Comments for Diagon Alley grand opens at Universal Orlando as thousands of Harry Potter fans experience new level of theme park fantasy


  1. frostysnowman

    This is so exciting! I am still stunned, STUNNED, by how quickly Universal was able to construct this expansion. I’m sure it will be as detailed and delightful as the original Wizarding World. I can’t wait to see it in September!

  2. Auror Dylan Volpe

    I AM STUNNED!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait until October!

  3. Stacey Bertran

    The picture of the girl tearing up, got me all tear’d up. That’s immersion that will be the new standard for attractions.


    twitter: Real_RacyStacey

    1. OpieJones

      Those that haven’t visited this type of attraction don’t get it yet, but you are exactly right, and Disney is going to have to figure out how to up their game in this regard with their new offerings.

  4. Bernie

    SO glad I am NOT a fan of Harry Potter!! There is no way I would want to be apart of that craziness!

    1. Universal Bob

      The craziness was to be expected. Anytime you have a grand opening there will be a crowd for at least the first month. I’m sure Universal is just so pleased how everything has turned out. Congrats to them!!

  5. Maryl

    I went to the soft opening on Saturday. It was amazing. Such great detail in everything. Got to ride the train both ways – really cool!!

  6. Natalie

    So glad I got to ride the train both ways last week. I would love to see Diagon Alley and try the new ride before I leave but with a 5 hour wait time theres not much chance! Hopefully the other parks will be quiet!

  7. Adam

    Where the lines just as long and as crazy when the first part opened a few years ago?

    1. Universal Bob

      It was worst for Hogsmead. I don’t think Universal was expecting the crowd they had. They learned from that experience and handled everything much better this time. Now, when the third phase is opened, they’ll have the crowd control down to a science…..lol.

  8. Richard

    I see the stantions are out in the Gringots banking hall for the queue, no free roaming!

    1. Universal Bob

      There has to be some control for that massive of a crowd. I wish we all could get up close and personal with the gobblins but it’s still close enough.

      1. Brian

        I’m sure that once the hype and crowds die down, they’ll open up the lobby for roaming again

    2. Ricky Brigante

      Hopefully they will go away again once the crowds die down.

  9. akira

    This is so so awesome! Thanks so much Inside the Magic for bringing it to all of us! You guys are the best

  10. Cabo

    Is the single riders line for gringotts any different than the standby in terms of experience?

  11. Eric B. Freeman

    You know? I was thinking. If Universal Orlando would someday think of closing down Barney and Curious George attractions both at the Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone section at Universal Studios Florida and then replace them into a theme zone that would be based on My Little Pony franchise and as well as its TV show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, that would be great to have My Little Pony at Universal to appeal to young female guest (if they get the rights to MLP from Hasbro that is). That way, it would be so much competitive to Disney Princess characters for Disney theme parks, think about it. Plus, if that happens, the MLP-themed land would have a fan-event that would be occurred during every summer nights like from June to August and would be aimed towards teen and adult fans of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” TV show (Bronies and Pagasisters) despite it currently aims towards primarily for little girls as usual. Would that be great or what?

    By the way, nice pictures of a brand new Harry Potter section. What new attractions are there?

  12. Amy

    This is ridiculous!!!
    Ride is only working 1/2 the time
    4.5 hrs in line and counting
    Universal should have tested and retested over and over until they got it right before wasting so many people’s time and money!!!!

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