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  1. Chelsea

    Hoping for a soft opening when I’m there in two weeks!

    1. Matthew

      We are also hoping for then Chelsea!!!

  2. Michelle

    Have they offered any explanation WHY they are not opening it until May 28th? They threw this big press event and let people ride it – obviously they feel its ‘ready to go’ so why the delay?

    We’ll be there from the 16th-20th and while we can hope that it’ll soft open and we can get to ride it, I’m extremely disappointed that they are waiting almost a full month after the dedication ceremony to officially open it.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Michelle, have you heard of soft openings? All attractions get this. The ride is open and accepts guests, but it’s not guaranteed to be running every day until an official date. Everything has bugs to work out. Most likely you will be able to ride this while you are there. No need for you to be upset.

      1. joanne

        what about me! I only have one day at MK May 9th this year.

    2. Dear Michelle, a quote for you.

      “Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.”

      Deal with it.

  3. caleb

    I agree Michelle. My wife and I are going the same week. Hoping hoping hoping for a random soft open! Maybe we’ll see you there haha. Maybe if we all ask nicely they will soft open for us :o)

  4. Justine

    We were hoping that the would do invitations for DVC member and Annual pass holders for a soft opening couple of days too, like they did for the new Fantasy Land, Belle and Ariel attractions.
    Please, oh please……

  5. Rubino

    Very weak public speaker and definately not a Disney Enthusiastic Park Performer.
    Why is Tom Staggs speaking to Park Guests as if Stage Fright bit his bottom?

    I could tell also the Hard Working Character employees were intimidated by his presence too.

    Not the Walt type of person is he?

    Oh ya I forgot ownership changed.

  6. Rubino

    In the early 80’s when Big Thunder Mountain Broke Down after the soft and grand openings, it was cool to see hidden doors open with attendants popping out from tunnel walls to guide you off the ride through an Underground Walt Disney World Tour.

  7. Carl

    Tom Staggs was speaking because he is Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Just because someone might show that they have some difficulties with public speaking does not mean he should be criticized for it.

    What made them look intimidated by his presence? Was it the Character Cast Members acting like their characters too much? Or maybe they were making sure that they did a nice job for the press event? I am pretty positive they were not intimidated by Tom Stagg’s presence.

    When Walt Disney World does soft openings, they offer it to people who are least expecting it, because they are the one’s who appreciate it the most. They don’t offer it to the people who think they deserve the soft opening or beg and plead and camp out in front of the attraction to be chosen for the soft opening.

    They are waiting because they are still working the kinks out. It is trial and error. Just because one day it runs perfectly for the whole day without any problems, does not mean that tomorrow the ride might break down unexpectedly. They are making sure it is perfect to open up, to avoid having to shut it down for repairs or another problem.

    1. Brittany

      Preach. I could not agree more. 🙂 Eagerly anticipating May 28th!!

  8. April

    I can not wait until I will be able to ride this. The 7 dwarfs was my fathers favorite people. When I am going to be able to ride this I know my father will be with me on the ride in spirit. I can not wait until I will be able to ride this it looks so exciting.

  9. Fernando

    Tom Staggs called Dopey, Toby toward the end. Learn your characters names!

  10. As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner I was invited to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Preview Event. The mine train is Disney through and through and it will not disappoint.

    Cast members have yet to ride the mine train. For those going during the next few weeks prior to the official opening seek out any official looking cast member and ask about riding the train. Worst that could happen is a smile with a no

  11. chad

    Was there yesterday. The ride was going without guests and the music was playing. No soft opening yet.

    1. Stacey

      I was there May 4th. It was torture watching them test lol.

  12. Chaz

    My ranking for the New Fantasyland Attractions

    1. Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid
    I’ll admit, Ariel was my first love, so I guess you could say I’m a little biased. Notwithstanding, the ride is full of color, movement, and music, making for a magical 5 minute experience.

    2. Festival of Fantasy Parade
    Fantastic new parade. I would’ve ranked it as number one, except rides tend to last much longer than parades do.

    3. Be Our Guest Restaurant
    The theming is just grand, especially the West Wing.

    4. Storybook Circus
    The whole area just puts a smile on your face. It’s wonderful.

    5. Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train
    I still think the ride would’ve benefited from an extra minute somewhere in the ride. It’s still charming.

    6. Princess Fairytale Hall
    The fact that we lost what I consider to be the best retelling of the Snow White story in any of the Disney parks casts a dark shadow over the attraction, but it’s still very enjoyable.

    7. Enchanted Tales with Belle
    The only New Fantasyland installment that I come close to disliking. The cottage and the mirror effect are both splendid, the attraction just needed better writing.

    All in all, I’d say the New Fantasyland project was a success.

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