‘Pixie Dusters’ artwork examines the obsessive side of Disney fandom

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Artist Emma Leavitt has released a “close examination” of a certain breed of Disney fan she calls “Pixie Dusters.”

The artwork takes a look at the obsessive (and all too true) habits of dedicated Disney theme park goers who focus a little too closely on the corporation-created “magic.” If you’ve been to a park in the past few years, there’s no doubt you’ve seen this type at least once.

It’s the blind faith and trust in Disney combined with a complete lack of knowledge (or care) about the company’s splendid decades of history that sets these particular fans apart, focusing mainly on their own unbridled love of the Mouse without a thought given to anything that’s not sparkly. But she’s sure to take a selfie every time she buys something Princess-y in the parks to show how much of a fan she is.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to be a Disney fan. The “Pixie Dusters” are free to enjoy Disney their way. But don’t expect them to avoid being ridiculed by those who appreciate the greater history behind the Disney name.

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