Comments for Diagon Alley preview set for June hinting opening date as Universal Orlando sends Harry Potter ticket, Gringotts gold bar


  1. ridisneyfan

    Ricky! Thanks for the teaser. Will actually be in Orlando that weekend with family at Disney. Wish I could I could get in!

  2. Natalie

    Im going to Florida July 3rd and your updates are getting me really excited!!! I hope all these additions are officially open for then! Keep us posted!!!

  3. Gio

    Harry’s Vault is number 687 not 722.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      You are right! I mixed up my numbers. 722 is a reference to Universal’s code number for the expansion. I’ve updated the text. Thanks!

      1. Dakota

        I think 722 is referencing the date the park is supposed to open. Think about it the preview ends the 21 aka 721….. then the vult number is 722…..aka opening gringots vult…aka opening day!! IMMA BE THERE WOOOO HOOOO

        1. Lo

          7 is July, the preview is 6/17-6/20. SOOO that makes no sense. Good thinking though.

  4. AHHH! I’m SooOOo Jealous!!

    1. Michele

      I am jealous too. Excited cause my trip is not until August but I would love the invite and the gold bar as a great souvenir…similiar to the Hogwarts Acceptance letter.

  5. Jen

    I’m going to be in Orlando June 5-14th, I’m highly disappointed that this won’t be open for
    My trip. I specifically planned my trip for the in hopes this would be open, universal saying summer 2014 indicates to me June 1st which in my mind starts summer, not the end of June. Ugh sorry I just have to vent, just super annoyed as Harry potter world is one of my favorite sections of the park! Hoping they’ll do a sneak preview?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It is possible it will soft open in time for your trip. Also, summer does not start with June 1. The first day of the summer season is June 21, so if Diagon Alley opens the day after this press event then it would open exactly as announced to be in “summer.” Any sooner would be spring.

      1. jbc

        you dont have to be so literal. we get your point, Jen! and i hope you make it in to a soft opening 🙂

        1. Jen

          Thanks all, I’m hoping so too. Didn’t mean to sound so angry, just disappointed. I’m from Philly so after the horrible winter we have had, technically the day it hits 70 degrees it’s summer! Keeping my eye on this as it gets closer to my trip

          1. Jen

            Too much snow & not enough warmth will make anyone antsy to get to Florida 🙂

    2. Richard

      I’m going to be there June 3rd through 13th and I’m actually kind of happy it won’t be open yet. The parks are going to be a zoo and that will probably translate to all ride lines being very long. I’ll just go on it next year. In the meantime I still haven’t been on Transformers, so that’s something new.

  6. Lawanda Childs

    I am actually going to be in Orlando from the June 16 th and leave on the 19th… im a stage IV cancer patient and recieved airfare and hotel stay from an organization. They were unable to get my son, daughter snd i passes for Universal. So I was gonna purchase them myself. I am so disappointed that it may open the day after we leave.I am a huge Harry Potter fan. read every book n seen every movie. So wish I could be apart of the preview or soft opening. Guess I will have to put it on my bucket list to come back another year.

    1. Holly Clarke

      Lawanda, don’t fret. Universal will likely be doing a “soft open” that week with all, or nearly all, of the attractions up and running. In 2010, they did that the entire week before the grand reopening and we got to tour the whole Hogsmeade area before it was exceptionally crowded! Also, when you are there, get two unlimited express passes. These you can use to to to the front of the line and ride rides over and over again. You can also switch them among guests meaning two of you swipe for one ride then hand back to the group, and they use them on another ride. Worth every penny!!

  7. Valerie Goheen

    Would you be willing to sell this? I’m a HUGE Harry Potter and theme park fan, someday I hope to be getting these press boxes!

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