Comments for Making “Magic Journeys” – A tortuous, yet fun trek of tension and pranks to create classic Walt Disney World attraction


  1. Since1976

    Thanks for this story. I wish Disney would release this film (and other defunct 3d attractions) for play in modern 3d blu-ray players.

    It’s a testament to children’s memories and the power of experiences at Disney that I can vividly recall both the music and much of the imagery from this attraction — even though I only watched it one time (when it played at what is now PhilharMagic at Magic Kingdom).

  2. rick

    Wasn’t the pre show for this the Donald Duck short “Working for Peanuts” and it was in 3D also. I don’t remember the main show but I remember the Donald Duck short.

    1. “Working for Peanuts” was the pre show when it played at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. That was in the building that originally held the Mickey Mouse Revue, and now houses Philharmagic.
      The original pre show at EPCOT Center was a slideshow produced by Kodak called “Makin’ Memories.”

      1. EricJ

        And which ISTR became a cover of “True Colors” when Captain EO moved into the Imagination building?

        I remember everyone reaching for the kite, but I also remember the movie being really, really….WEIRD. Almost dialogue-free, no set story, and most of the kids in the audience audibly puzzled.

  3. Reese

    I saw this movie twice when I was younger. I regret that both times I took my 3d glasses off. I was too little to know better.

  4. Rick Eisenstein

    Here is a link to Martin Smith’s video of Magic Journeys in 2D:

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