Comments for Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle of the Sunken Treasure ride, Treasure Cove land announced for Shanghai Disneyland


  1. Marc Morini

    So will they not have an Adventureland or will this be like New Orleans square where it kind of morph from Adventureland to a different land?

  2. Chaz

    I love how everything we’ve seen of this park shares distinct similarities with the traditional Magic Kingdom style park, but with a distinct twist. I’ll likely never get to experience this park in person, but I look forward to seeing it develop nonetheless.

  3. Eric B. Freeman

    Would that be so cool if Disney and Universal would join together as partners to someday build a movie studio-themed park somewhere at Australia maybe in the future?

    1. Wow, that comment became more and more outlandish and absurd as it went on! Great comment!

  4. Nicky

    Treasure Cove is really a cool name, better than calling it Tortuga or something. It’s like the real name of the island in the ride ‘Isla Tesoro’. Simple and sweet.

  5. Richard

    Great news the entrance looks like the building on the right with sail signage, it’s the fort building on the left still part of the show building or another attraction? As the joining of theses two building looks a little low height wise?

  6. Randy

    Wow! This is on a whole other level… I wish they would do something This incredible in the States..

    1. Belliott

      We want it in the US parks!! Awesome! The old pirates ride is alrightt, but is seriously outdated. Would love to have a new ride that focuses on the movies!

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