Comments for World’s tallest roller coaster ‘Skyscraper’ announced, will tower over 500 feet above Orlando


  1. Josh D

    As cool as this sounds I don’t think I like the idea of the worlds tallest Roller coaster being designed and build not by one of the premiere roller coaster manufactures such as Intamin AG, bolliger and mabillard, SS power, or vekoma. If one of these major manufactures hasn’t done this already theirs probably a good reason why!

    1. Newcastle

      These towers are a collaboration between US Thrill Rides and S&S Worldwide. S&S has plenty of experience in building roller coasters.

  2. Jeany Sanchez

    sounds interesting info!

  3. Moto X

    I don’t know, that ride looks short (ride time) and gimmicky. Give me a 500+ ft coaster with a traditional layout like Steel Dragon 2000 and I will raise an eyebrow.

    1. CoasterFan

      From what I have been seeing over the past week or so, the ride is supposed to be 3+ minutes long at up to 66 mph. I’ve been on coasters with much shorter ride times.

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