Comments for Fast & Furious – Supercharged ride announced as explosive addition to Universal Studios Hollywood tram tour


  1. EricJ

    Well, it’s a step up from the “dancing cars”.
    (But planes and explosions?…Looks F&F6 is now determining the direction of the franchise.)

  2. Marlon

    Oh boy, another screen based attraction! How novel

  3. dursoj

    is it coming to florida

    1. James

      No, only Hollywood

    2. Brandon

      Wouldn’t surprise me if USF replaced Disaster for a fast & furious 360 type ride with it having similar RV as the studio tour. After all they are building a Kong attraction between Jurassic Park and Ripsaw falls in IOA, and a few years after Kong 360 was opened in Hollywood.

  4. Is this replacing the King Kong 360 3D segment of the studio tour?

    1. Ashton

      no. Its most likely going where the mummy tunnel used to be.

  5. Well, that explains why they cleared The Mummy Tunnel/Avalanche in the backlot! Can’t wait!

  6. Nicky

    While I’m all for new additions to the studio tour, I would love more practical effects based shows. Like the old runaway train or landslide stuff.

    At least let it be a mixture of practical effects and 3D shows.

  7. Stacey Bertran

    This is obviously a re-imagined Ice Cave. I believe back in the Day it was to represent a scence from the Six Million Dollar Man TV show. Where your in an Ice cave that spun and it gave you a motion sickness type feeling. I’m glad they are doing something with that tunnel, but having real cars traveling around the tram vs. having projections on the walls of the tunnel would be so much better an experience. There are hydrolics that make the tram bounce up and down once on the ramp of the tunnel.

    Should be interesting, I hope they do it right.


    1. Ryan

      The ice cave tunnel has been removed completely. There is nothing left but dirt where it use to be.

      They are building an all new building for Fast and Furious.

  8. Matthew Curnutte

    Universal seems to have this weird fixation with motion simulators, even using projections on actual rides. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE King Kong 360-3D, it blows me away every time, and the Simpsons is a lot of fun too (and I’m sure Despicable Me will be too). But I’d really like Universal to open more rides that rely so heavily on 3D motion simulation, especially in the Studio Tour. It just feels kind of dirty to have more than one attraction on the tour that doesn’t demonstrate some sort of practical special effects that benefits the movie/TV industry, not something that resulted from practical effects, I mean CGI.

    There’s my rant, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun :D.

    1. Jon Seally

      I read a article that the USH higher ups said there is limited room for something like a rollercoaster or ride which kind of makes sense due to the current attraction are practically overflowing onto neighboring attraction. I am holding out they will one day announce a new Jaws ride. The big area they are constructing the Harry Potter ride takes up that whole area. Maybe that area will have a ride but no announcement of the rides has been made. Rumors, and all they are is rumors is it will have the same attractions as Florida’s recent additions.

  9. Eric

    I made this list of 13 attractions and theme parks that Universal could and/or should do and plan someday in the future based on my mind and thoughts.

    1. A theme section within a Woodpecker’s KidZone section at Universal Studios Florida that would be aimed at young female visitors and be contained with theme zones and with attractions based on Barbie, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, and Strawberry Shortcake after replacing the Barney attraction.

    2. All the Garfield characters would be licensed and used by Universal to their parks as either attractions, or meet-and-greets or appearances at the parades.

    3. A simulator ride based one of Universal’s popular film series, The Fast and the Furious.

    4. A stunt show inspired by martial art actions films after replacing the Fear Factor-themed attractions

    5. A section at Universal Studios Florida with old attractions (Like Hanna-Barbera, Back to the Future, and King Kong).

    6. A vacation complex at Vancouver, BC, Canada with three theme parks (like a Canadian Universal Studios theme park, an animal theme park similar to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and an entire theme park themed to Harry Potter which would be Universal’s first and only theme park to be not entirely based on one of Universal’s own properties), four theme hotels and a downtown district. Which would be different to Walt Disney World in Florida.

    7. A theme zone within a Toon Lagoon section at Islands of Adventure theme park based on Japanese cartoons (anime and mangas) after replacing two attractions and a restaurant themed to Popeye in that section and a Camp Jurassic kids’ play area along with a ride and a Triceratops encounter both in the Jurassic Park section.

    8. A kid/family-oriented theme section with four zones based on popular children’s book franchises like Richard Scarry stories, The Berenstain Bears, Roald Dahl stories, and Dr. Seuss stories at Universal Studios Singapore.

    9. A nightly parade with floats that would be all made of phosphorescence (which they be glowed in the dark).

    10. A 3D film attraction based on South Park which would be intended for adults only (age 18 and over) after replacing a Twister attraction at Universal Studios Florida.

    11. A movie studio theme park that Universal could join the partnership with Disney by building it somewhere in Australia.

    12. A new section inspired by the artworks of Salvador Dalí after replacing the Lost Continent section at Islands of Adventure.

    13. Some Halloween Horror Nights attractions based on Stephen King’s stories.

    I know you don’t see that happening and you doubt that would eventually happened, but what’s your opinion on those?

    1. EricJ

      Replacing the Lost Continent section?…Gee, they haven’t done that yet, have they? 😉

      1. Eric

        Well, not yet hopefully. It’s just that I thought they should.

  10. Persephone

    Yay! So I can experience what Paul Walker experienced on the streets on LA!!! Such a great idea, Universal!!! Smart 🙂

  11. Cj

    Ugh.. Another simulation “ride”?!? Why brother with an actual moving backlot tram… Just set up moving seats and a big screen for people to just sit and stare at like big cows

    1. Nicky

      Technically every part of the Studio Tour is a ‘simulation’, even Flash Flood, Earthquake and Jaws count as that. After all the tram stops for every demonstration, the only ones they kept moving for were the old Runaway Train, the occasionally used Collapsing Bridge, Dividing Sea and King Kong.

  12. rollhotar

    What happened with the Jaws ride and what did they put in its place?

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