James Cameron names “Pandora: The Land of Avatar” as new Walt Disney World area, says advanced Na’vi animatronics are coming

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At the recent Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival, director James Cameron spoke a bit about the world of Avatar being added to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Slash Film reports that Cameron said the name of the new area, now under construction, will likely be “Pandora: The Land of Avatar,” adding that advanced Audio-Animatronics figures will be featured somewhere within its attractions.

“The animatronics for the Na’vi characters are gonna be fantastic. For example, their early animatronics would use 12 axis of motion and I think the most they’ve ever done was 32 axis recently. I think they’re up to 64 just in the face of the Na’vi characters.”

Pandora: The Land of Avatar is set to open in 2017.

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