Comments for Exclusive: Disney and Marvel “SPARK” new Disney Kingdoms teaser for theme park comic to follow “Seekers of the Weird”


  1. Katy

    Imaaaaaagination, imaaaaaaagination

  2. Timothy Rogers


  3. Brenda Ventura

    Figment, of course! With all his royal purple pigment.

  4. chris

    but this leaves a good question which imagination are we talking about the original or the one that is currently there now my guess is they will use the original but being a fan of Monty python i would like to see a little of Nigel in the comic

  5. Nicky

    Here’s to Dreamfinder making a big role with Figment!

  6. Marc Morini

    One little spark!

  7. Jeff Lynch

    Is is Darkwing Duck?

  8. For those not aware, that is an AMAZING creative team they’ve got on this. Andrade is such a dynamic artist that the idea of him drawing a magical imagination world (or just having such things interact with the real world) gets me even more hopeful that this could spiral into something bigger, Disney-synergy-style.

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