Comments for Disneyland celebrates “it’s a small world” 50th anniversary with park-wide performances from legendary songwriter


  1. Alex

    My mothers favorite ride. I was subjected to it every trip… multiple times. But now as an adult, I actually have an appreciation for it. I hope it is around for many more years because the message it brings should continue to be spread. It is a small world after all so can’t we all smile and be friends?

  2. Eric B. Freeman

    Happy 50th Birthday to that Disney’s famous attraction!!!!!

  3. DisneyFan

    Happy 50th Its a Small World! Glad to see Richard out and about in the parks, he is a wonderful performer.

  4. Nicky

    Such an amazing talent. I hope Disney pays tribute to all their attractions like this, after all if it wasn’t for Mr. Lincoln in particular we wouldn’t have ANY of the classic attractions we have now.

  5. Chaz

    People who think this ride is just for kids just don’t understand.

  6. Marc Morini

    An amazing man and an amazing song. Him and his brother did so much it inspires and puts a smile on anyone’s face.

  7. Josh

    It is SO cool that Richard Sherman is here to represent the Disney’s classic era. I saw this article on a bookmarking site that has LOTS of other cool Disneyland content!

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