out of style. The lamb chops when on the menu were some of the best in the southland, and they have been sorely missed since they were removed about a decade ago for a more “nouveau” cuisine.

  3. Chris

    I like tacos…

  4. Moonsmom

    Since I was just “riff raff” and able to get in through my company as a retiree, we had a good run since 1988. I hate to see it go, but everything always changes. I will always remember the great service and wonderful people who worked there. It had CLASS

  5. Julie

    The food is out of this world amazing. Before you knock it at least go try it. We’ve eaten in some amazing restaurants and this new menu was hands down one of the best we’ve ever had. Everything was cooked perfectly and portions were just right so you could enjoy every course. We didn’t taste anything we didn’t like.

  6. Brett

    A wonderful venue and world class menu choices. The service, presentation, and flavor of our dinner was fantastic. No disappointments. Just a wonderful overall experience.

    1. Jason

      I know this post is old,but Ron D must be absolutely nuts. Dine at one of Andrew Suttons restaurants and you’ll be blown away. California foo foo? You have no idea. 33 members DEMANDED Sutton because they reslized that 33 was not even close.

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