Comments for Ratatouille ride debuts at Disneyland Paris with Bistrot Chez Rémy restaurant and new themed area


  1. Richard

    Well there is enought room at the back of the France pavillion?

  2. Kerry

    A family version of Spider-Man/Transformers … Some people may say it looks slightly boring but I like it 😀
    I’m at Disneyland Paris next year for my hen weekend, will definitely make sure to ride.

    1. Chris

      Well I’m sure it’s not boring to ride it-you can’t get all of the sensory effects of temperature changes, speed, motion, smells and 3D effects very well from a video. I’ve been waiting to see this ride FOREVER and am so glad I finally got to see a video! Thanks Disney for letting the previewers video it early for us who can’t go overseas!

  3. Chaz

    Ratatouille, has quickly become one of my favorite Pixar movies, and it’s not a movie I would’ve thought would easily translate into a ride. However, after seeing the ride and surrounding area, I can say I’m very satisfied. Kudos, Imagineers, on another job well done.

  4. Aaron

    Does anyone know where the music in the second video is from? It’s Le Festin, but an instrumental. Is it from the film, or did they manage to get something from the ride’s score? I really like this version and would like to buy/download it from somewhere.

    1. PhilippeP

      The score has been specially done for the ride (and the mini land) by Micheal Giacchino.

  5. deloews

    I went with a friend yesterday. We were utterly disappointed. After the year long built up to it, it’s just a fancy 3D simulation. We expected it to become a new favorite and rival to ‘cute’ magic kingdom rides, but no. It left both of us struggling with motion sickness, eventhough we enjoy all big thrills. Sad times! The restaurant looked nonetheless promising. Hope you guys enjoy the ride.

  6. fgdf

    Bad ride.. waste of time.. common its 2014

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