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  1. Steve B

    Waitaminute! I thought the whole idea behind Infinity was that they would bring out new action figures for years to come. Now you’re saying that Phineas and Agent P are the final ones? Did I miss something?

    1. Yeah I’m confused now!

    2. Vesta

      Just like Skylanders, a new version will come out with new characters, be
      new playsets and adventures and they have already dedicated that they will be forward and backward compatible. I’m looking forward to what is next

    3. Since1976

      One of the aspects of the game that people seem to not get is that the figures and crystals and power discs don’t contain game data — all they do is unlock content *already* on the gamedisc purchased with the starter pack. It’s odd to consider that these characters have been in your possession since day one — you just couldn’t get to them.

      So, the only practical way to introduce new figures and playsets is to make a sequel disc, and then roll out the figures (over the course of the following months).

  2. Andrew

    Amazing Figures the gameplay is awesome and the textures are pretty cool still need to collect ALL the figues and power discs next one up is Frozen Toy Box Set then more Power Discs then Lone Ranger and so on can’t wait to see what the future holds for Infinity making toy boxes is so much fun!

  3. Excellent write up, Phineas & Ferb have been so highly anticipated and I know everyone is very exciting on getting their hands on them!

    With regards to those who are confused as to why this is the last of the collection, what the author means is that it’s the last in the first series. Next, Disney Infinity 2 which will be compatible on PS4 and Xbox One, may include Marvel/Star Wars as the author mentioned and will hopefully include more Playsets.

    1. Steven Lewis

      Just as long as series 1 & 2 are compatible.

  4. Jason H

    Infinity is one of those games that could unleash an amazingly fun franchise, it’s one of the few games that I can enjoy alongside with my 7 and 3 yr old. The play sets aren’t nearly as entertaining for me as they are for the 7 yr old, but the ability to create an endless array of maps/ worlds that we can enjoy together is utterly fantastic.

    However my biggest complaint about Infinity doesn’t have anything to do with the game in it’s current form, it’s how I believe they’ll continue to roll out. In my opinion the best possible solution for growing Infinity isn’t by releasing a new disc every year, the disc is merely the key to access all of the content, it isn’t like Skylanders where the disc is the story based game… With Infinity the disc is the access key to unlocking the content (playset games, add on content, etc…) that could/ should made available as DLC and then accessed by purchasing the appropriate plaeyset piece’s. Currently we do not own all of the characters or even the playsets, even though we’d love to have our own light sabers in game… to purchase it all would be an expense that we have to space out piece by piece. However if we weren’t forced to make the initial $60 investment, we would most certainly own all of the pieces by now.

    Focusing on releasing the DLC content and maintaining wave based releases (of the toybox characters (which could be later expanded to playset), playset pieces/ characters, and the power discs) could make for a far more profitable endeavor for Disney and a more enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

  5. tenchu98

    Avalanche has stated that there is no plans for infinity 2, but DLC will be used for any new characters released.

  6. disinfinplayer

    The one thing I hate is the split screen!!!! I have this for the wii and wish you could play two players without it

  7. Fred Gould Jr

    This game is crap….. This is another moneymaker made to steal the money of young children and families. Every little piece & figure all sold separately. Power discs in packs so you get the all the same pieces. My kids have 10 pcs of a damn Mike Wazowski jeep and no dumbo disc and so on. This is the one instance that I would rather be screwed buying each one individually (but of course the opposite is available). These type of set-up’s prey on kids just like the baseball card industry of old. from 50 cents for a pack of 20 cards that had value to $2.00 for 5 cards that are worth absolutely nothing. When will this ridiculousness end? Like Disney really needs anymore money?!!!! The starter disk should be free…. Charecters should be no more than $10 (with power disks included). And 2.0 should definately be a DLC to upgrade your product for a $10-$20. Show a little dedication to the dedicated gamers as they are the ones making you all that easy money.
    All in all this is a great game for young kids ages 5 and up (if you dont mind spending fistfuls of cash). With Disney owning some serious stuff the sky is the limit with options for charecters. My kids are excited for Marvel, Star Wars and dont forget The Muppets. If i can run around with Animal and Thor i may change my tune…….. For ASGARD!

  8. 893274

    I have a question on how can I play missions using perry or phineas like i can do missions with the incredibles
    ? Do i need another crystal thing?

  9. Jason Weaver

    See this is the biggist problem in the gaming indistry today… they assume everyone has broadband access and can get DLC. hopfuly there decent enough to put the DLC out on disc for the less fortunate….if not screw it I only got infinity for Elsa and Anna anyway.

  10. jose prieto

    i saw a $9.96 dollars box that brings 20 discs and that they should make a new version off disney infinity

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