Comments for Hands-on with interactive wands in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, giving Harry Potter magic to Muggles at Universal Orlando


  1. Raymond

    Will you be posting pictures of the various interactive wands?

  2. Victoriaa

    Apart from the interactive wands, are there any other new wand designs?

    1. Victoriaa

      I ask because I was kind of hoping with the new land they would get more options for original wands. I love collecting them!

      And I think there is opportunity for some really creative designs for wands if they tried.

      I kinda wish they would give you the option to get a custom wand made or something

  3. Brandy

    Ricky, thanks so much for covering Universal also! Your coverage convinced us to take a trip in September to Universal to see the HP expansion (we loved the original HP land). My question is have you been to Great Wolf Lodge? I seem to recall Skipper Ben (I miss him) covering it ages ago. Anyway, Great Wolf has a very similar system where kids use interactive wands to play a fun game. My son LOVES it. This game also reminds me a bit of the Pirate’s League at Disney or Agent P at Epcot, in that you trigger physical affects in the park. I love this interactive aspect.

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