Push The Talking Trash Can Got Canned At Magic Kingdom, Fans Rise Against Walt Disney World Entertainment Cut

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The Talking Trash Can

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Only Disney fans understand how it can be fun to take a picture with a garbage can. But Push the Talking Trash Can isn’t just any waste bin, a popular Magic Kingdom character for many years that has delighted many Guests by roaming around Tomorrowland while talking and cracking jokes. But according to insider reports, Push may soon be sent to the scrap heap.

Rumor strongly suggests Push will no longer entertain after this coming weekend. A contract dispute apparently is to blame between Disney and the man behind the trash can that, if not resolved, would leave Push homeless.

Update (2/7/14): A day and more than 3,000 Facebook “likes” later, a Disney spokesperson has now told the Orlando Sentinel that Push “isn’t going anywhere.” Did mission accomplish?

Update (2/9/14): Push is officially canned. Despite what the Orlando Sentinel was told just two days ago, Disney has announced to Cast Members that Push the Talking Trash Can is indeed no longer part of Walt Disney World’s entertainment offerings. The Cast Member online portal (known as The Hub) lists the act as “permanently closed” due of its contract expires. Disney has no known plans to bring Push back.

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Since news of Push’s potential upcoming disappearance hit the Internet, fans have responded with hundreds of tweets using the hashtag #SavePush. A “Save PUSH, the Talking Trash, Can” Facebook page has also received more than 2,000 “likes” in 24 hours.

When asked for a comment, a Disney spokesperson would only say that Push is entertaining Guests today without adding any information about its future.

Disney fans can now only fondly remember the character’s antics through many online videos, such as the one below in which Push summons a few Steven Spielberg-inspired movie moments.

Video: PUSH the Trash Can does Jaws, Indiana Jones at Walt Disney World

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