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  1. Janice Smith

    So sorry to hear that a quality attraction like Terminator is replaced by another nauseating 3D jerky motion ride. I hate this ride at Universal Orlando. Cannot figure out why there is such a long wait time. The movies were good, wish the ride was.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The long wait time is due to two aspects: 1. Minions are hugely popular. 2. There is only one screen in Orlando, so load/unload takes a very long time. In Hollywood, there are two screens, which will help.

    2. Kirsten

      Terminator is/was quality? That’s news to pretty much the entire world.

      Also, you don’t have to ride the physical attraction if you are so against “jerky motion rides”, there is stationary seating.

      The attraction is much better for children then it’s predecessor, and I agree with the prior comment that Despicable Me is a much craved and super popular entity.

    3. Arlene

      As a person who suffers from motion sickness, a ride does not have to be “jerky” to cause nausea. Depending on the speed and directional changes in a motion-simulator film, someone like me can feel nauseated even if s/he is sitting in stationary seating. I have been to Universal Orlando and it is disappointing that see that almost all of the rides are motion-simulators, high-speed rollercoasters with plenty of inversions, or wet rides. That leaves those with motion-sickness with children’s attractions and a few attractions that are not really rides, more like shows, as their only options. The Harry Potter ride would have been my favorite, had it not been for the portions of (again) motion-simulation instead of live animatronics and effects. Whatever, for some a quality amusement park lies filling it with motion-simulators and other attractions that not everybody can ride as opposed to creating a live ride environment that can be enjoyed by more people.

  2. CJ

    Looks awesome! Sooo glad they updated that tired old Terminator Show! Can’t wait to ride this over and over! lol

  3. Randy

    GREAT NEWS!! Can’t wait to check it out!! Now to knock down that WaterWorld mess and put in something relevant!!

  4. cindy

    Didn’t they already have a despicable me ride/show? I wanna say they were opening one when we were there in 2012. This is set to open the day after we leave there 🙁

  5. cindy

    Never mind. ..apparently I can’t read it said hollywood not orlando….doh!

    1. Jeff Lynch

      You are too silly Cindy! I’m going to call you Silly Cindy from now on! 🙂

  6. Rhianna

    How much do the ride vehicles/theater seats move during the ride/show?

    1. A lot like other Universal attractions with simulators or moving seats.

  7. Ryan R

    My pass for Universal expires right before this ride opens which means I’m not gonna be able to ride it. It’s a shame because I’ve been looking forward to it for a longtime .

    1. Johanna

      You can ride it right now. It’s in technical rehearsals until the official opening.

  8. candyy

    Its a great attraction lots of fun, but have to wait a long time :/

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