Comments for Figment comic unveiled from Disney and Marvel, adding Dreamfinder to latest in Disney Kingdoms line


  1. Michel Lichand Mendonça

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force… as if a thousand voices suddenly cried out in fervor, and still were not satisfied.

    1. Michel Lichand Mendonça

      The previous comment was a joke. Take that in consideration before replying.

  2. Ron Schneider

    What do you mean ‘younger version of the Dreamfinder’? I see no change whatsoever!

    1. Debbie

      Serious or joking? He’s not the Dreamfinder I remember. He doesn’t look kindly and he is definitely younger. I’m not liking him. Figment looks good!

      1. Dani

        Debbie… you realize that Ron Schneider IS Dreamfinder, right?

        And I just have to say that Figment is one of my all time favorite characters. I’m fan crazy enough to have chosen my new car (the Spark, you know, like in imagination) in a pretty purple (you know like our little friend) JUST so I could name it Figment!
        BUT if they had chosen to do a comic of him, particularly with any kind of origin story, it would have been a disaster without Dreamfinder. I just continue to hold out hope for the day when I can travel to EPCOT and see Dreamfinder greeting guests with Figment again!

  3. Timothy Rogers

    This looks amazing. Figment was my favorite Disney memory from childhood and I am jacked for this comic. Dreamfinder looks a bit malicious in in the picture though.

    1. Melissa Leahy

      i agree with you there tim. dreamfinder does look “villainy”. But it still all looks interesting. it’s been awhile since i’ve been to a comic store, what other Disney Kingdoms Comics are there? unless it’s referring to the book series, but doubtful.

  4. Tom Lyberg

    The younger Dreamfinder has a bit of a “Something Wicked This Way Comes” look about him. So, does this mean an update to Journey Into Imagination is in the works? I’m not adverse to that.

  5. Because we all know how awesome it is, I’ve made a wallpaper version of that cover photo for whoever wants it!

    (I’m hosting it on my dropbox, so go ahead and repost it wherever you want because I know that eventually I’ll clean up my public folder)

  6. Debbie

    I was already out of college when Figment first appeared and he remains one of my two favorite Disney characters.(Goofy is the other.) I still have my original Figment plastic statuette. Changing the Dreamfinder to a young and evil looking man is not inviting and seems more imagination restricting than imagination freeing. Ah, it is a new generation. I have my memories!

    1. Grandpa Munster

      I wouldn’t really call the expression angry or evil, to me it looks more like an expression of confidence, ready to tackle a new adventure! I have confidence that this will be good!

      1. Ginny Chapman

        Figment looks wonderful but Dreamfinder looks lecherous, evil and disgusting. Keep him away from children please.

  7. Susan S.

    Actually there were three Dreamfinders. I worked with them all. They are all the Dreamfinder – the wonderful character who worked Figment and entertained innumerable people. But each of them added their own nuance to the character. One was not better than the other, but they were great talents each in their own right. It was a privilege.

    1. Ron Schneider

      Thank you, Susan. I agree with most of what you said, but there were more than three of us… I knew of at least six personally and I suspect there were more, though it’s true that there would be only three on call at any one time. And yes, each was unique and brought his own qualities to the role.

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