Comments for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad bursts back into action as Disneyland officially unveils new effects with upgraded ride experience


  1. Can’t wait to get out there and ride it! So sad WDW’s BTM is in such sad shape. All effects on our C-Left have been actually turned off due to “safety”, not broken and in need of repair. Perhaps since this new finale at DL is projections and smoke, they could put it in here.

  2. Jason

    Those are not projected bats. If you look hard enough, they are on a roratating rig.

  3. janell

    I am just relieved the goat stayed.

  4. alberto

    The bats are not projections they are still rubber bats on strings on a rotation system

    1. I will have to go back and ride it at night and look again, when my eyes will be better adjusted to the dark. We are talking about Disneyland’s Big Thunder, not Florida’s.

  5. chris

    so Disneyland gets explosions Florida get black tarps its the sad that Disney is all but ignoring obvious problems so they can compete with someone else i mean look at the dinosaur ride i rode last week they had it open but the villain of the rides mouth wasn’t working and the long neck dino had a tarp over it why was it even open

  6. lisa neve

    Went last night to ride BIG THUNDER and I must say, Disneyland did a great job, it was well worth the 14mo wait. It is way better now then it ever was even when it first opened. Im going again today, it’s AWESOME!

  7. Andrew J

    Nice article Mark. Wish they would do the same upgrades at WDW.

  8. Matthew Curnutte

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but if you look in the window of the Panhandle Hotel (the first building in rainbow ridge that you pass as you begin to come into the station) you can actually see a portrait of Barnabas T. Bullion; aka the Tony Baxter tribute used in the Magic Kingdom refurbishment of BTMR. I don’t know if it was the screaming headache I had last night but when I saw it it threw me for a loop and I thought it was an awesome touch.

    Also I’m really glad the jumping fish from Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland are still being used. Its one of my favorite pieces of Disneyland history.

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