Blackout haunted house plans off-season extreme event in New York with mysterious survey leading to exclusive invitations

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Extreme haunted attraction Blackout has announced its off-season event, though details of what will take place in this latest iteration are very much in the dark.

Via an online application, Blackout will invite specific people to attend the experience, though exactly what criteria will be used to decide who gets chosen remains a mystery.

When asked what the latest incarnation of Blackout will entail, the team simply responded, “These events are underground and we don’t actively send out any information.” But the application survey hints at what theme it may be based on.

Following basic questions of name, address, phone number, height, weight, and emergency contact information (this is an extreme event, after all), the application gets rather personal, asking about daily routines, desires, obsessive thoughts, and superstitious behaviors. It also asks how long applicants have ever gone without sleep. And then there’s a question of blood type.

The specifics of each Blackout event are always unpredictable, but the rules are the same. Everyone must go through alone and attendees must do whatever they are told.

This past Halloween season brought Blackout: elements to New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago with a mix of darkness, wetness, nudity, violence, and uncomfortably small, cold spaces with bizarre individuals. Before that, the 2013 off-season event had participants picked up in a van, blindfolded, undressed, bagged, doused with dirty water, screamed at, and forced into close contact with a variety of disgusting substances and people.

A video sampling of Blackout events of the past:

It’s by no means a traditional haunted house in the ghostly sense, but rather an opportunity for participants to let go of the shackles of reality and succumb to odd and possibly obscene situations, all in the name of living life to its fullest.

There’s no telling what horrors will be summoned for the Blackout 2014 off-season event and there’s no easy way to even get an invitation. But for those who are willing to shed their fears, the process begins tonight.

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