Adventurers Club to return for one night with Pleasure Island: Rewind event, part of D23's Destination D at Walt Disney World - Inside the Magic

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  1. Jeff Lynch

    Why can’t they bring the Adventurer’s Club back for real and have it be part of DAK? Get rid of Rain Forest Cafe. Put the Adventurer’s Club over there.

    1. JC Larson

      I couldn’t agree more! That’s a GREAT IDEA!!!

    2. Ed K

      Great Idea!

    3. LoganNZ


    4. Paul Scalenghe

      I was only at the club once, but it remains one of my best ever highlights for all my trips to Disney.
      To have the opportunity to go again would be so great !
      All you adventurers who agree, let me know!

      1. Bryce Trillo

        Im on board with you Paul.

    5. James johnson

      I always thought why not make a place at Animal Kingdom Lodge. This would give people staying there a nighttime entertainment.

  2. Dan

    I think I’d rather go to the Adventures in Charity show.. A celebration of the Adventurers Club best elements at a fraction of the cost, and money raised goes to charity. At this point, I’d almost accuse Disney of capitalizing on that event 😉

  3. Alexis

    Oooh this whole thing sounds like fun! Here’s hoping hubby can get leave for the time frame!

  4. jeff

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mannequins, and 8 Trax. thoese were special to me when i worked at disney world!!! every thurs would meet my friends tere for cast member night waz awesome thoese were the days!!!!!

  5. Beth

    They need to get rid of rex’s and bring back adventures club permanently. That was my favorite place of all time to go to was very sad when they shut it down. Was such a great place to go. Kungaloosh.

  6. You can still get a Kungaloosh from bartenders that have been around. I had one at the Territory Lounge in Nov. after chatting with the bar tender for a bit she mentioned all the places shes worked over the last 25 years bar tending at WDW. Adventurer’s Club was one and she still knew how to make it. Her name was Brucy, if ya see her ask for one!

  7. John

    Seriously Universal is blowing out disney on making the right decisions. Disney bring back the Adventurers Club for good.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Universal should actually steal the concept. Create “The Explorers’ Society” and open that up as a club.

      If Disney doesn’t want to do it, then let Universal have it.

  8. Since1976

    Pleasure Island’s main drawback (from a commercial as standpoint, at least) was its location, basically hindering traffic flow between the Marketplace and West Side.

    The clubs would make much more sense occupying one dedicated end of the new Disney Springs, or better yet, a new location altogether.

  9. Nicky

    I am beginning to think that Disney is really running out of ideas, I love the Adventutrers Club but I think they should either practice what they preach and never make short term comebacks or bring it back permanently. Sorry I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but some times things like this grid my gears.

  10. Nancy Klaff

    Disney ! Are you listening?? You have disappointed so many of your fans ( and patrons) by first closing the Adventurers Club and now bringing it back for one appearance that most of your customers CANNOT AFFORD!! Why why why? $190.00 to $250.00 a ticket!! After visiting WDW more than 80 times I have become totally disillusioned! My kids and now my grand kids grew up knowing THE MOUSE! Soory to say I won’t be promoting the parks anymore now that I know how little the powers that be care about the people who have supported Disney World all these years! Too bad you are too big to listen to your people! Think Walt is spinning in his grave !!

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Wow, Nancy, that was certainly…something. Take a deep breath.

      I think it would be fun if they’d bring Adventurer’s Club back at least once a year for an event. I think it would be worth coming down to Orlando specifically for an Adventurer’s Club weekend. I would love that.

    2. Chaney Uffelman

      Nancy, i totally agree with you. Of course i accept an occasional price increase for events and tickets to match up with inflation…but this has gone a bit too far. Most families simply cannot afford a vacation at Disney anymore..and to charge 190 dollars (almost two park tickets) for an event like this is crazy. When planning a WDW family vacation on a budget, even the cheaper options are pricey now. Hotels, food, tickets, maybe some merchandise, it all adds up very quickly. The dinning plans are also pricey and restricted. It’s hard to enjoy the magic when in the back of your mind you know that it took you years to save up for this one week trip.

  11. Andy

    I thought all viewings if carousel of progress were private. Theater is barely 1/3 full anytime I go! How is this a draw? Unless they pause it and have imagineers pointing out cool stuff. That would be cool. A “private” viewing just sounds like it will run after the park closes.

  12. judy

    We really miss the Adventurer’s Club. It was our favorite thing at DW. We don’t go nearly as often as we used to because we spent so much time there, thoroughly happy and entertained and now don’t have that reason to go to DW. Disney powers that be should listen…it’s been 6 years and people do not want to let AC go. There is a reason for it. It was one of the best things offered. PLEASE!!!!!!

  13. Mike

    The Adventurers Club was the best lounge/place to hang out. The decor on the walls was fascinating and the characters were odd , if not funny. We would sing along and everybody had a great time. I wish they would bring A.C. back!

  14. Gavin

    There’s a replica on gmod to play

    1. Karen M.

      What/where is GMOD?

  15. Bryce Trillo

    As a kid, my dad and I stumbled upon AC. I was probably 10 or 11 and most likely a little too young as the shows are laced with adult innuendo but my dad used to take me to rated R movies so really it wasn’t a big deal. Anyways I absolutely loved the AC, the decor and characters really put you in a different place. I always wanted to go back as an adult with a date. What a great date night that would have been! Sad to say that will never happen and honestly I love Disney but they realllllly dropped the ball on this one. If anyone has some sort of petition to sign about getting another AC i will gladly sign it. The Adventurers Club was magical.

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