Comments for Diagon Alley walls disappear at Universal Orlando, unveiling London waterfront, Knight Bus, more Harry Potter magic


  1. Mark Cross

    This is wonderful news! I can NOT tell you how much my family is looking forward to seeing this extention of the HP world open up!

  2. star-w

    this is going to be big!

  3. Freddy

    I’ll be going to Universal everyday and standing in front on the entrance all day hoping to catch a soft opening!

  4. Jamie

    2.99 for a bag of crisps? Now surely they mean chips, i.e. French Fries??

    1. Frostysnowman

      No, chips are fries. Crisps are indeed potato chips.

    2. Jeff Lynch

      I’m laughing because you don’t know that crisps are chips and you also are surprised that they cost $2.99 in a theme park. What rock have you been under?

  5. Frostysnowman

    Ack! Squeee!! Can’t wait till our trip this fall!

  6. Chris

    For anyone wanting to go on opening day and didn’t see what happened last time, Google image search ‘harry potter universal opening’ to see why you should reconsider. 😮

  7. Caroline

    We booked our honeymoon in Disneyworld this summer before it was announced this would be happending and OH MY GOODNESS I AM GOING TO CRY ALL OF THE TEARS!!! Cannot wait!

  8. Aton Evans

    Why does the Hogwarts Express train have backwards movement from the Hogsmeade Station to Kings Cross Station. Why can’t it just be the regular forward way for both trips like all regular trains that u see everyday in your hometown instead of rolling backwards.

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