Comments for Closer Look: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train explored in detail with Imagineer interview, character fun at Walt Disney World


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    Eric B. Freeman

    Looks pretty similar to Mine Train roller coaster ride but with Snow White-theme, right?

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      Are you talking about Big Thunder Mountain railroad? There is no ride called “Mine Train Roller coaster”.

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        Eric B. Freeman

        Oh yeah, that! I meant that ride looks similar to Big Thunder Mountain ride” sorry, my mistake. Silly me.

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    The Evil Queen animatronic looks incredible, as do the dwarves. They flow so well. Kinda like real people. Its great! Thanks for this coverage Ricky!

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      Jeff Lynch

      Technically, that is not “the Evil Queen”. That is the Old Hag. The Evil Queen is technically a different character, when in her beautiful form. They are two separate costumes for characters.

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        Its the evil queen disguised as an old hag. Yes they have two separate costumes and look different but technically, its still the evil queen, just in disguise. They were just commenting on how good the animatronics look.

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    Wow! Can’t wait to experience this.

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