Comments for Legends of Frontierland interactive experience announced for Disneyland, bringing the wild west to life


  1. Chaz

    I like the sound of this.

  2. Raymond

    I wonder if this will be like the treasure hunts in WDW?

  3. Lara

    Hmm I think it would be interesting if they could have included Rancho Del Zocalo in this story… I know they did something at the Horseshoe but I didn’t hear very much about it.

  4. Jennifer

    THis was the most amazing experience ever. It’s over and done with, but for those of us that lived it…we LIVED it. I’m glad that it is never coming back because you can’t ever capture what we had. The Disney Magic touched so many of us. Many of us would have stayed strangers but because of this moment in time, we have a new family that has outlasted the game. Thank you Disney for bringing such joy into my life. Rainbow Ridge! Legends Never Die!

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