Comments for CONTEST: Attend Disney Infinity 2.0 launch event in Hollywood, adding Marvel to the video game mix


  1. Tom Auel Jr.

    Iron Man!!

  2. Patrick Griego


  3. Iron Man! Repulsor Blast!

  4. Kyle

    Hulk or Thor!

  5. Danielle

    Iron Man!

  6. Lindsay Fenstermaker

    Thor for sure!!

  7. Brian Cagle

    Captain America

  8. May I also add a Loki, Dr. Doom, Magneto Villain Pack would be the greatest thing ever.

  9. Ashley A.

    Captain America of course!

  10. IronMan for my nephew Kaleb.

  11. Lorne cook


  12. Don

    X-Men! But if I had to choose one character: Captain America

  13. Katie

    Iron Man!!

  14. Steve Petersen


  15. Stephanie Klingerman


  16. Jason


  17. Matt Dobrovolsky

    Would love to see Loki in the game!!!

  18. I’d love to see Nightcrawler included! BAMF!

  19. Matt

    Ant Man!!!

  20. Mark Arellano

    Doctor Strange! One of my all time favorites and definitely would be awesome in Disney Infinity!

  21. Tara J.

    Iron Man

  22. Robert Ramirez


  23. Joe


  24. Dana Bee

    Gambit would be amazing!

  25. Steve Cannon


  26. Jennifer Graham

    Iron Man

  27. Leslie Large


  28. Caprice Conley

    Captain America!

  29. Rick

    Iron Man!

  30. Megan Walker

    Doctor Strange!!! Think of the possibilities!!!

  31. Diane krebs


  32. Aaron Stewart

    I’d love some X-Men, but considering Disney doesn’t hold the rights to them, I know that’s not a possibility…

    So I’ll go with Hawkeye.

  33. I’m more interested in how they are going to include all the older characters we’ve already invested in. If I have to switch discs to utilize the existing characters, then I’m no longer as excited about Infinity. What happens if they jump consoles and you no longer want to play the old stuff.

  34. Molly Howard

    Loki — because what good is a game where you don’t cause a little mischief!

  35. Amanda L Jenkins

    Deadpool 😉

  36. Guillermo Carpio

    I wanna see Jean Grey as the Phoenix! (:

  37. Joseph Parra

    Captain America

  38. Dave Hilden


  39. Spencer

    I say Captain America even though it is kind of confirmed just because he is just the coolest hero.

  40. Carlos

    Captain America!

  41. Jermaine Brinson

    Spider Man

  42. Keri

    I’m gonna HAVE to go with LOKI!!!!

  43. Rob

    Frank Castle – The Punisher

  44. Mitchell

    Waiting for Iron Man the most. I think he’d have the coolest features, including flying around makes for an exciting video game.

  45. Danny


  46. Nicholas


  47. Molly Schoonover

    Captain America!!!!

  48. Iron Man, outside of Loki is probably the most wanted for most everyone

  49. verne wood


  50. Christina DeBoto

    Captain America!

  51. Steve

    Captain America! Kinda got a thing for the name “Steve” haha 🙂

    1. Jaren

      The Marvel character we would most like to see in Disney Infinity is Thor flying around the Toy Box!

    2. Crystal Sims

      The character I would like to see most is Captain America,!

  52. Christina DeNoto

    Whoops. Captain America

  53. dawnalyn rodriguez

    Iron man

  54. Eddie Brock – VENOM

  55. brent wilkerson

    Captain America!!

  56. Andrew Westover


  57. Jaren

    Thor flying around the Toy Box!

  58. Spider-Man! It’s just got to be Spider-Man!

  59. Joseph

    I know he’s not a character but it would be fun to see Stan Lee in Disney Inifinity with superhero powers. For a serious answer I’d go with Iron Man

  60. penny

    Capt America please and thanks !!

  61. Chris campbell

    Gambit all the way

  62. Peter Godshalk

    I’d love to see Wolverine slash his way through the Toy Box!

  63. Chris Glass


  64. Amara

    Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat! Imagine her phasing through droid to short circuit them, and using weaponry for non-technological villains. Plus, she’d make an absolutely adorable character and figurine.

  65. Marcela silva

    Captain America

  66. Daniel skelding

    I’d like to see spider man swinging throw the toy box

  67. Armando Mendez

    I think Rocket Raccoon would make a great character.

  68. Fernando Vieira

    I would absolutely love to see Spider-Man in the game!!

  69. Mitchell Yee


  70. jack crawley

    I would love to see doctor strange. He could have magic blasts and hover!!!

  71. Andrew Roth

    I’d most like to see Thor.
    PS: You can’t enter via Twitter More than once… It doesn’t allow you to enter the same tweet more than once soooooo…

  72. kit

    need I say more! 😉

  73. Valerie Goheen

    I’d love to see Loki!

  74. Brian Nussbaum

    I Would definitely love to see Iron Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy

  75. Thomas

    Love to see Thor

  76. BIll TOrtolini

    I know my son and I would love to see Iron Man in Disney Infinity 2.0!

  77. Mike Graves

    Iron man, hulk, and I would love to see some of the bad guys get in on it. so those would be venom, doc oct, and loki

  78. Ian

    Star Lord would be awesome.

  79. Alina

    There should be a Tony Stark, Iron Man combo pack 🙂

  80. Chris


  81. Iron Man, is the man!

  82. I would love to attend that event! Plus I want the x-men included 😉 cyclops/storm/jean grey/arch angel to name some haha!

  83. Brad

    I’d love to see Iron Man!

  84. Jose Miguel Fernandez Arroyo

    ^–i agree with his post I would love to see x-men added. And at some point Aladdin and Ariel playsets.

  85. Adam Prevete

    I want to see Vemon!

  86. I would love to see the Incredible Hulk smashing plenty of Infinity villains!

  87. William Tyler

    Storm or Loki!

  88. James Harper

    I would LOVE to see Thor in the game. That means that Loki will be in as an evil person!

  89. Robert Rios

    Hawkeye with never ending arrows to shoot

  90. Jamie Alice Capo

    Sif! She is my hero and I would love to see her in the new game.

  91. Denise Murphy

    My 9 year old wants Iron man.

  92. Cindi Berry

    Iron man or the giant stuffed bunny he gave pepper!

  93. Brennan Jones

    I would think its awesome to see a Jean Grey!!!!

  94. Lennie Sims

    Captain America! But it’s gonna be cool no matter what!

  95. Crystal Sims

    Captain America!!!

  96. Kevin Berry

    I would love to see The Incredible Hulk, so I can pit him with Wreck-It Ralph and Mr. Incredible in the ultimate battle of strength!

  97. Sara Peleshenko

    Thor! He is the best!

  98. I would love to see Deadpool but I know that wont happen. but other then him I want to see the Hulk or she Hulk, wasp.

    OMG!!! I can’t wait for this @_@

  99. Jacob

    The Winter Soldier

  100. Christopher

    i would love to see spiderman.

    1. Laura Cooper

      I would love to see Spider-Man!

      1. Cesar Jimenez

        Me, too!

  101. Bryant

    Man I would love to see what they do with the first Phase Superheroes… but I would love to see the Silver surfer! Not just simply in the game design but for sure as the physical item!

  102. Jeffrey Martin

    Disney Infinity 2 needs the wisecracking Deadpool 🙂

  103. Kerry D

    It’s got to be Spiderman!

  104. Carter Klassen

    Green Goblin or Falcon

  105. Trent Morgan Jr.

    I would love to see anyone from the Spider-Man universe in the game!!

  106. Joey mennella

    Scarlet Johanson. Nuff said.

  107. Lauren Wojtkowski

    Captain America

  108. Brendan Rainsford

    Personally, I would like to see Venom as a character.

  109. Cameron Kasal

    I would LOVE to see deadpool

  110. I personally would love to see Spider-man in such of a game as Disney Infinity. The reason for this is that Disney could do so much with his charater. Such as melee web combos and long ranged web shooting. He could also swing around a play set and toy box alike. He could act as an Mrs. Incredible in 2.0. Personally, he is my favorite marvel charater. but don’t do this for just one Spidey fan, do it for the millions of Spider-man lovers. Concerning the trip, yes, I would like to attend greatly, but if not possible, at least put Spider-man in the game. Go Spider-man!

  111. Kim


  112. lou2cool88

    I want to see the Fantastic Four. It’d be fun to see them in the same universe as the Incredible.

    1. JJ

      Black Widow for the win!

  113. Bryce Furlong


  114. jmedlock76

    Galactus and his herald/scout Silver Surfer

  115. Matthew

    I would love to see Iron Man.

  116. Matthew Curnutte

    Groot and Rocket Racoon ina Guardians of the Galaxy Pack would be awesome!

  117. joey gil

    I would like to see The Thing! Thank You

  118. Mary Lou Anderson

    Captain America ,woo hoo!

  119. Daniel Mason

    It would be awesome if Iron Man was in it.

  120. Angela Burnett

    I would LOVE to play as Loki.

  121. Josh

    My son says Hawkeye, becuase you could use different types of arrows and he is unlike any of the other Marvel characters.

  122. noah simpson

    i would love to see galactus or thanos

  123. Oscar

    I love to see Spider-Man in Disney Infinity 2.0, because I love to swing in all around toy box.

  124. Derrick Castro

    Hawkeye! He needs to be in Infinity!!

  125. LeeAnn M.

    My son would love to see them all, but if he had to choose, it would be Hulk. That way he can smash all he wants with out breaking my things!

  126. Cristian

    Gambit never got enough attention. I think he would be great in Disney Infinity.

  127. I would truly love to see Booster Gold in Disney Infinity 2.0.

    1. Kidding…one day, Disney will own DC.

      My choice for Disney Infinity 2.0 is Thanos.

  128. Michael Cook

    I LOVE Captain America and from the preview it seems that he will be in Disney Infinity 2.0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. paul f


  130. Patrick McCormick

    I would love to see Wolverine. I know it’s seems cliche at this point but he’s always been my favorite.

  131. Micah Martens

    I want Gambit….soooo badly, not only is he able to charge the cards, but he can charge whatever he picks up. So much fun.

  132. Chris Douglas

    I will love to play as agent Phil Colison

  133. Eric G

    Hulk! Hulk smash!!!!

  134. Marty Gootel

    I would like Captian America and avengers hawkeye.

  135. martin wesley calugay

    Love to see Black Cat

  136. Gabriel Lowe

    I would really like to play as Iron Man.

  137. Yuvraj Aurora

    I would love to see dead pool since he is really funny and I’m sure being a toy will cause a lot of mischief with him please I love disney infinity very much

  138. I would like see black widow because she can do cool tricks and she has duel wield pistles. You can use the weapons to terminate your enimes.

    1. I would like to see her in this game

  139. Jason B

    Ms Marvel. The lineup needs strong female characters, and what better than someone who worked for the Air Force and NASA before becoming a superhero. As for in-game powers, she’s got flight, super strength, and photonic blasts. For a look that’s colorful and tasteful, go with her style from the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon.

  140. Dallas

    Wiccan and Hulkling

  141. Dennis Budmark

    I would love to see the Hulk

  142. Lynn Hougland


  143. Caryn H

    Would love to see Thor and Black Widow!

  144. Tyler Openshaw

    I would like to see The Human Torch, or SpiderMan

  145. Cherlyn Latar

    I’d love to see Wolverine.

  146. Christian Beauchamp

    I really hope spider man will join the action in Disney infinity 2.0 edition. Adding marvel characters will make the game much more awesome than it already is.

  147. James Sporl

    I absolutely would love to see some alternative costumes with different powers say Symbiote Spider man or Superior Spider man. I’d also love to see some villains like Venom, and Deadpool

  148. william Ortiz

    I would love to see the entire Avengers team be put out especially iron man, Loki, Phil coulson, nick fury. There’s just too mmany to choose from

  149. Jay Appel

    Need Hulk doing some smashing in the Toy Box!

  150. kimberly jimenez

    captain america please and thank u 😉

  151. Peter West

    Doctor Strange or even Nova would be cool

  152. Heather


  153. Christine Waters

    Captain America pretty please!!!! He is my all time fave!!

  154. Janine Schiro

    More Thor!

    1. Cindy C

      Iron Man (with Pepper Potts!) There is a cast member in the Incredibles “land” that my kids say is Pepper already. :). Looking forward to 2.0!

    2. Eilif Paulson

      Deadpool because he rules.

      1. Valentin morin

        I agree black and red wade Wilson aka the mutant comedian should be there

  155. Michael Corley

    I look forward to playing this more than my child does 🙂

  156. Damien N


  157. Beth Giarmona

    Rocket Raccoon would be awesome!

  158. David G.

    Captain America!

  159. There’s only one character in the Marvel Universe who, based on her comic book series, would be completely appropriate. Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit, The Sensational She-Hulk!

    1. What about the villains to fight against? I’d love to see Ultron in there.

  160. Meghan wright

    Spider-Man! And maybe some less known characters so we get to know them more!

  161. Matthew Lenehan

    Thor! 🙂

  162. Joshua Tompkins

    I’d like to see Emma Frost.

  163. Trenton

    DEADPOOL! Or Spidey.

  164. Jenn Canfield Photography

    Thor, n Iron Man!!!!!

    Thank you!!!

  165. Jerry Brower

    It would be a must have for Iron Man!

  166. Christina J.

    Spiderman please!! My almost 4 yr old absolutely loves him!!

  167. Pedro Gonzalez

    Would love to play with Thor

  168. Manuel Ramos

    I would love to play as Scarlet Witch!!

  169. Mitchell Dietz

    I think Captai America, Hulk, Spiderman, Iron-Man, Thor, Wolverine, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Deadpool, Venom, & Modok.

  170. Robert Betz

    Would love to see Loki show up.

  171. Lauren Cassidy

    I would love to see Iron Man or the Incredible Hulk. The two coolest marvel guys!

  172. Aurelio Lopez

    Iron Man

  173. Josh Watson

    Gotta be Captain America! Awesome!

  174. Trevor

    Suffice to say, Doctor Strange would be an interesting character to work with.

    Either that, or Starlord.

    Perhaps Doc Ock?

  175. Oliver

    Gotta be iron man so I can FLY!

  176. Aidan Spotts

    Iron man!!! He is my ALL time favorite marvel character

  177. Aidan Spotts

    Iron man!!!

  178. Chris

    Need to swing with spiderman

  179. Aidan Spotts

    With iron man he should be able to fly and have extra health

  180. Chris

    Spiderman should have some infinite webs to go through your toybox

  181. serena spotts

    Captain America definitely. He is an amazing character. You could have him thow his shield and use it to block. You could also include his motorcycle so he can ride along while fighting crime.

  182. shari spotts


  183. greg spotts


    1. Valentin morin

      That is dc universe not marvel

      Pick juggernaut

  184. Mark Campi

    My son and I would both live to see Captain America in Disney Infinity!

  185. Stacy

    Original SpiderWoman Jessica Drew

  186. jorge soto

    I want to go to there….

  187. Angel Figueroa

    I’d love to see Blade in Disney Infinity!

  188. Matt

    LOKI!!! OF COURESE I want all of the Avengers, but they’ve got to have a bad guy right?!

  189. diego ramos

    Iron Fist or Ghost Rider please!

  190. Bruce Griffin.

    I really would love to se Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man if you do put them that would be cool. Also for additional Characters I would love Merida, Belle, 101 Dalmation characters, and Rio Characters (I think they are disney idk) Thank you!

  191. Tom Fisk

    I would like to see Iron Man

  192. Steve Horst

    I would love to see Beta Ray Bill.

  193. Angel Rodriguez

    I would like to see the whole avengers team.

  194. Angel Rodriguez

    Luke Cage

  195. Louella Laureola


  196. Alda

    Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier. A character so cinematic and monument will bring new levels of depth to the game. He’s deep, and dark, and meaningful. He’ll be a truly different character than any previously released…

  197. Kate Reeves

    Black Widow!

  198. Valentin morin

    I would like to see ghost rider and his motorcycle here in the game

  199. Valentin morin

    It needs Galatus devour of worlds

  200. Valentin morin

    To celebrate the 2 new movies
    The x-men and the guardians of the galaxy

  201. Matt

    Would like to see The Punisher, Agent Colson and Ultron on Disney infinity

  202. Daniel Chuong

    I would like to see Spiderman!

  203. Marc Morini

    I would like to have Thor be in it(in fact I a sure he will be), but I would also and a Howard the Duck figure just so I can have a Donald like character in my toy box.

  204. Rob P.

    I want to see Doop!

  205. Melanie hoehn

    I would like to see ghost rider, green lantern, Spider-Man.

    1. Tim

      Spider-Man, Cap, Iron Man, Thor, X Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy

    2. zenoasis

      green lantern is dc comics not marvel

  206. Kathryn Wood

    Captain Ameria!

  207. Talvin Williams

    I would love to see Rocket Raccoon period and dot

  208. Mary H

    I would like to see black widow or spiderman

  209. Daniel Shaw

    Deadpool. Imagine the possibilities when Deadpool starts to break the fourth wall in the game. Kids will think he is actually talking to them. It’d be brilliant.

  210. Joseph Rodriguez

    I would like to see some villans in the mix like Loki or red skull and it would be cool if they added the falcon

  211. Loren

    I would love to see Thor or, to celebrate the release of the film, Rocket Racoon and Groot!

  212. Michael Cimmarrusti

    Thor Odinson.

  213. Wade Fair

    Wolverine should be a must, but the potential is endless with so many great characters. DONT BLOW IT!!

  214. Christopher

    My son would love to see Spider-Man in Disney Infinity.

  215. Krissy Rust

    Captain America or Rocket Raccoon

  216. Justin Winans

    I would love to see hulk and iron man!

  217. Ismael Rivera

    I would like to see the avengers, but that they were in a separated ways or different play sets. And also I would like to see the X-Men and Spider-man

  218. Ryan R

    I would have to choose between Spiderman and Agent Coulson.

  219. Nathaniel Brenner

    Would really love to see Loki in Disney Infinity.

  220. Brandon Dubas

    I want to see Captain America & Iron Man

  221. Dylan Williams Dubas

    I want Hulk & Superman or maybe Wolverine

    1. zenoasis

      superman is dc comics not marvel

  222. I’d like to see Captain America and Nick Fury

  223. Mona Unutoa

    So you know how you can play as syndrome and Davey Jones even though they were enemies? I think it’d be awesome to play as Venom from Spiderman!!

  224. dumurin

    I would like to see more superheroines: Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Gamora. I hope also Wasp and Jean Grey.

  225. Basuru

    Well, seeing as we’re dealing with Disney’s Marvel, I think that seeing Iron Man in the game would be the most effective use of the limited character slots.

    He’s visually striking, and the leading man in the Marvel movie universe. I know that Captain America is iconic, and seeing him would be awesome, but from a gameplay/selling power point of view I’d go for Stark. He also has the potential for alternate costumes directly from the movie-verse, most of which are pretty different-looking.

  226. Rob Kuivinen

    Spider Man

  227. adam

    Dedpool is the best Dedpool should be in this game

  228. Jack

    I’d want to see the x-men

  229. Jack

    I’d hope for b-listers too shame they can’t have dc

  230. Siike Donnelly

    Dr. Doom, M.O.D.O.K., & Apocalypse.

    Bring on the villains! 🙂

  231. Rob L

    Deadpool!!! He is my favorite hero and he is very funny.

    Make Mine Marvel!

  232. Lewis S

    The Awesome, Iron Man (Mark 42)

  233. Jamie S

    I would like to see more of the classics like Ariel! And if the avengers are making a debut I hope they bring on Loki too.

  234. Zach

    I would want to see the fantastic four and the silver surfer play set

  235. Laura

    I would like to see Iron man.

  236. Dave H

    As obvious an answer as it is I have to say I want a Captain America character.



  238. David Rivera

    My daughter would love to see Black Widow and Jean Grey added!

  239. zenoasis

    I would like to see spiderman and green goblin in infinity 2.0

  240. maurice hinton

    i would love to see iron man on 2.0 or maybe spider-man i look up to him the most

  241. Destionee Jarnagin

    I’d love to see the full Avengers team but a Nick Fury character would be really awesome.

  242. Karen K

    The Hulk for my son. Captain America or Thor for my daughter

  243. Rebecca.lundquist

    Thor and Loki

  244. Brent

    Black Widow would kick b#@$

  245. Erik Radaker

    Love to see Loki and Red Skull

  246. David

    The Winter Soldier

  247. Louella Laureola


  248. Michael Foster II

    I would personally like to see the superior Spider-man, as a variant of Spider-man.

    1. Anthony L Hill

      Captain America!!

  249. Jake McChristian

    My son and I would love to play as Spider-man on our Disney infinity.

  250. Captain America and Rogue!!!

  251. Taylor

    Iron Man (Avengers play set), Rocket Raccoon (GotG play set) and Spider-Man as a toy box character!! Also would love to see a Big Hero 6 play set, very excited about the movie but don’t know enough about the characters to want a specific one, yet.

  252. Elliot salas

    I personally think that hulk is most likely to come out in the 2.0 series just because he’s just a more likely character than iron man( because flying around the toy box will just be hack)

  253. Terrence St John

    We ‘d love to see Spider-Man. My son Liam loves everything Disney and I’m a comic geek. So it’s best of both worlds for us. We have all the figures released except crystal Mickey.

  254. I say Electro And my son says Rocket Racoon

  255. Scott H

    I really want to see a 1940s era Captain America playset with a Red Skull character!

  256. Trey Blake

    I would like to see Black Panther. Black Panther is very scarce in the Marvel Universe so maybe sometime in the future we will get it, maybe if a movie comes out sometime in the future.

  257. Marilyn L.

    I would like to see spiderman

  258. Paul Olmsted

    Thor and Loki. Thor’s hammer would be a cool weapon and Loki is sometimes armed with a sword, a whip, or a three-pronged spear. All would be really cool in Disney’s Infinity 2.0.

  259. Dinah Garcia

    I’d love to see Captain America!

  260. Nadia

    I’d love to see all the avengers, actually I would just love to take my little brother to the Disney infinity 2.0 event. He’s absolutely crazzzzy about marvel and the comic book world.

  261. Alex

    I really hope they give them all unique attacks and not just have the standard shoulder charge.

  262. Stephanie

    i would like to see Thor =) he is my favorite!

  263. xavier mora

    I would love to see Capitan America.

  264. Bryan




  266. Casey Ponce


  267. Michelle Poupore

    We want to see captain america!!!! 🙂

  268. Andrew Gutosky

    Iron Man

  269. Amy Wilson

    I’d like to see Iron Man; he’s my 9-year-old’s favorite!

  270. Heather

    Any of the female superheros – #GirlPower

  271. Brian Remsing

    Spider-Man would be awesome to see!

  272. Angelica Carlozzi

    Iron man is a given. Would LOVE to have Phoenix. Both variations!

  273. Danielle R

    I would like to see Spider Man!

  274. Alisa Clifford

    I would LOVE to see Captain America!

  275. Raina M

    Superman! My son’s favorite!

    1. Becca

      Superman is a DC character….

      As for me I’d like to see Deadpool, although he wouldn’t get to be himself in a Disney game. Some of the X-Men would be fun too!

      Please don’t include me in the giveaway, as much as I’d love to go the travel is just too far. I just wanted to add to the discussion as some of my favorites have been left out! You guys know Marvel does more than just the Avengers right? 😉

  276. Candace

    We would love to be Iron-Man!!

  277. Kevin Kretzschmar


  278. Ryan

    Gazorpazorp! Wait, not a marvel character. I pick Phoenix. Epic toys, epic game play.

  279. Destiney Hill

    I would love to see Ms Marvel on the 2.0 version. Her abilities are so amazing and powerful. I would to see her in a battle with Mrs Incredible!!! The Supers Vs Marvel!!

  280. Erin Corder

    Wolverine or any xmen!

  281. Crystal Neighbors

    Oh my goodness! My little Josiah just LOVES Spider-Man! So of course that’s who we would want to see!!

  282. Lauren Mitchell


  283. Ashley

    I would love to see ironman or captain america!

  284. Mario Sanchez

    The Hobgoblin !

  285. Deadpool òwò

  286. Mat Leblanc


  287. Joshua Easterling

    I would love to see Thor in the new Disney Infinity.

  288. Richard Piner


  289. nicole

    My kids would like to see the hulk.

  290. Anthony L Hill

    Captain America!!!

  291. Dena Collie

    Iron Man!!!!!!!

  292. Bradlee Wilson

    Spiderman! Duh!

  293. Thor & Loki! Please please please!

  294. Meghan Beck

    Iron man!

  295. Olen S Leach

    Dr. Strange

  296. Rika

    Rocket Raccoon would look awesome in the Infinity style!

  297. Will Brown

    I want to see Thor!! I want throw and fly with the big hammer! !

  298. Sonny Morrison


  299. Kasandra Lamson-Vitiello

    I would love to see wolverine!

  300. nazvae

    Gambit needs some screens time!!

  301. George Gonzalez

    I would love to see Captain America!

  302. Nik Thurman

    I wish they could have Spidey but Cap and his shield will be lots of fun.

  303. Mark Vitiello


  304. Adolfo

    I want to see Iron Man in Disney Infinity 2

  305. Lisa

    I would love to see the Hulk on the new Disney Infinity game! He would be awesome!!

  306. Michael Moore

    My son and I would really like to see Doctor Strange !!

  307. jackie

    Hulk or Spiderman!

  308. Mark Biggs

    Iron Man!

  309. Shelly Ferry

    Would LOVE to see Captain America!!! My 4yo son would be happy too 🙂 we <3 Disney infinity!!!!

  310. tina Brook

    I love captain america as my 2 year old loves him . But at the same time my 10 year daughter is the one who plays the game the most I would love to see female super hero Like Black Window , Phoenix.

  311. Alina Arias

    We want to see Iron Man!

  312. Julie

    Super excited!!!! For THOR!!!!

  313. John Ferry

    Captain America! Can’t wait for Disney Infinity 2

  314. Thor, no question!

  315. Joseph


  316. Karen

    Iron Man! I want to fly and use the repulsors.

  317. cody racheal

    Caption america

  318. Deirdre


  319. Brandy

    Captain America!

  320. Crystal

    Captain america!!

  321. Christopher

    Black Widow.

  322. David Dysinger

    Storm would be an amazing addition to the Infinity roster!

  323. Lennie

    Captain America

  324. Rachel S

    Oh how I can’t wait to see any if them but I think I’m most excited about Captain America!

  325. Heather Fonte

    I would love to see Thor!!

  326. Wesley

    1. Venom
    2. Deadpool
    3. Something that could actually happen, Iron Man.

  327. Chris Chavez

    Iron Man

  328. Kate Walton

    I’d love to see Captain America! 🙂

  329. Brandy O'Shields

    I would love to see Kitty Pryde. Her mutant power to phase through solid objects would be fun in the game. If you cannot add Kitty because of “rights” issues, then I would have to move to an agent of the Avengers… Scarlet Witch, Vision, or Wolverine.

  330. joe kristinich


  331. April Sciacca


  332. Cristine Beach

    I would love to see Wolverine!

  333. Toby Branan

    I would love to see Spider-Man. Not sure if legally he CAN, but if he can, that my pick!

  334. Amanda Candelaria

    Thor would be great 🙂

  335. Kyle Fleming

    I really want to see Iron Man in the new Disney Infinity.

  336. Gerardo Bernal

    Iron man!!

  337. Lisa Rivera

    We would love to see and play Spiderman on Infinity. He has a lot of moves to be able to do.

  338. Sarah Gonzalez

    I’d love to see Wolverine!

  339. BrerJared

    Spider-man is going to be a great addition!

  340. Justin Valentine

    Ooh contest is probably over, but I would really love to see Spider-Man he’s a very popular character, kids will love him, I know I would. Spider-Man was one of my favorite Marvel characters, cause I can relate to him, I just think it would be Fantasmic to have Spider-Man right next to my Buzz Lightyear figure (One of my favorite Pixar characters.) And to fight Zurg droids and fight with my sister who usually plays as Elsa, fun.

  341. aaron


  342. Chelsea

    Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers)

  343. Ryan DiMeo

    I would love to see Iron Man!

  344. David Sisnetsky

    I’d like to see Ironman!

  345. Cheri Lord

    I want to see Thor!!

  346. James Travis Andrews


  347. Jay Porter


  348. Chauntel Lanoux

    Captain America – all the way!

  349. Jaime Mennecke


  350. Mei Tran

    Captain America!

  351. RichardD

    Thor!!!! Or at least Thor’s hammer for my toybox.

  352. Katie

    Captain America!

  353. Gabriel Zamora

    Guardians of The Galaxy 😀

  354. Anthony Molina


  355. Tammy Tavares

    I like spiderman

  356. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you
    know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why
    but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet
    browsers and both show the same outcome.

  357. adam

    phoenix Jean Grey please

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    informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll
    appreciate if you continue this in future. Many people will
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  359. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog
    loading? I’m trying to determine if its a
    problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be
    greatly appreciated.

  360. allison

    this is my favorite video game

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