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Comments for CONTEST: Disney Villains unite in “The Reprehensibles” movie poster parody for deluxe “Maleficent” costume giveaway


  1. Molly

    I’ve always loved the bad guys. Maleficent, and her Dragon alter ego always impressed me. LOVED it. I cant WAIT for this movie too. So Excited!! I hope I win this (cuse I’m gonna wear it to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party in October!!)

  2. Nova Kane

    Maleficent is of course my favorite of all-time!

  3. Devon Walters

    Maleficent, obviously :~)

  4. Melissa S.

    Prince Phillip – the smoothest dancer of all the princes…

  5. Monique Clark

    Maleficent as the dragon!

  6. Sue Graham


    1. David Newhouse

      Eleanor Audley ” Love Her ” 🙂

  7. Niki Bowser

    Malificent is my favorite character.

  8. Jason Myles

    MALEFICENT all the way!

  9. Lauren Mitchell


  10. Heather Milligan


  11. This is a super tough question! I love Aurora, and she is one of my favorite princesses. But Maleficent is my all-time favorite villain, so I’m going to have to go with her! She is the ultimate evil… she doesn’t even have a REASON for what she does… she just does it! Curse a newborn innocent baby because you weren’t invited to the party? Who does that? 😉

  12. Janine Schiro

    I like all of the fairies, especially Merriweather.

  13. Ann G


  14. Heather Antill

    Maleficent of course. 🙂

  15. Sammie Mowery

    I love the three fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

  16. Nick Sanderson

    My all time favorite character was Maleficent because she exuded power in her stance and her voice just gave the image of collective power and evil all in one.

  17. Monet

    Maleficent of course. Even when I was a child, she’s always been my favorite villain.

  18. Lucy

    I do have to say I’m rather partial to Merryweather! Such a cutie! 🙂

  19. Kelly Gibson


  20. Laura

    Maleficent, though I also have a soft spot for Prince Phillip.

  21. Laura Glynn

    I love, love, LOVE Prince Phillip! He is my all time favorite Disney prince!

  22. Claudia Miller

    Prince Phillip because he loves Briar Rose so much he bravely faces down Maleficent and slays her

  23. Charles Connell

    Maleficent is the best villain ever!! Well, well

  24. Ana M

    Prince Phillip!

  25. Martin Lee

    Maleficent has been my wife’s all time Disney Villain. We have Maleficent pictures, lithographs, figurines … displayed in the house.

  26. Kimberly

    Merryweather! Make it blue!

  27. Derek

    I love Prince Phillip!!

  28. Melissa Dunning

    Flora and Fauna- how can you choose just one?

  29. Lisa Boudreau

    Flora, Fauna and Merryweather!!

  30. Maleficient

  31. Patricia Mattos

    Princess Aurora

  32. Whitney Brechner

    My favorite character from Sleeping Beauty was Merryweather. She was adorable!

  33. Christen Price

    Prince Phillip because he is one of the only princes that fought for his princess and he is handsome

  34. Josh

    The court jester

  35. Robert Bailey

    Has to be Maleficent!

  36. Sabine Verburg

    Ofcourse Malificent! And Angelina Jolie did a great job in the latest movie! I love Disney!

  37. Carrie

    I’ve always loved the fairies!

  38. Danielle

    I love Prince Philip because of that scene where he tells his father “this is the 16th century!” When he refers to wanting to marry a peasant girl. Didn’t get the humor in that till I got older.



  40. Candace Besse

    Sleeping Beauty of course!

  41. Caitlin

    Maleficent, of course. ;3

  42. Jessica Davis

    Malificent in her dragon form! Used to scare me as a kid, but also mesmerized me. Our nephews named “him “”Tom” the dragon when they were little. So we always have to watch out for “Tom”.

  43. Jeany Sanchez

    I love Maleficent because of her evil laugh! That’s why I love her evil laugh!

  44. Elaine


  45. Michelle Moser


  46. anissa

    ever since childhood, i’ve always been fascinated by Maleficent, my all-time favorite villain!

  47. Cristine Beach

    Sleeping Beauty!

  48. Rachel Cooper

    Of course Maleficent! I met her at Epcot a few years ago; she’s sooo tall!! This costume would be great as I’m attending the MNSSHP this October!!

  49. Samantha

    My favorite character from Sleeping Beauty is Merriweather! She is so darn sassy and I love that in a fairy!

  50. Michelle Lasky

    My favorite character is Fauna because of her too good natured heart and for gift of song

  51. Kurt Henning


  52. Tatlyn Miller

    I always loved Maleficient, when I was little I wanted to BE her! She was gorgeous and powerful and come on she turns into a dragon. Every little girls dream, right?
    So I would say she is my favorite, if not her it would have the be Merryweather for her sassy attitude and funniness or Prince Phillip for his courageousness and determination.

  53. Crystal

    Love Maleficent, but Merryweather is a favorite of mine!

  54. Amanda Willis

    I love Flora!

  55. Johanna Palmer

    Princess Aurora

  56. Julie Curtis

    Sleeping Beauty!!

  57. Jennifer Barner

    I always loved Aurora

  58. Alison ferro

    Sleeping beauty

  59. jennifer snow


  60. Anna Carson

    Merryweather-I love her attitude.

  61. Jan Carpenter

    Prince Phillip…Who doesn’t want to be kissed?

  62. Liz Hillock

    Princess Aurora when she was Brair Rose 🙂

  63. Lisa Miller

    I love the power of Maleficent!

  64. Anne wilkinson

    Maleficent, I’ve always loved how amazingly evil she was over it being invited to the christening, and how her transformation into a dragon has stayed with me since I was a child

  65. Stephanie

    I love Maleficent!

  66. Phillip Johnson

    Have to go with Prince Philip. Because we share the same name.

  67. Kathleen D'Amour

    Sleeping Beauty

  68. Jesse Stephenson


  69. Kristin

    Maleficent, there is something about her grace and how she moves. Almost romantic in how she presents herself.

  70. Diana


  71. Rebecca Powers


  72. Sandra Jensen Fritsche

    Samson-who doesn’t love a noble steed!

  73. Jacky

    king Hubert always made me giggle!

  74. Gina Mignone

    Merryweather is my favorite. <3

  75. I love Maleficent 🙂 she’s wicked in all the right ways

  76. Leah Bickett

    Definantly malificent

  77. Heather Mason

    Princess Aurora

  78. Bryn MacKinnon

    Merryweather! (Though Maleficent is a treacherously close second.)

  79. Brandy

    Briar Rose

  80. Chelsey Clayton

    Prince Philip!

  81. Dana Zimmerman

    My favorite is Princess Aurora, but Maleficent is my teenage daughters!

  82. Kristin W


  83. Ariel

    I loved flora fauna and merryweather! They where so funny and helped save the prince and Aurora! ❤️

  84. Alina H

    Honestly I know it’s cliche to say right now, but Maleficent. She’s the most dynamic character in the entire movie.

  85. Kimberly botello


  86. Sasha

    Princess Aurora!

  87. Kimberly Knepper

    My favorite character is Prince Phillp, though I do love Maleficent. She is my favorite villian. Phillips charming, and chivalrous attitude toward Aurora as well as everyone, makes him a favorite. He is brave and doesn’t give up to protect the people he loves, much like I try to be!

  88. Steven Lewis

    Maleficent, of course…

  89. Rosanna Pike

    Malificent has always been my favorite sleeping beauty character!

  90. Jamie Buske

    Maleficent! She’s so calculating and intelligent!

  91. John Leonard

    It all comes back to the princess, “sleeping beauty.”

  92. Shari

    Maleficent has always been my favorite villain. Was always scared of her when i was growing up.

  93. Christina Donohue

    My favorite has always been Flora, cuz that’s my mom’s name!

  94. Jamie Bastien

    Maleficent is my favorite! Got to love her!!

  95. Nicole G

    Maleficent with no doubt is my favorite character.

  96. Amy

    Aurora 🙂 Wish I could nap like that!

  97. Donna Rupert




  99. Angie M

    Aurora 🙂



  101. JD Northwest

    Briar Rose for that at home in the woods, talk to the animals quality.

  102. Maleficent as the dragon. The best ever.

  103. Karamia

    My favorite character is for sure prince Philip! He’s such a cutie!

  104. Madisen

    Maleficent! Evil for the sake of being evil.

  105. Taylor Wenzlaff

    Dragon Malificent for sure! (:

  106. Seana

    My favorite has always been maleficent. She was an amazing “villain” but I have always wanted to know her backstory!

  107. Vincent Forte

    Obviously Maleficent! She’s so evil and cruel and yet she has this elegance about her at the same time! I’m so excited to see her backstory and what really happened to her!

  108. Elaine Budner


  109. Beth

    I’m a huge fan of Flora, Fauna & Merryweather. 🙂

  110. Emily

    Maleficent, for her witty malicious comments that are wickedly delightful 😛

  111. Josh

    Maleficent of course! She’s fabulous, confident and fierce! She takes on world with unstoppable force and looks great doing it. #teammaleficent- because badder is better.

  112. Stephanie Toth

    My favorite character has always been the stunningly malevolent Maleficent. When planning my daughter’s themed 3rd birthday party so many years ago, I asked if she wanted a Sleeping Beauty party…she replied, “Can Maleficent come?” She preferred her as a guest over the Princess. Apples don’t fall far is so true. We are thrilled with the making of this movie!

  113. Michael Moore


  114. Erin VanAuken

    I loved Merriwether!

  115. gilles imbeault


  116. Ashley Ball

    Flora is my favorite character!

  117. Bonita

    Maleficent without a doubt!

  118. Luciana ladevig


    1. Chasity Reeves

      Aurora !!

  119. Gina Lin

    I’ve always loved Maleficent in her Dragon form & Merryweather cause she makes me laugh!
    Complete opposites but… Oh well. *cackles*

  120. Cory Wilkie

    I love Maleficent, but Aurora is my favorite!

  121. Lauren

    Merriweather! She’s so loveable and absolutely hilarious.

  122. Stefan Leach

    King Stefen

  123. Tommy


  124. Melissa Johnson

    Maleficent is so wickedly evil who wouldn’t love her and her green face!

  125. Maleficent as the dragon, hands down

  126. Kathy Davis

    Of course I was born in 1959 and when I saw the movie as a child – I always wanted to be “sleeping beauty” so when we played with friends , I was the one the prince would come for – what little girl didn’t want to be the heroine of the movie?

  127. Mark Kavanagh

    Has to be Maleficant as being the favorite calendar. My adult daughter can’t wait for the film release!

  128. felicia

    Maleficent 100% I love her…the mistress of all evil!

  129. Stacy Wellivere

    Maleficent has always been my favorite villain.

  130. Rebecca Monzo

    I’ve always been a fan of Aurora, but Maleficent and he crow buddy are the best! Come on, who else can turn into a dragon and still look good?

  131. Blake Hawkins

    Maleficent is my favorite villain, but I enjoyed the comic relief Fauna, Flora, and Merryweather brought to the film.

  132. I love all of the characters! I can’t pick a favorite.

  133. Sylvia Rehmel

    Fairy Merryweather is the best!! She tries to help Aurora after Maleficent has cursed her. She is cheery and funny!!

  134. Christine Lindo


  135. Jenny

    My favorite character is the Owl. He is so funny, especially when he dances with Aurora!

  136. Chelsea

    I liked Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

  137. Ria

    love maleficent

  138. Sue

    Princess Aurora

  139. Caryn Hanna

    Aurora and The Owl are my favorite characters.

  140. Kristina

    Maleficent ofcourse! But the three fairies are a close second! =)

  141. Patricia Perry

    Maleficent of course!

  142. Flora, she was my favorite

  143. Sara

    Maleficent! One of the best villains ever!!

  144. Carissa

    Aurora! As a kid, I would rewind the movie over and over again just to sing Once Upon a Dream! I loved how she danced with the owl and rabbits in the prince’s cape and boots! Now as an adult, I wonder Why I liked that so much, b/c I LOVE Maleficent esp as the dragon, So Much More!

  145. Frank Johnston

    Maleficent of course!

  146. Maleficent, of course. 🙂

  147. Meagan Griffin

    Merryweather is definitely my favorite character!! She is the most clever and funny of the three fairies… Plus, she is voiced by the incredible Barbara Luddy. “Blue!”

  148. Codey Moore

    Maleficent of Coarse! I only watched sleeping beauty as a kid and as an adult because if the wickedness she displayed. There’s always been something alluring about “bad”

  149. Beverly Newcomb

    Maleficent !!!

  150. Stephanie Magana

    Maleficent has always been my favorite. She travels by fire, has an awesome crow, can turn into a dragon and is the Mistress of All Evil!! What more could you ask for?

  151. kelly Gilbert

    My favorite characters are the 3 fairy god mother’s.

  152. Emily Hutchison

    I love maleficent!!! She’s been my favorite villain for years.

  153. Alexia Miles

    Maleficent she is the baddest of the bad the mistress of all evil! She also is one of the only characters with the best lines in the film. Maleficent is not only my favorite character in sleeping beauty but also my favorite villain.

  154. Gina Hecht

    Maleficent has always been my favorite. She is the Queen of the Villains and is totally cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. Donna Castellani

    My favorite character in the movie is, or course, Maleficent! She is the total package of evil!

  156. Sarah Rawls

    Sleeping Beauty has never been one of my favorite movies, but Maleficent is definitely one of my favorite Disney villains because she is actually evil and makes evil look good. My favorite scene is when she and Phillip duke it out. Great stuff! Can’t wait to watch the new movie!

  157. Mary Toves

    Maleficent is, of course, my favorite character from Sleeping Beauty. I want minions of my own!

  158. Jennifer Taylor

    Maleficent is my favorite! I can’t wait to see the new movie!

  159. Kathleen Coon

    Maleficent of course!

  160. becky pitcher

    Sleeping Beauty is my favorite.

  161. Bobbi Bogle

    I’ve always loved Merriwether. She’s so spunky! She thinks she can take on Maleficent.

  162. Madalyn Sullins

    Maleficent, because my 7 year old Disney daughter played her in her first community play! And I had no idea how BAD she was until my daughter played the part! Too funny!

  163. Cherlyn Latar

    My favorite character is Fauna, particularly during the scene where she makes the cake.

  164. Avary

    My favorite character is the Prince in Sleeping Beauty

  165. Tara Martel

    Merryweather, because she changes the curse from death to sleep until true loves kiss

  166. Cherelle

    Beautifully evil!!!

  167. Karissa Martin

    I always loved Merriweather. She was my favorite fairy because she was sassy and stubborn- and she was blue (the better dress color in my opinion).

  168. Christine Wiese

    I love the fairies! Especially when they start fighting over the color of the dress and the cake’s all a mess!

  169. Hallie

    Briar Rose is my favorite!

  170. Lauren Wojtkowski

    Dragon Maleficent – wicked but totally cool!

  171. Tabitha

    Maleficent is my favorite character from Sleepig Beauty, along with being my favorite villain ever!!! I’m even dressing up for the movie in costume (along with my 7 year old niece as Aurora) :).

    1. Andrea

      Merriweather of course!

  172. Andrea

    I’m an idiot…didn’t mean to “reply”. Ugh. I love Merriweather.

  173. Alex

    Maleficent is easily my favorite … Like someone else said, Evil for the sake of being Evil! Love it!

  174. Diana

    Maleficent has ALWAYS been my favorite villain. I have all types of Disney statues, cells, collectibles, even vinyl cling of her and Diablo on the back of my car, my husband just got me a painted wall mask; I’ve had her costume for Halloween for years…on and on.

  175. Julie Thornock

    I love all the disney villain character so of course Maleficent is my fav. Each year for Halloween I dress up as a disney villain and this year I was planning on being Maleficent so this costume would be perfect!!! I would really love to win this fabulous prize!!!!

  176. Karen

    Maleficent dragon was cool

  177. amy byrd

    I like the three faries.

  178. Alexis Currence

    Prince Phillip, helloooo!

  179. Victoria Robertson

    My favorite is the prince! Who doesn’t love a good prince!

  180. Dixie Dozier

    Maleficent has always been my favorite. So excited to see the new movie too!

  181. amanda


  182. Lesley Hodgins

    To me, Maleficient was always the scariest of the Disney villains. The fact that she could become a dragon and chased the prince scared me silly as a child. The colours used in the Maleficient scenes, the purples and reds just added to the scary atmosphere! Still the most terrifying female villain in Disney!

  183. Joanne

    I like the prince but love the costume. would like to use it for my trip to Disneyworld

  184. April

    Definitely Maleficent. I am unbelievably ready for the opening movie tonight! She is my favorite of all the evil Disney characters!

  185. Anna

    As could be expected from most little girls, my favorite was always Aurora. Although I thought the fairies were funny. After getting older, my opinion has changed a little haha I love Maleficent, but one of my favorite names is still Aurora. Maybe it will belong to a future daughter of mine.

  186. Maleficent & Diablo :

    Maleficent its one of the most enigmatic & mysterious characters that disney has, also one of the most beautiful & powerful villians i ever know,even the baddest person, it always has kindness very very deep on their hearts, as maleficent does.

    And well, Diablo (the crow), also its very interesting, how he became the confident & ”best friend” from maleficent?

  187. Erin Candler

    Maleficent. She knows how to make an entrance!

  188. james galliford

    Other than dragon maleficent …the prince in sleeping beauty was one of the best Disney princes…so dreamy lol

  189. Marisa

    I have always loved Maleficent. Always. 🙂 Would love the costume so I can play the role for Halloween this year! Or just wear it to Disney. 😉

  190. Victoria Mares

    Maleficent has always been my favorite since the fist time I saw the Disney movie when I was little. She is in my book the evilest,prettiest villain Disney has ever had.

  191. Troy Van Skaik

    My favorite was always maleficent. When I was 3 I was really into this movie and I’d wrap a blanket around me and recite all her lines.

  192. Shannon Ervin

    Merriweather of course, Best fairy.

  193. Karen A..

    AS a totally disney fan….i have always loved the villains …Maleficent being my favorite but they all are

  194. Amy H.

    MALEFICENT definitely. She was wicked and mysterious and terrifying. I wanted to be her when I was a kid!

  195. Mimi

    Maleficent was always my favorite. I always loved how evil she is!

  196. Bonita Stiles

    Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty because their like two worlds colliding good versus evil.

  197. Colorina

    Maleficent and Diablo. They made such a great team and Maleficent had so much faith in him, she was devastated when he turned to stone. I’ve always loved those two.

  198. Rachel

    I love sleeping beauty but male fixing has always been my fav

  199. Maleficent!! So Perfectly Evil!!! Who Doesn’t Love A Great Villain!!!

  200. Melissa Birch

    Meriwether is my favorite! This spunky fairy made sure Aurora’s childhood was never dull.

  201. Raegan Scharman

    Love the 3 Fairies. So good and hopelessly spacey!

  202. Dawn White

    Best villian EVER….Maleficent!

  203. Tamara Bradford

    Flora, Fauna, and Meriwether are awesome!!

  204. Kristina

    I love Prince Phillip because he fights for the woman he loves!

  205. Lauren Hajek

    My favorite character is malificent! I love her because she is beautiful, powerful, and yet so bad!

  206. Lisa Higgs

    Maleficent, as she was a true villain.

  207. Nadia Abedoy

    Prince Phillip!

    This guy fought a dragon for a girl he met in a dream :p

  208. Kerry Ann Vuini

    Meriwether – she’s adorable even when angry 🙂

  209. Kerry Ann Vuini

    Meriwether – she’s adorable even when angry…:-)

  210. Cathleen King


  211. Crystal Holdeman

    Maleficent! Shapeshifting into a dragon is just too darn awesome!

  212. Misty

    Maleficent is the best! Love her!

  213. Casey

    Merryweather 🙂

  214. Dana S

    Fauna is my favorite – she’s so good natured and tries so hard to make the cake 🙂

  215. michelle

    maleficent of course

  216. Cara Smith

    In all honesty, Maleficent is my favorite character from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. She is the liveliest character in the film and is always the center of attention when she steps into a scene. Love it!

  217. Margaret

    Maleficent because so just so fierce and has a great personality to her, even though she is the billion sheaves the movie what it is.

  218. Whitney

    Aurora for sure! You just don’t see that kind of innocence anymore. Though Maleficent is so purely evil and the complete opposite of Aurora she is amazing and truly terrifying

  219. Tina Cox

    Maleficent as the dragon. Really, most of the cast. They each bring their own piece of the magic. Without each of them the movie wouldn’t be what it is today. How do you choose? Do you give up the laughter, the beauty, the family love, the fearsome beast, the courage, true love? Without each, it is so much less…

  220. Heather Thomson

    Oh my gosh Meriwether <3 her…she is adorable!!

  221. Gretchen Camp

    Why Maleficent of course! How could you nor love her!?!?

  222. Alyssa Savala

    Maleficent (especially as the dragon) and Merryweather are my favorites. I mean Maleficent is an amazing villain! She turned herself into a dragon (freaking awesome) and was such an huge threat to the kingdom. Now, Merryweather was such a sassy and hilarious fairy! Plus I loved the blue dress more haha 🙂

    1. Dana Gerstle

      Malificent!!!! No question!!

  223. Beth Sheerin

    Prince Phillip!

  224. Angie Pritchett

    Flora Fauna and Maryweather love thee three especially the scene where they are fussing about the color of her dress

  225. Vicki Gigante

    Maleficent best a scariest Villian Disney has ever had! Love it

  226. Lynn

    Maleficent, of course. Gotta love a good villian!!

  227. Melissa Mitri

    For me, it’s a toss up between Prince Phillip, Malificent, and the 3 Fairies.

  228. Christina Hampton

    Prince Phillip

  229. Jeanine Seibert

    Merriweather! She’s adorable!

  230. Jannina

    Since i am a hollween baby of course my face is maleficiant

  231. ivanova Beteta

    Maleficent specially for her evil looks!!!:)

  232. Brooke

    Maleficent! Beautiful and obviously the most evil but in the most magnificent way.

  233. Jodie

    Maleficent …What a wonderful villains!

    1. lisa


  234. Sandy


  235. Theresa Minter


  236. Melissa


  237. Kathryn Wood

    Aurora of course!!!

  238. Louella Laureola


  239. Gary

    My favourite of course is maleficent! I wonder who Ricky’s favourite is?

  240. Mary Stevens

    Malificent has always been my favorite!

  241. Allison Beacom

    I am going to have to say Prince Phillip. So brave.

  242. Stacey C

    Maleficent! The mistress of all evil. She is finally getting some attention!


    Maleficent, as she was a true villain.

  244. Brandon Hughes

    King Stefan because he randomly had his own restaurant in Cinderella’s castle.

  245. liz

    Maleficent my all time favorite. Spooky and beautiful

  246. Ovidio Santiago

    Prince Philip, of course. Coming in to save the day by defeating the dragon

  247. Shelby

    Aurora is my favorite! I mean, she gets to sleep the whole time, then wakes up and boom! Husband material right there. Man..that’s a good life.

  248. Kristina Young

    Out of the three faries, Merryweather has always been my favorite. I find that I kind of act like her. xD

  249. Monica

    Maleficent of course!

  250. Samantha Hughes

    No question, Maleficent!

  251. Becky Kelbaugh

    Meriwether is my favorite because she is funny!

  252. Michele Guilford

    My favorite character is Aurora. I watched this movie for the first time with my granddaughter and Aurora became her favorite Princess immediately. I loved watching Brooklyn smile each time she watched the movie or spoke about Aurora. When her grandfather and I went to Disney the only thing she wanted was a “real” Aurora dress so that she could look like her! She is going on her first trip to WDW and we bought her the “new” Aurora dress for MNSSHP, the look on her face when she opened it was priceless!

  253. Jessica Merino


  254. Michele

    Love love love malificent!!! She is my all time favorite Disney villan

  255. Ruth Mcgee

    The Prince

  256. Nicole


  257. Lorrie Pelkey


  258. Diana


  259. Ligia


  260. Laura

    Maleficent! Because not only is she deliciously evil, but she can shape-shift into a dragon! Just a brilliant character!

  261. Monica

    My favorite character from Sleeping beauty would have to be Maleficent hands down.

  262. Gabbi

    My favourite character is Maleficent, of course! I’ve always loved the villains.

  263. Samantha

    Definitely Maleficient

  264. Tami

    I’ve always loved the sweet Briar Rose!

    1. robert

      Maleficent hands down.

  265. Mickey

    Maleficent, of course!! She’s the best villain ever! She ruins a girls life because she didn’t get a birthday party invite. Hardcore.

  266. Gina Gampfer


  267. Sally Simpson


  268. Dani G


  269. Laura


  270. Kaitlyn

    The favorite character of this classic movie would have to be Maleficent. She is my mother’s absolute favorite, and this character has changed the bond between my mother and I; we have more than a mother daughter relationship, we have a friendship, and we are like sisters. Going with her to see Maleficent tonight and see her be first in line, and be so happy all decked out in all her Maleficent merchandise; made me realize Disney has developed so many friendships, relationships, and bonds all through magic and thinking. I heart the Mistress of all Evil!!

  271. Amanda

    Even though Maleficent is the current spot light, and I do love my Disney villains, I choose Fauna! Green has always been my favorite color and who doesn’t love faeries?! ^_^

  272. Gustavo U

    Maleficent hands down, and her crow.

  273. Dan

    Prince Philip. The end fight with Maleficent was pretty harrowing. He never faltered, never showed fear and trusted the fairies gifts and advice in battle, no matter what was occurring. He was pretty much a selfless, hero at that point.

    Hollywood works pretty hard to make today’s heroes flawed. They go the extra mile to over come fear, or personal demons. This guy didn’t have to. He was pretty courageous from the start.

    Not only that, but the entire battle was wonderfully executed.

  274. Bobbi morrell

    Malificent! Always my fave!

  275. Beverly Angel

    Maleficent…the greatest villain of them all!

  276. Margie DiBernardo

    Princess Aurora!

  277. Rochelle Mullin

    My fave is Aurora/Briar Rose. I also love King Hubert and Merryweather. They’re both so fun to watch!

  278. Martha

    Dragon Maleficent

  279. Roy Alfaro


  280. Michelle


  281. Trisha Rose

    Maleficent of course! One of the most evil of the Disney villains of all time. x

  282. Charity

    My favorite character is the owl during I Know You.

  283. KELLY

    <3 Maleficent <3

  284. Trina Portugal


  285. Stacey Bearden


  286. Kim

    Aurora is my favorite!

  287. Marianne Kalinoski

    Malificents sidekick crow

  288. Melissa Vargas

    My favorite character is Briar Rose.

  289. Todd


  290. Victoria

    Aurora! 🙂

  291. Quintin


  292. Alan


  293. lee Dauria

    Not even close maleficent
    I have the old costume now I need the new one plz pick me

  294. Kim Jandle

    Maleficent is the Queen of evil! She rocked that film! Love this costume!

  295. Bethany Stockman

    My favorite character was Aurora because of her beauty and song

  296. Jordan

    Prince Philip, perhaps the best of the Disney Princes.

  297. Jenna Greisen

    A cross between Maleficent and Aurora <3 both have their own unique personalities that are so fitting 🙂

  298. Kristie

    I love the evil queen! She is the original villain and a tough one at that. She is the princess that we never saved forcing her to become evil

    1. Alexis Butler

      There is no evil queen in this movie. The evil queen is in Snow White

  299. Lindsey Hewitt

    My favorite character from the animated movie Sleeping Beauty was obviously Princess Aurora. However, after seeing Maleficent last night she would easily be my favorite. My best friend has always loved Maleficent and we even searched all over Disney for Maleficent merchandise when we were there over Spring Break. I’d love to win this for her! 🙂

  300. Renee

    My favorite has to be Maryweather! Who doesn’t love a fairy!

  301. Katrina Major


  302. Mary Schemelia

    My favorite character from Sleeping Beauty is Flora.

  303. Karen Rubenstein


  304. Jennifer kramer


  305. Kathryn Macaulay

    Maleficent in dragon form!

  306. Emily

    I always loved the three fairy god others, but Flora is my favorite – thx for an awesome giveaway

  307. Natana


  308. Xochitl Duran

    Maleficent has always been one of my all time favorites. The fairy godmothers were wonderful to watch as a little girl…but there was always something so mysterious, scary & intriguing of the evil queen that was once a fairy. From her scary green aura and piercing eyes, to the massive and terrorizing dragon she becomes at the end. She has such an incredible back story, and I couldn’t be more excited to see it told on the big screen! Maleficent all the way! <3

  309. Jeremy L

    The blue fairy

  310. Mary-Kate Billings

    My favorite character from “Sleeping Beauty” is Merryweather! Make it blue!

  311. Becca

    Maleficent has ALWAYS been my favorite disney charactor PERIOD, let alone just from Sleeping Beauty. I love her deliciously evil sass and the backstory of how she came to be. I’ve even been collecting Maleficent disney pins for several years now, which has morphed into a maleficent collection in general; My home office has become quite the maleficent shrine!

  312. Poli Furtado

    I was touched to learn her story!
    Amazing how she could love the little girl after such betrayal!

  313. Debbie Novak


  314. MaryAnn Stallings


  315. Krista

    My favorite from the original Sleeping Beauty is Flora. (It was hard to choose between the Fairies though!)

  316. Courtney Pamela

    Merryweather and Maleficent (of course).

  317. emma morris

    I love maleficent, shes always been one of my favourite’s

  318. emma morris

    100% maleficent fan.

    1. Tarra D

      Gonna say say Prince Phillip

  319. stephanie mcglothlin

    Ive always loved the Maleficent character! Thanks for the chance!

  320. Melissa Thomas

    Maleficent is definitely my favorite!

  321. Rebecca

    Maleficent, of course! 🙂

  322. Wallace Phelps

    Prince Phillip

  323. Janessa

    Hands down Prince Phillip. Whatta hunk.

  324. John Carbonara

    Blue fairy

  325. Frank I

    King Stefan

  326. Kelly lasley

    I like the dragon from shriek

  327. Joel


  328. karen hunter

    Princess Aurora

  329. Chelsea Goldyn

    Prince Phillip!

  330. Maleficent, of course! I collect Disney villains stuff. Mostly The Evil Queen, Maleficent and Cruella. Who doesn’t love a bad girl?

  331. Jordan

    Merryweather!!! 🙂

  332. Stephanie Grant

    I’ve always rooted for the villains and Maleficent is by far the best character in “Sleeping Beauty”!

  333. Joy Sutkus

    I love all characters but I especially love all the woodland animals!

  334. christy merrick

    awesome contest

  335. Melissa Barnes

    Maleficent for sure!! I always loved all the Villains

  336. Derryn Hamilton


  337. Sam

    I always loved the fairies the most – especially merryweather. Malificent terrified me as a child!

  338. Kim

    I love all three of the fairies, but if I gad to pick just one I would pick Merriweather,,,

  339. Melissa Rivero

    Aurora, my daughter is named after her!

  340. Ana Kurland

    I love Samson, the horse. No carrots!

  341. Alexis Butler

    Maleficent and I’m hoping to cosplay as her at comic con

  342. Lisa Miller

    I loved the 3 fairies !

  343. Frances

    Mine is Flora. My grandmother-in-law’s name was Flora.

  344. Breanna K.

    My favorite character *is* Maleficent!!!

  345. William brown

    Maleficent was my favorite character

  346. bn100


  347. Erin


  348. Stasia

    prince Phillip’s horse

  349. Bernie W

    I like Maleficents goons.

  350. Donna W.

    The fairies are my favorite.

  351. JalenJade

    Baby Aurora

  352. Taylor Closet


  353. Kathleen Tremblay

    I love Malificent. She has always been my favorite character of all the Disney Villians. Her voice, her grace, and her presence have always left me in awe. As a child, I wasn’t rooting for Sleeping Beauty. I was rooting for Malificent. Love, love, love her. She rules!

  354. Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    My favorite is Aurora!

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