Comments for Inside the New Cabana Bay Beach Resort as Phase One Opens With Retro Chic Rooms and Amenities at Universal Orlando

cabana bay

Credit: Universal


  1. Lexie

    The retro ’60s look is great! I don’t know if this is the Universal equivalent of a value or moderate resort at Disney, but I know I definitely prefer it to any of the Value resorts at Disney!

  2. EricJ

    No boat service to Citywalk, though?

  3. Alex

    Cabana Bay looks great! I’ve got to ask, in person how does Cabana Bay compare to the value hotels over at WDW?

    1. Melissa

      Blows Disney out of the water. We just stayed at the Coronado, a moderate hotel not budget, and we are at Cabana Bay right now……Not even close in comparison. This hotel is gorgeous. The details are amazing, wonderful food service and the lazy river pool is great! Worth more than every penny.

  4. Eric B. Freeman

    Eat your heart out Disney.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Disney should just shut down now. I mean, once Diagon Alley opens no one is going to ever want to stay at a Disney hotel again and no one will be going to any Disney parks. Everyone will just be going to Universal and Disney will have to fire everyone and will be begging people to buy tickets for like $10 and people will still say “No I am going to Universal”. Ha! Change is coming!

      1. Josh

        Jeff, that won’t happen. But I do agree Disney needs to step up their game.

        1. Michael

          New Fantasy Land isn’t what you call stepping their game up? What about Disney Springs will that be consider stepping up their game? Or how about Pandora (Avatar)?

          1. Ed

            New Fantasyland is a (incredibly well themed) restaurant, a C ticket (in an E building), and a D ticket kiddie coaster. Pandora, when open should be really nice but again, will take forever to build. Epcot is stale and needs a lot of love; Wonders of Life and Imagination Pavilion to begin with along with some rides in WS. DHS needs a lot of help as well; Pixar place has only 1 ride (a C/D ticket) and why hasn’t construction begun on a Star Wars land? But hey, at least we have Magic Bands and now have to plan our rides 2 months out….

    2. Lisa

      Hhmmmmmmmmmm, it looks a lot LIKE Disney! Ya think, that’s why you like it?!!

      1. Eric B. Freeman

        Well, I have never been there before, but I am sure that I would love go there and see if I like it really. After all, the designs of the hotel is very more Disney-ish as it looks. So what kind of theme hotel that Universal would think of bulding it to overshadow Disney?

        1. Eric B. Freeman

          I mean what kind “next” theme hotel that they think of.

  5. Julie Phillips

    I will be staying there in October for HHN at Universal. I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for sharing the pictures and video.

    1. Kirstyoz

      Same! Hubby and I are visiting from Australia. This will be our first HHN (finally!) and really excited to check out Cabana Bay. We’ve stayed in all the other on-site hotels and they are really tired these days, I don’t think they’re good value. Hope you have a great time!

  6. Love this retro fit out. And it looks like a real top family friendly hotel. Best wishes to the future. May you have plenty of guests all year round. It’s co-owned with Loews so more than likely it is also a pet-friendly hotel.

  7. Roddy Barros

    What the blazes is chimichurri? I’m Brazilian and have never heard of it!

    1. Ludvig

      Chimichurri is really an argentinian sauce to be used with beef.

    2. Michael

      Chimichurri is an Argentinian sauce made from parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and wine vinegar; it’s not Brazilian. It’s usually served on grilled meats, particularly, beef.

      1. Roddy Barros

        Oh, ok. We call it “vinagrete” down here.

    3. Sergi oVieira

      E arroz com feijao e bife.

  8. Roddy Barros

    So besides the Hogsmeade early entry thing, are there any other perks?

    And what’s a zero entry pool?

    1. Ludvig

      There are perks similar to the partner hotels. NO more.

      A zero entry pool is the one that does not have steps… you enter walking and it’s gradually deeper.

      1. Roddy Barros

        Thank you for your answers. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. 🙂

  9. Victoria

    Does anyone else think this looks exactly like a Disney value resort just with a different theme? All I could think of was pop century and art of animation!

    1. Dawn

      My thoughts exactly Victoria. Looks like a value resort, has refillable mugs, food trucks (even though food trucks are popping up everywhere now). I guess I’m one of the very few who could care less about Harry Potter so I’m not really excited about all the changes that have been going on. I did like the transformation of Springfield though.

      1. Roddy Barros

        Uh… It is a value resort. It says so right up there. It’s moderate for the family suites and the value suites are opening up soon.

  10. chris

    is there a shuttle service to wdw? I would want to do both. universal and wdw.. I have reservations for may and I just might want to change my reservations and stay here if I can get to WDW

  11. Kookie

    How about a Wizarding World themed hotel?

    1. michael mallozzi

      Only cost $400 a night.

  12. Eric B. Freeman

    And it is also looks like if it dose made in the 50s or 60s right before Universal owned it and be part of Universal Orlando, right? But not really, per say. I would love to go there someday maybe.

  13. Michelle

    Very nice theming. Paid parking for registered hotel guests is ridiculous. Disney doesn’t charge hotel guests a parking fee. If you want the Ride Express pass you will have to pay for it or stay at the more expensive Universal hotels, since you don’t get that perk at this hotel.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      It’s like that at all of the on-site Universal hotels. I agree that it’s unnecessary, but it’s also not new.

  14. Gelimaurk

    I like what Universal is doing. I like what Disney is doing. It is Ok to like both!

    Let’s put it this way: The level of quality put out by both Universal and Disney beats a Six Flags park any day of the week, twice on Sunday, and by a factor of 10!

    1. Lexie

      Dude (I’m a California girl, I use it as gender-neutral), I worked at a Six Flags last summer, and, yes. Just. Yes.

  15. Universal Bob

    I heard a nasty rumor that Cabana Bay guests will only have early admission to Hosmead and not Diagon Alley. Is this true? I don’t see why CB guests should be punished for staying at a value hotel and the other on-site guests be rewarded with EA to DA just because they spent more money on their rooms.

  16. Kelli

    I took my daughter (she’s 11) down a few weeks ago and we stayed here. We really liked it. It’s new and bright. Pool was pretty nice with a decent slide and lifeguards are all around. Everyone working there there was very nice. Lots of security checking on everyone. The shuttle is just for Cabana Bay and they run constantly and early/late. We never had to wait and they were never crowded. It was nice to not have to drive for a change. I don’t trust shuttles at off site hotels. We stayed in a family suite and it was decent in size. We both liked it better than the Disney value resorts. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the hotel will look like when it’s finished. Early entry is nice but they really need to expand that to the whole park, it backs up quick with all the other hotel guests. The parking fee is lousy and make sure at check in you tell them right away you don’t want charging privileges on your room keys or they will put a $100 a day hold! I told them when I made the reservation that I didn’t want it and they didn’t mention it at check in. The only other issue we had was some leaking in the bathroom from the shower light. I called up and they sent maintenance to check it right away but we ended up having to change rooms. They were very nice and even helped us move! Someone from the front brought our keys and gave us free meals at the Bayliner. We have annual passes so we get a little discount on rooms, that helps a bit. Can’t wait to go back for HHN and we will most likely stay here again.

  17. Sergi oVieira

    Do you provide room service?

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  19. DO they sell postcards in the gift shop? I mean surely they will?

  20. Dagmar

    We just stayed there last week and loved it. The 50’s and 60’s look is funky and fresh and the entire resort, including the room are so colourful. It is quite a bit cheaper than Hard Rock or Portofino hotels. It is great for families, they have movie screenings for kids and teens on the lawn each night. The food is OK too. I highly recommend it.

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