Comments for PHOTOS: Seamstress mom turns daughter into Disney Princess magnet with elaborate costumes at Disneyland


  1. Laura Andry

    Beautiful! These dresses are simply beautiful as are the pictures, great job!

  2. Ali

    I admire this mom’s talents, but what about other young ladies who would want costumes like this? In some ways, it’s selfish for this mom to not give other young ladies the same opportunity to have quality handmade costumes and receive the same recognition. Growing up, I was fortunate to have a mom who made beautiful dresses for my sisters and myself, but she never turned down any of our friends who wanted dresses made and didn’t selfishly keep her talents strictly to her family

    1. Sadie

      Selfish? Something like this is usually a once in a lifetime deal for any little girl and once the magic has been sparked, it’s really hard to recreate it. It’s probably not likely to happen that another little girl would get this kind of treatment or attention and would in reality be a very large disappointment. Not that she couldn’t meet the princesses after waiting in line, but here, they came to her because it was new and exciting. Why set another little girl up for possible disappointment?

      Angela, your costumes are gorgeous! I admire your talent greatly and wish your young family all the best as they see they have a mom who uses her time and talents to bless her young daughters and set an awesome example of family and parenting.

      1. Lisa

        Agree with you Sadie. Doing something nice for your own children certainly doesn’t make a person selfish. How ridiculous!

        1. Jen

          Have to agree. Not wanting to produce costumes for other peoples kids does not make her selfish. The time and labor alone would be overwhelming. She’s an amazing mom for doing this with her daughter. Good for her!!

          1. Amy

            Are you serious?! Selfish, how is this selfish? Do you purchase your children’s clothing? Is it nice clothing? If it is, you need to go out and purchase the same clothing for every child out there who also wants to wear the same items.

            Your logic is seriously flawed and ridiculous!!!

    2. Robyn

      Oh please Ali!! Socialism at it’s best; everyone is entitled to what everyone else has. Just because you get something doesn’t mean everyone else is entitled to it. The mom is not selfish in wanting and being able to do for her child. Can she make dresses for everyone that wants one – probably not – would she if asked by someone close to her – probably. You made an unfair assumption about her not making them for others. Their mom’s can sure learn to sew and make their child one, it is not her responsibility nor obligation to “give other young ladies the opportunity” . . .Your jealous is rearing its ugly head.

      1. Heather

        100% agree with ROBYN!

        You want one so bad go learn how to make one yourself (like this mother did) or search the internet. There are MANY boutique shops with beautiful princess dresses that you can buy for your own daughter!

        SMH at Ali.

      2. wolfie

        Socialism is NOT what that is. “To each according to their contribution” and to me it doesnt sound like Ali is contributing anything. We don’t want everyone to get everything just because, butshould take care of each other when it comes to the ability to live and be healthy regardless of their wealth. It has nothing to do with someone not having the skills and ability to make their daughter a dress.

    3. Beth amoroso

      I agree these dresses are absolutely stunning. But yes it is selfish to only make then for her daughter and not other little girls who may not have soneone who can make them a dress. She should work with Disney and allow her outfits to be sold.

      1. Sadie

        Well that’s a little off the cuff. Who said she wanted to colaberate with Disney and what? They are disney dresses to begin with and they already have an outlet. Seriously, it’s for her daughter and her right to keep her talents to herself.

      2. Linda

        I doubt she would collaborate with disney since what she’s doing is technically copyright infringement. Maye that’s why she won’t sell

        1. Sarah

          There are many patterns available, and I learned to sew when I was 12- surely a grown woman who wants to make her daughter a dress can do what I could do at 12. This mother sews particularly well, but a little girl isn’t going to compare her mother’s sewing talents to other mothers (unless you’ve raised her to be so selfish that she can’t appreciate a gift that was lovingly made), but believe me- other little girls have plenty of places, both via official Disney merchandise and places like ETSY, where they can get costumes. Furthermore, you can buy the patterns and materials and take it to a seamstress to have someone else make it. Selfish? Seriously!

        2. Jennifer

          she’s allowed to make one dress for personal use of each character. that is NOT copyright infringement. when you sell it – THAT’S copyright infringement.

      3. Amy

        OMG do you have any idea how much time, money, and effort it would take to make costumes like this? Obviously not. Why don’t you look up “Custom Made Costumes” I think you’ll be changing your tune a bit.

    4. Kathy

      I don’t think the mother (Angela) is being selfish at all. I believe she was politely letting people know up front not seek her out for commissions since she will undoubtedly have hundreds (or thousands?) of people viewing this blog wanting to commission her for work. These costumes take a great deal of time to make. I speak from experience, since I make costumes for myself and for family members. I spent over 100 hours making my Niece a custom pink Ariel gown, and 110 hours making a Captain America USO girl costume for a friend’s daughter. These sorts of garments are a labor of love. 🙂

    5. VancWATigger


      Selfish? Really???

      This mother has the talent and time to provide her own daughter with a once-in-a-lifetime feeling, and you have the nerve to lessen it by your narrow view? How sad…

      For the record, and I’m surprised no one else has brought this up before, Disney provides MANY young girls the opportunity to dress up, be pampered, and be a Disney Princess for a day. They are not stopping other moms from learning to sew, and creating costumes for their daughters. Disney WOULD frown greatly upon someone not in a licensing agreement with them to be creating trademarked costumes and getting paid for them. So, even if Angela wanted to do as you suggest, legally she couldn’t.

      Leave Angela and her family to their own happiness, and perhaps try a bit more to focus on your own.

    6. Tom

      I’m sorry, Ali, but how exactly is it selfish? Seriously. Just because your mother did it for others doesn’t mean this woman is selfish. She’s doing it for HER child and really that’s all she’s responsible for taking care of. Your comment is ignorant and that’s putting it politely.

    7. Jess

      Hahahhaha!!! Please explain to me WHY this mom should slave over costumes for other people’s children??? This sounds like an insecure comment coming from someone who maybe did not inherit their mother’s seamstress skills and cannot provide costumes for their own child.

    8. Karen

      Have you ever tried to make a homemade costume? It’s extremely hard work, and it’s time consuming. I don’t think she’s being selfish and you might try being an encouragement rather than knocking her down.

    9. First of all, calling her “selfish” is a bit harsh. She pours her time into her own God given family and is a photographer too. It’s not up to you to label her. A mother who sews for her own children is a blessing. It’s not her job to sew for others too outside that circle if she doesn’t want to. “Selfishly keep her talents strictly to her family”… She is sewing for others…. her family. And that’s probably more than enough to keep an already busy mom, busy. So peace out and go sew a dress for someone else other than your family if it bothers you so much.

    10. Non-sewing mom

      You have got to be joking! Can anyone, besides communist/those seeking handouts/etc. say this with a straight face? Which of your talents do you grace the world with? Are you a decent cook? Do you cook for EVERYONE? Your statement is so bizarre.
      JSun: why does it bother you so much if your prescious president or party is spoken of negatively? The posters statement is socialist in nature and a comparison to a socialist president and party and all those seeking handouts is quite legit. Grow up.

    11. First off, how do you know that mom isn’t sewing for others?

      Second, why is she obligated to?

      Look, I’m a professional seamstress. I charge thousands for an adult gown, hundreds for children’s gowns, and I volunteer a lot. I clocked over 1,000 volunteer hours in 2013. I’m actually ticked that someone things that just because someone sews well that she’s obligated to give away the fruits of her labor even though I choose to.

      Something you need to understand is that sewing for others for free is a slippery slope. Once you sew for one person’s child, other people will want the same, or else they’ll see it as you not liking their child much. I learned very quickly that simply asking people to buy the fabrics ($25-$100, depending on the gown) cut the number of requests by about 75%. What do you think of that? That a lot of people won’t pay $25 for the fabrics while asking for 15-40 hours of free labor?

      There’s a lot more to it all than you think.

    12. John

      Are you serious??? What in the name of Heaven makes you think that people are entitled to anything? This girl is fortunate that her mom has taken the time to develop theses skills and was able and willing to invest the time and energy into making these dresses. If some other parent wants to do this, who is stopping them? I learned how to sew – it’s not that hard. You want gowns for your girls? Make them or pay someone. Pretty freakin’ simple solution.

      You are the reason why every kid has to have a trophy for playing soccer. Or why they don’t keep score.

    13. Aliea

      Selfish? You must not be a mother? There are thing you do with your children that are special between your kids and only between your kids. Traditions you make up, that are special between your kids, like her making the gowns for her daughter and only her daughter. If you make it for other kids it is no longer special between you and your daughter, the tradition isn’t the same. It isn’t being selfish, it’s being a mother, keeping her tradition with her child special.

    14. Sarah

      Angela simply cannot make costumes for every single little girl who wants one. It’s her decision to make it for her daughter. Would YOU like it if people would say that about you? I certainly wouldn’t?

  3. beckie

    Ali…do you have any clue how muvh time and money went into each of those costumes? Seamstress or not, it was a lot!# how horrible of you to call her selfish! She would be innundated with requests that would take away her family time. There are seamstresses all over the country and even patterns in your local walmart joanns…etc. pay someone or make it your self!! It seems to me you are the selfish one! These are beautiful costumes with an extreme attention to detail. Much love for her daughter has gone into these.

  4. Jenna

    Ali, that’s a little bit ridiculous. Maybe the wording in the article was a little bit off, but I think what they meant to say was that she doesn’t sell these dresses, not that she selfishly keeps her talents to herself. Seriously– I make things for my daughter, but who has time to make things for everyone else? If other young ladies want costumes like this then their mothers can hire a seamstress. This woman is a photographer and the dresses obviously aren’t her livelihood.

  5. amber

    How in earth us it selfish for a mom to want to make some beautiful costumes for her daughter but not want to make them for others? If she doesn’t want to make a business out of it-how is that selfish? Talk about a sense of entitlement!!! Not everyone gets everything. Every kid is not entitled to everything. Every person is not good at everything. If a mom wants to get dresses like these she can either sew them herself or hire a seamstress. Why is this mom supposed to be responsible for providing them for everyone who wants one?
    I just cannot get over the sense of entitlement some people have.

    1. Amber, Ali’s talking about the mom being selfish for not making them for others FOR FREE.

  6. JSun

    Mom did something incredibly nice for her daughter.


  7. dusti salisbury

    i love it! i did it one year for my daughter. We had 5 different outfits and changed for every meeting. It’s about making memories for you daughter. Not about being fair or not. That sounds like the “Obama plan” if “all”can’t do it then its not fair for one person to do it. I love it! IT’s called hard work and wanting her daughter to have the very best experience at DISNEY.

    1. JSun

      Has nothing to do with Obama – keep your politics out of it.

      1. LBeam

        The Mom made beautiful costumes for her daughter. Ali who are you to judge this loving act? Just because we are created equal does not mean our experiences will be equal. everyone lives their life according to the opportunities available to them. Ours is not to judge how others choose to use those opportunities.

    2. Sadie

      Agreed Dusti!

  8. pghmom

    BEAUTIFUL Dresses!! Ali you are simply an ass, you sound like a person who feels very entitled… bet you are a Democrat

    1. JSun

      Keep your politics out of it, pigmom.

      1. Janine

        I agree that politics should be left out of it, but seriously, JSun, your name-calling is immature.

  9. Nefi

    BEST MOM EVER!!! good for her and her daughter. and as per Ali just be quite this is Disney site, no room here for you rude comments.

  10. Steph

    These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! Haylie is lucky to have a mom who is so talented and devoted. I don’t think it’s selfish of her to not make dresses for others. I think, like some of you do, that this is something special strictly for a mother and daughter to bond over. If you want the dresses and can’t sew, buy them on the Disney website or in the parks. PS, this was posted by a Democrat, so try to limit your ignorant political views to topics that are relevant. Thanks.

  11. Lee D. Sanders

    Wow. It’s hard for me to read a great article and see all the infighting it has spawned. Some of the comments on here are shameful. Taking a great article about family and Disney magic and turning it into a cat fight about costumes and politics. It seems to me the grownups are setting a very bad example.

    Everyone needs to take a pixie dust laced Xanax and chill out. I have the solution to both sides.

    Angela has made some amazing dresses for her daughter. So she decides not to sell to the public? That is her right. No one can force her into an enterprise she doesn’t want to undertake. She has something special and unique for her own daughter. Let her enjoy it and be proud.

    For the other side complaining that these dresses should be available to little girls. Well, they are. There are at least 5 makers of princess costumes on both Ebay and Etsy with the same or even better quality. (Research is your friend.) You can get just about any Prince, Princess, and Villain costume you desire made for your little one (or if you’re a big kid and like to dress up too). They will even make Mickey and Minnie. So never fear, those wanting the option of having these amazing costumes they are out there. They are not cheap, as having a pro seamstress custom make something to your measurements can be costly, but they are available for those that want them.

    There. Everyone is happy now. You’re welcome.

    So can we please get back to the happiness and getting along?

    1. Patti Binetti

      Bravo Lee, I totally agree with you. I myself am a Disney Do Right and make(not as well) costumes for my children and family. You do what you can, and when you can’t Ebay or Etsy are your friend.

    2. Lee, I’m a professional seamstress (among other places, I am on Etsy–AriaCouture–and I’m one of the top), and you might be surprised at how much cat-fighting there is in the sewing world. OMG you’d expect civility and tea parties, not back-stabbing, name-calling, and political drags.

      By the way, thank you for defending the cost of quality costumes. I often get people messaging me wanting to know if I can make something elaborate for $50 because they’re on a budget. I’ve invested thousands into my equipment, a decade and a half in honing skills, use top-quality fair-trade natural-fiber fabrics, properly finish all seams, sew stuff meant to last years, and just because kids outgrow things, people want cheap pricing, yet still things in silk with the whole nine yards in details. Quite often I find myself having to defend while a child’s gown is $450 when the fabrics were $100, and it’s another 30 hour in time for detailing and pattern-drafting (for instance, on my Rapunzel gown, I sew the ribbons to the fabric for the sleeves the same way Rapunzel did, and that takes a few hours right there). So very often people expect the fruits of my labors for less than what the supplies would cost because don’t I want all kids to have the same as my child? I do, but this is my livelihood, and I can’t do it for free.

    3. diane M

      Pixie dustlaced Xanax? Drugs? Reallly?

      1. Amy

        It was a joke.

  12. Christa

    I’ve been following her for a while now and she’s such an inspiration! I can’t wait to have a little one so I can follow in Angela and Haylie’s magical footsteps and make wonderful memories of our own. I don’t know how there could be any negativity on something so fun and wonderful. I hope you both keep making costumes and creating these great memories together. Thank you for sharing your great photos with us Angela!

    1. Jeannie

      They are fabulous Angela! If I had more time and had thought of it when my girls were little I would have absolutely done the same thing. But I did get to experience one of my little daycare girls having a blast dressed up like Cinderella (from the Disney Store of course). We waited in line for 3 hours to meet Cinderella at the Fantasy Faire a few years back and never did get to meet her because she had to go do something else by the time we got there. But one of the moms behind us didn’t want to wait so she asked my Cinderella to pose with her daughter. My little girl (5 years old) dressed in the complete attair right down to glass slippers and white gloves put her arm around this little 3 year old for a pic to be snapped and even signed her autograph book. It was so fun to see! Sadly only the other mom got a picture as I was in the moment.

      Disneyland is so special…don’t spoil this moms joy in creating this magic for her own daughter. She’s not selfish, she’s special!

  13. Blop

    Awesome!!! Not selfish at all!!! But I do see some jealousy

  14. Alaina

    I’ve been doing this for years. My daughter’s costumes get moms instantly curious and jealous. I make one for every visit and we are annual passholders. The quality of the sewing, fabric, and embellishments are so much better than the store bought costume that we even get the cast members asking how I’ve done it. Even get ride passes because of the costumes. I make professional ballet tutu versions as well. My lasted costume is an Anna coronation gown that is embroidered just like the movie version.

    1. I’m working on a film-corrct Elsa gown in silk and am hand-cutting those damned sequins. Do you have pics of the Ana Coronation you did? I’d love to see. Click my name to go to my Facebook page and message me. I love seeing what others are doing with Frozen gowns. 🙂

  15. Karen

    Angela you are incredibly talented and inspiring! (No, Ali she is not being at all selfish either!). The dresses you can buy at the stores or in the parks are mass produced and are just not of the same quality as the homemade ones. In fact, I would say her skills are right up there with the Disney professionals who make their princess costumes! This mother enjoys sewing costumes for her children. A lot of women try in hopes of even coming close to achieving what she’s done, but it’s really hard work, so if she only want to create for her daughter she has ever right to! Also, Angela you take great pictures:)

  16. Beautiful costumes for your gorgeous princess! Living the dream and having a blast! Maybe I’ll bump into you someday at Disney 🙂 – Angela

  17. Mary

    Disney would sue the crap put of her if she made these to sell for profit, which is why the article has the disclaimer at the end.

    1. Wrong. You can’t copyright a costume design, which is why designer knock-offs are legal. You can’t use a copyrighted logo, but you can knock off a design. I know. I’ve been making custom recreations for 15 years, including Disney, and you can bet I did my homework to make sure it’s legal. Angela simply doesn’t want to go into business. Business is hard. Sewing for someone at a distance is hard. Most people wither don’t have what it takes, or they don’t want to find out because when you make what you love into a job, you do get tired of it.

  18. Diane

    If you want your daughter to have a dress, learn how to sew! It’s not that difficult.

    1. Amy


  19. Jennifer

    I think the costumes are beautiful, I especially love the uniqueness of the Queen of Hearts. I sew for my family, and the time and money invested is huge! I completely understand wanting to devote time to your own family rather than someone else’s!

  20. Julia

    Wow, this woman has AMAZING talent. NO, she is not selfish because she won’t market her item! Seriously? Anyway, these costumes are the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  21. You’re right! This woman is SELFISH for not making costumes for all of the kids and not paying for all of the kids to get into Disneyland who can’t afford it. How selfish of her. When I take my kids, I don’t buy them tons of stuff and they don’t complain when they see other kids with balloons and treats, costumes and toys. Instead they have great memories and will grow up to be down-to-earth people who don’t complain when someone else has something they want.

    1. Amy

      This is sarcasm, I hope.

  22. DannyJane

    I think you’re all maybe missing the point. It’s not whether a mother should or shouldn’t sew for her child. Of course she should and if she’s talented enough to make the dresses and make her already beautiful daughter look absolutely adorable–fine!

    What I find sad is the behavior of the actors. Of course the child was adorable and their reaction was natural, but how many hundreds–maybe thousands–of other children did they ignore in order to spend time with this one? Every parent who can take their child to Disneyland must spend a lot of money to do so. Every child who got to go was just as special and deserving as this one, if not so prettily dressed. For the joy of this one child (which I would not take from her for any reason) how many kids went home with the sour taste of disappointment and envy burning in their hearts?

    Just a thought.

    1. Amy

      Oh good gravy. If you went to Disneyland 5 days a week, you would be able to get pictures meet the actors at Disneyland to. Do you really think she achieves these pictures in one day?! And how do you know that she doesn’t pay the extra money to go in earlier before the general public is allowed in?!

      Before you judge anyone, make sure you have ALL the facts.

      1. DannyJane

        Where does it say that she goes 5 days a week? Of course these photos were taken over a number of years–the writer said so, and you can see that the child grows taller through the series. As for whether the photos were taken before hours, I doubt it. Look at the Bert/Mad Hatter and Dancing with Aurora pictures. There are a lot of other people in the background, many taking photos of their won. The question is still valid, if not more so. If I took my child to Disney and she wanted to meet a princess–how would she feel to see that they were too busy for her because another child had prettier clothes? It’s only a question that I am asking.

        1. Brian Griffin

          It’s a pretty naive question and one that seems to me to be just looking for a fight. If you think it would ever go down that way, Disney Entertainment picking out certain children for special treatment because of the way they might look, well… actually they do: the examples that I know of are called Make A Wish Foundation children. Still have a problem with it?

        2. Amy

          Angela is a PHOTOGRAPHER, and a good photographer at that. She makes it look as if no one else is around. And, I bet they do go many times a week. Obviously they love Disneyland. She gets the picture and moves on. Takes maybe 5 minutes taking pictures of her child…Not really seeing why another child can’t wait, just like her child probably had to wait in line to see the characters also. The characters see ALL children waiting in line. And when you go before hours, that doesn’t mean other people won’t be at the park along with you, just not the entire general public. I guess you’ve never been to Disneyland?

    2. Christy

      Just a thought…it does say Angela is a photographer, so while it may appear her daughter is getting so much attention, maybe it is credit to Angela being able to capture the moment.

  23. Sadie

    DannyJane, so you are in a way, saying she’s being selfish. Not with her talent of sewing but in the way of taking up too much time with the characters correct? My children would in no way feel jealous and they would get into the mood of the little girl. So it’s really a matter of how children and adults perceive what is going on. It’s part of life and how you get into it or what you make of it.

  24. Jeff

    For all of you pointing fingers about being selfish, how many of you have been to a Disny park? Have you bought anyone else’s tickets aside for your family? How do you not know that she hasn’t helped other children? Being cruel is not what this comment section was started for.

    I think what you are doing for your daughter is a wonderful thing. You a a devoted and very special parent. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I think what you have done is great! We as parents should take the challenge and go the extra mile, just as you have!

    Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of your work in the future! You have made some special memories for you and your daughter!

  25. Karen Bow

    Angela, you have a gift. I (humbly) possess some mad sewing skills, but your are perfection. Your selection of color, texture, design elements are spot on. I know it was a joy to share what you can do with your daughter. (I see it written all over her face in the photos.) I know you stitched love into every seam of every outfit. While another person may have spent days (weeks….months?) on the golf course, at the mall, on Facebook, you were creating a memory for the two of you to last a lifetime. I’m not even sure you will see this, because if I were in your shoes, I’d have stopped reading long ago, but you are amazing. Your princess is well loved. Congratulations on sharing what you do best with the one you love most. (I once spent 4 days making a perfect frock for my daughter to wear onstage in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” She swished those skirts for exactly 4.5 minutes and then the play was over for her.” As to sharing your skills with the world, I think you have. Maybe I’ll make Alice’s outfit too. I won’t be performing brain surgery on anyone, because those are some skills I don’t have. You rocked these costumes. Well done.

  26. Sarah

    I personally believe that this mother had amazing talent in putting the time and effort in making these outfits/costumes. I put together inspired outfits of various characters and they are NOTHiNG like what Angela does. I applaud her for doing this.

  27. Lisa

    It took 4 years to capture these pictures

  28. Patricia

    WOW!!! I REALLY don’t understand how ANYONE can have the “opinion” that this mom is “selfish”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just don’t get AT ALL how someone can conclude that making handmade clothes for your own child is selfish…huh???? To me it DOES NOT matter that the clothes are costumes, they are still clothes. I think people are forgetting what the word selfish means. Providing for your own child IS NOT IN ANY WAY selfish. Some are saying she should work with Disney to sell her costumes, or she should make for others??? Then she will be sewing hours upon hours taking time away from her own children to “provide” for others??? Other parents can learn to sew just as she did then they can make and provide these costumes for their own children. It is NOT up to this mom to make other less fortunate more fortunate. She isn’t doing anything wrong and to say she is being selfish is saying that she is doing something wrong or bad. Well…she’s not!!! All those parents/caregivers that dress and send their children to Disneyland in fancy/very expensive brand named clothes, are they selfish?? I think NOT!

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