Blackout haunted house off-season invitations arrive describing most mysterious event to date

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I have been invited to participate in the Blackout haunted house off-season 2014 event in New York – and I’m nervous already.

After having signed up earlier this month online, I received a relatively unmarked envelope in the mail today featuring only three dots as the return address.

Inside, a letter that appears to be triple-typed over indicates the details of what Blackout has in store for its victims this time around.

The garble of text in the background uses words like “mutilated,” “heartless,” “unholy,” “deformation,” “twisted,” and “trauma,” repeating an unintelligible narrative over and over. Its meaning is as unclear as the type itself.

On top of the incoherent text is printed further instructions in bold, offering the knowledge of the dates, location, and select specifics of this year’s Blackout off-season event. But I cannot share them. If I participate, I won’t be able to share details of the experience either. Nor will anyone else.

The letter clearly states that “this year’s event will remain private from now until the end of time.” Anyone who divulges information about the show’s content will be banned from all future Blackout events – and that’s not something I want to happen. The only exception is that participants may divulge the fact that they are included in the event, hence this post.

Invitations do not offer admission, only a chance to buy a ticket. The letter notes that more invitations have gone out than there are tickets available, but does not say how many people will be able to participate.

Should I decide to travel to the undisclosable location and face the Blackout off-season event, I will be able to share vague thoughts about how it went, without dishing out any details. And I encourage you to do the same.

If you experience this event, contact me with your own review, leaving out all of the specific details, including only your reactions and feelings about it. I’m sure Blackout will want the world to know just how wild their latest off-season event is, while securing the mystery they are so carefully trying to maintain.

And in case you are new to this, the video below offers a taste of what the Blackout haunted house experience has included in the past.

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