Comments for Marvel announces Disney Infinity 2.0, ready to assemble “infinite” super heroes in Disney Interactive video game


  1. This could be a great way for people to familiarize themselves with more Marvel characters that are only familiar with the movies. For instance, Ricky noted 2 characters he didn’t recognize and had to research in a bonus scene of Cap 2, but there was a 3rd character, front and center, that he didn’t even realize was anyone important.
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    1. Who was the third character?

      1. Chris

        I assume the OP means Col. Klink…. No wait, I mean Barron Von Strucker

  2. Alix

    I’m really excited for this. I hope they have Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Loki included!

    1. Brittany Kapjon

      If they don’t have Loki, fan girls would go nuts.

      1. Kat

        haha lol i think if they don’t me and my best friend are gonna go storm the creators:)
        but yea that would be really cool to play as thor and/or loki

  3. Christine Sunderland

    If they are coming out with the Marvel characters I’m assuming we will have to buy a whole new Infinity system? I hope not. I just got the XBox 360 Infinity version for my son last year and now that Xbox 1 is out I cannot afford to purchase it so my son can get the new Marvel characters.

    1. Robert Fernandez

      More likely than not, this new version will still be compatible with Xbox 360 – that’s too large of an audience to alienate. :]

    2. Ricky

      I am sure a Xbox 360 version will be released — there’s too big an install base there NOT to release one — though you’ll have to buy a new game since all of the content was already on the disc (the figures/ discs just “unlocked” the content). So, won’t have to buy a $500 system plus game, just $60 game.

      1. Sean

        I just would hope it wouldn’t require a new base like Skylanders does. Ridiculous how quickly they roll out new hardware for that thing.

  4. spidet western

    Disney infinity 2 will come out on August even says that on the disney page.

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