Comments for Voldemort, Bellatrix revealed in new Escape from Gringotts ride details for Universal Orlando Harry Potter expansion


  1. Andrewski

    Sounds a lot like the Indiana Jones/Dinosaur ride system with a hint of mummy.

  2. Dave

    Looks like a giant bottleneck. Keep hold of your kids.

  3. Don

    This looks nothing short of amazing. Take in account this ride is going to have a lower height restriction then Mummy (it’s 40″). From the photo’s of the ride I can’t make out what is real and what is not. This sure is going to be one amazing adventure.

  4. Since1976

    Wow. It’s pretty cool that the actors got yet another chance to play their beloved characters. Any word on whether Ralph Fiennes plays Voldemort?

    1. Patsy

      I wouldn’t expect them to have anyone else play the role. The timeline of the ride suggests adult Voldemort and Ralph has been playing the role since Goblet of Fire.

  5. Tami

    Will the new ride accommodate larger people?? The original Harry Potter ride does not!

    1. Mike

      I was thinking the same thing. It sure looks more large-friendly 🙂

  6. Mimi

    I’m with Mike and Tami! Will taller and bigger people fit on the ride?? There isn’t one ride at Disney that larger people can’t ride, Universal has tons, especially the Harry Potter rides!

  7. Nicola

    It looks like the Mummy Ride seating. Which can be a bit tight due to the seat dipping. Hope the seats do accommodate for larger and tall guests.:D

  8. chris

    this is good BC if it has 3d glasses then it cant be too extreme of a ride which will make it more easier for me to ride

  9. star-w

    looks like spiderman woth a hint of mummuy any way it looks cool

  10. Edward

    this is supposedly to have a drop between 60-80 ft

  11. Alex

    Looks like a coaster with a whole lot of screens…. classic universal.

  12. Brittany

    Everyone’s biggest concern here is whether it will fit “larger people?” How about the seats are appropriately sized to accommodate normal people, and more people? If the seats are larger, fewer seats would be available on the ride, therefore causing longer lines and wait times. Lay off the butterbeer and chocolate frogs for awhile and this ride will be perfect for everyone.

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