Comments for Diagon Alley opening date announced as July 8, 2014 for Universal Orlando Harry Potter expansion


  1. Sandra James-Handley

    I am so upset! I check this website daily and Universal Bob had mentioned in previous comments that June 21, 2014 was the opening date! So we changed our vacation initially set for this week June 16th to June 23rd. Reservations are made, tickets are bought and we can not change our vacation dates this late in the game! I sure hope we can see some of it during our stay there next week!

    1. Brad

      Sorry Sandra, that is a total bummer šŸ™ but that is the nature of attraction openings – unfortunately you booked a vacation before the opening date was revealed, that was always going to be a huge gamble if the primary reason for your vacation was to see this new attraction. With taking such a risk you had to anticipate being let down. There were never any guarantees that Diagon Alley would be ready for your visit on the 16th June or the rescheduled date of the 23rd.

      Anyway you never know you might be lucky and there *might* be soft launches.

      If not there are always future visits! It could be worse – you could be the other side of the Atlantic like me!

      1. Sandra James-Handley

        Yes Brad I know I was checking daily on any and all websites I could find regarding the opening. And I tried to make an “educated” guess on the timing issue. With red carpet affairs, Jimmy Fallon, and all the hoopla going on here locally regarding the opening I guess I wasn’t as smart as I thought. Oh well, we will have a great time anyway. Hogsmeade is still open and we do have three days of fun in Orlando to look forward to!

        1. You will get lucky

          I bet you will be able to participate in a soft opening. Are you staying on property? If so I bet you will get lucky.

          I stayed on property in June 2010 and was able to participate on the soft opening for Hogsmeade. And we were there 2-3 weeks before the grand opening.

  2. I’m hoping they do some soft openings I’m going Sunday and 4th of July weekend so I’ll let you guys know if I get in. I was lucky to go on Transformers before it opened officially. I really hope they do it, but Ricky is right you can never tell even the day I waited for Transformers they kept telling us they weren’t and after a few hrs of waiting with a mob they decided to test it. It’s all about luck.

  3. Shelley

    Please tell me you will be having soft openings this week I got a park hopper and I am very discouraged we can’t use it now my kids will be very upset if they can’t do a least one new thing

    1. Be Prepared to be upset

      The chances are slim you will get into the soft opening this week. Be prepared for your kids to be upset.

  4. Beth

    To my understanding, the week of July 4 is always a huge amusement park week, especially in Orlando. It seems foolish of them not to capitalize on that. (That being said, any predictions on soft openings?)

  5. margaret wood

    we were meant to come in may and decided to come from the 20th june until the 4th of july to visit this and now we are going to miss it we are all so dissapointed

  6. Tyler

    There will be no soft openings until the Team Member Preview. So look out for when those are anticipate soft openings after that.

    1. Kelly

      What is a team member preview? I have been checking everything for the past few months and booked last night for the 4th of July..ugh! I thought for sure it would open the end of June šŸ™

      So so bummed…

  7. Tonya

    If you were to be there on July 8th, would it be too busy to even be able to ride the Escape from Gringotts?

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