Long lost Disney soda O-Zell revived to raise money for Walt Disney Birthplace Restoration project

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Ever heard of O-Zell soda? I hadn’t either until a package mysteriously showed up at my doorstep a few days ago. Inside were 12 bottles of Disney history I never knew existed.

The folks behind the Walt Disney Birthplace Restoration project may not have reached their lofty Kickstarter goal a few months ago, but they’re still actively working on renovating the Chicago home where Walt was born. Now to help fund that project they’ve revived another blast from Disney’s past.

The tale of O-Zell soda is a rather frustrating one.

In short, in 1912 Walt Disney’s father Elias saw an opportunity to invest in a soda company.

But its owner was a con man and despite a lot of hard work and money put into the company, Elias was left with nothing to show for it.

Walt himself even worked on the O-Zell factory floor, washing jars, pulping apples, and packing cartons, but after a few years the company shut down with no soda ever reaching the public – until now.

Brent Young, Dina Benadon, and Robert Coker have re-launched the brand, finally making it to the market with two delicious flavors, Vanilla and Root Beer. I know they’re delicious because I’ve been drinking them since the 12-pack arrived at my door. Their retro bottle labels make them fun to drink too, especially for a Disney fan.

The new O-Zell web site offers the full story of this soda that never was along with a chance to buy it, with limited quantities available. It’s a bit pricey at $25 per case (plus $25 for shipping), but worth it knowing that the proceeds help the Walt Disney Birthplace Restoration get closer to completion.

Who else is drinking O-Zell? A few famous Disney faces were excited to try it recently at a special event held at Walt Disney’s Woking Way home. Becky Kline of the Walt Disney Archives bought the first case, enjoying it alongside Disney Legends Tony Baxter, Alice Davis, and Floyd Norman.

O-Zell soda is made with Hawaiian cane sugar and 100% all-natural ingredients. Visit their web site for more information – and don’t miss their catchy jingle.

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