Festival of Fantasy parade debuts high-energy entertainment at Walt Disney World with 'Frozen,' 'Tangled', among fun floats - Inside the Magic

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  1. Chaz

    This parade definitely outshines the Soundsational Parade for me. In fact, this new parade would be my favorite Disney parade if not for the old Parade of Dreams years ago. I’ll have to watch again and pay more attention to this parade’s soundtrack, but thus far Festival of Fantasy wins in terms of float design while Parade of Dreams wins in terms of music.

  2. Thanks for posting this so quickly, Ricky! I’ve been dying to see full video of it. I loved all of it, except for the Brave portion. It was kind of bland compared to everything else, and I’m not really sure what Merida was doing up there. Those movements are so unlike the character. Aside from that, it was all wonderful. The costumes, the floats, the contrast of dark & light. I can’t wait to see it in person this Fall.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Merida just seemed excited to be there. Or maybe she ate too many of those special pastries…

  3. Ryan R

    I have a question to ask. With this new parade, does it also happen at night and if it does, would it replace the Main Street electrical parade. Is the MSE parade still happen at Disney World

    1. Dan

      This parade only happens in the Day time.

    2. Josh

      Why would it happen at night if it isn’t decorated in lights (like the current, nightly MSE is). On that note, has any day-parade at a Disney park come out at night in the past?

      1. Marc

        Josh, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade is presentig at day and at night…

  4. Carson

    I really loved this parade! Can’t wait to see it. The only thing I was wondering was that I noticed in the frozen float there was a huge wall behind Elsa and Ana. How does the other side of the people get to see them? Do they just see a big wall? Thank you! Can’t wait to see it in person.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      When it spins around, Tiana and Naveen are on the other side of it. So you see one side or the other as it passes by. Likewise, you either see Cinderella’s big pink dress or Cinderella herself.

      1. Carson

        Ooooooh. Thank you for that, I had no clue Tirana and naveen were on it. I feel like more kids would want to see Anna and Elsa. Thanks for the coverage! Keep up the great work!!

  5. Craig

    Looks awesome, thanks for the great video. Wish I could have been there. Can’t here the music very well, and the position seem to be off from the current float in the video.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The music does just kind of fade into the background. Even in person, it wasn’t terribly prominent.

  6. Christine bujnicki

    Loved this parade…. But I missed Cinerella! I know she was there, but Cinderells deserves her famous pumpkin carriage! If we blink we miss her!

  7. Christine

    More Cinderella!

  8. Mark

    I think the parade is great, and a much needed addition to the Magic Kingdom, however, i do not think it outshines Disneyland’s Soundsational Parade. This parade just does not have the same upbeat energy that Soundsational has, the energy is much higher and everyone is clapping along and dancing along the parade route, As Festival of Fantasy is nice, the soundtrack and energy is definitely lacking for me. After so many years with the same stale parade, i was hoping for something a bit more.

    1. Anonymous

      (sigh) People like you ask for too much.

    2. Tom

      What I would say is that Soundsational is dependent on music. It drives the parade. Here the floats are the main feature with a complimentary, catchy background music accompanying it.

  9. Joe

    I only have one complaint! Where the heck is Princess Aurora? They should add her to the sleeping beauty section.

    1. Diane Wilshere

      If Philip is fighting Maleficent then Aurora is asleep. It is logical is not there

    2. Jeff Lynch

      Duh. Princess Aurora is SLEEPING…and Prince Phillip is fighting the dragon to rescue her. Don’t you know anything? 🙂

  10. Kurt

    The floats remind me of the floats from Tokyo Disneyland. I’m so excited to see this parade when I go to Disney World!!

  11. Charlie

    Did Princess and a Frog made 1 billion -and counting- or won any Oscars? Am I missing something? No offense to Tiana fans, but that’s a waste of prime real state in the parade.
    Frozen is the biggest hit since Lion King and all we get is Anna & Elsa in a rotating (good luck with your photo op!) tiny spot at the very back?
    Princess unit should have had Anna & Elsa where Beauty & Beast are and viceversa. Come on Belle, you even have your own restaurant. Just 3 words: LET IT GOOOOOOO! 🙂

    Come on Parks and Recreation people!

    1. Tom

      Tiana is still popular-you’ve got to remember Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo didn’t do that well but Walt saw they had good stories to tell. Also Frozen wasn’t supposed to be a big hit-only 500-600 million max. But they released a viral vid for let it go and word of mouth quickly spread. You’re lucky they’re in the parade so be grateful. It was a last minute addition and they did it really well.

  12. Amelinda

    Is there any footage of the Katy High School band that was the pre-opener for the parade? If so, How can I get it?

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  14. Rich

    Does anyone know how the three fairy godmothers skate around so smoothly?
    Are they simply wearing skates, or is there some kind of Segway device under their dresses?

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  16. Catbell

    I want to go disneyland very much?<3 i going to be there?❤❤❤

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