First Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride-through video shared by Walt Disney World as 'final gem' of New Fantasyland nears completion - Inside the Magic

Comments for First Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride-through video shared by Walt Disney World as ‘final gem’ of New Fantasyland nears completion


  1. Eric B. Freeman

    That looks fun.

    And you know, I’d also love it if Disney would think of get the licensed to other animated films that are not Disney and Pixar to their parks and make them as the attractions like ether rides or shows or whatever else may be.

    1. Helene von Schimmelstine

      but then it would not be a Disney park so much anymore

      1. Eric B. Freeman

        Why did you mean?

        1. Mat Leblanc

          Universal does that plenty

          1. Eric B. Freeman


    2. Dawn Casale

      It’s Walt Disney World, therefore all rides and attractions are to be from Disney works, not other cartoons and movies! It wouldn’t be Disney if it had things that were non-Disney, now would it?

      1. Vincent Schneider

        Disney licensed Avatar for Animal Kingdom from James Cameron and for years licensed rights from MGM for Studios. Disney purchased them park rights forStar Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark long before they acquired Lucas Film.

    3. Scott Sherris

      Like Avatar land? Or Star Tours before Disney bought Lucasfilm? Or the Muppet show before Disney bought the Muppets? They were in talks to build Harry Potter. What exactly do you want to see?

      1. Eric B. Freeman

        Yes and I would like to see attractions and meet and greets at WDW that are based on 20th Century Fox’s “Ice Age” franchise, Sony Pictures Animation’s “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”, and Warner Brothers’ “Happy Feet”.

        About Harry Potter you mentioned, dose Disney originally wanted to build Harry Potter attractions before Universal?

        1. TomTom

          Disney was the first to talk with Rowling about a Harry Potter area. After all the movies play on ABC Family (Disney owned). What I’ve heard is she wanted the city to be exact which meant close quarters and tight spaces. Disney said No to that and she wouldn’t budge so she went to Universal. Disney was actually correct on this side of things because when it gets busy over at Harry Potter it’s cramped and disorganized. The actual ride concept itself was done by Disney. If you go to Innoventions East at Epcot there’s an attraction called “Sum of all thrills” it’s a microcosm of the HP ride.

          1. Eric B. Freeman


          2. Anna

            The Kuka arm had been around much longer than “Sum of all Thrill”.

    4. Arthur K. kittelsen

      Frankly Disney doesn’t really need the outside animated movies. What Disney and Pixar create are just head and shoulders above the other studio animated characters and movies. Their magic and pixie dust just put other studio characters in the back of the pack.

      No other studio has characters and movies still loved and admired 40 or 50 or 70 or 80 years after they were made.

      No other studio characters have the love of all the kids.

      Those other studio characters may be enjoyed and laughed at or admired as hero’s, but never with the love Disney characters get.


      1. Eric B. Freeman

        “No other studio characters have the love of all the kids”, you said but about adults too?

        1. Eric B. Freeman

          And I guess that makes sense since not all animated characters and movies outside from Disney are loved by everyone, especially kids.

    5. Eric B. Freeman

      Well, if Disney can’t lincese non-Disney animated films to their parks, then alright, never mind. They always like to stick with attractions based on their own animated films and characters since they’re so popular and loved by people of all ages (like kids, teens and adults too).

      1. Eric B. Freeman

        And speaking of which, what you please tell me what is your favorite attractions based Disney animated films?


    awesome! I can’t wait to ride In September 2014!

  3. Larry Demars

    Well, looks to me like WDW just finally got its own Matterhorn ride.

    1. Jenny

      Did u forget about Mount Everest at Animal kingdom?

  4. Primogen

    I wish there were more “story” to the ride. It looks like guest experience about 30 seconds inside the dwarves’ mine, but then the rest is just generic forest. I understand that it’s a relatively fast thrill ride (or at least a family-friendly version of the thrill ride), but it doesn’t appear the the ride experience itself doesn’t have the theming of a Splash Mountain or a Big Thunder Mountain.

    1. Mati

      You’re totally right. I agree!!

    2. Chaz

      I’m guessing there is in fact “story” to the ride. It’s probably just being kept under-wraps until opening day so it’s more of a pleasant surprise.

    3. Jenny

      Didnt u read the article? It’s not done yet, they still have the dwarves to install

  5. Mati

    I hope it will last one more minute at least. And more action.

  6. Megan

    I want to see more of the inside! I know for a fact there are more indoor scenes than just the mines. Could we see what snow white and the witch will look like soon?? And I’d also like to know if there are any more elements from Snow white’s Scary Adventures being used on the inside. I’m really anxious to see the finished product!

  7. Duncan McPherson

    Looking good

  8. Jeff Lynch

    I am going to be riding this ride and being happy. This looks fun!

  9. Mary H

    Looks amazing. I wish we were getting one at Disneyland.

  10. Greg P

    I think it looks boring, it should have more indoor action like space mountain. No big drops or spills, i guess this one is for the 10 and under crowd

  11. Dawn Casale

    I hope the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is up and running in time for Easter vacation. My family has been patiently awaiting the opening of this attraction. Come on Walt Disney World, don’t let us down! 🙂

  12. chris

    thought it was suppose to open in march but after seeing this it looks like they have a lot of work left
    looks good though

  13. Paul Greenwood

    It’s too bad Disney World is increasingly becoming like Universal Studios. Walt Disney intended the park to be fun for all ages, not just the heart healthy youth generation. They already have 6 roller coasters, why do they need another one? They could have easily geared this towards the calmer generation. I understand alot of people like roller coasters, but what about the rest of us? Yet another ride that I cannot go on. I guess I”m just stuck going to Peter Pan and It’s a Small World and the Haunted House over and over. Too bad what Disney has turned into. Walt must be turning in his grave….

    1. Alaina

      Don’t worry! It’s an easy ride aimed for younger children as well and looks very smooth, plus half of it is a slow dark ride. This is not “The Hulk” at all. I know Walt would have loved it and I am sure you will still be able to enjoy it too 🙂

    2. John Malone

      You’re not serious, right?

      This ride can’t look any tamer.

  14. Eddie Jankauskas

    Is this ride taking the place of Thunder Mountain?

    1. Paul Greenwood

      No, Eddie. Big Thunder Railroad is in Frontierland, in the back left of the park(about 10 o’clock position looking at the map). This ride will be in Fantasyland. After you go through Cinderella’s Castle, head slightly to the right and in back(roughly 1 o’clock position). If you remember where Nemo used to be, it’s just a bit to the left and further back. I don’t really remember what was there before, if anything.

      1. TomTom

        It’s essentially where Dumbo used to be.

  15. Steve

    Remember when Disney used to care enough and use enough effort to rush to meet a deadline? Remember how the entirety of Disneyland Park was built in a year? Yet they still cannot give us an opening date and instead give us a wonderfully misfired, ham-fisted attempt at fan outreach.

    1. Chaz

      Remember when it was enough for Disney fans when imagineers to spend years and years developing new and fun rides, when “fans” didn’t turn their noses up at every opportunity?

      Neither do I.

      1. Steve

        Look, you make a good point. Maybe I’m a child of the digital age, but my main issue isn’t so much the (kinda lame) media outreach, it’s the fact that lately it seems like Disney has significantly slowed down it’s production of anything within the parks, especially in Florida.
        It’s taken them four years to build a single attraction, the first original-to-Florida’s-MK attraction in nearly ten years (the last one I can think of is Laugh Floor, which was 2007). Even then, that didn’t take too long to build. I’m not lifting up my nose at this new attraction. Frankly, it looks like it’ll be a blast. My issue is the time it is taking and how much they’re just stringing along without any real apparent sense of urgency. I absolutely HATE myself for saying it, but Universal managed to churn out Wizarding World (an admittedly breathtakingly immersive experience) in half the time it has taken for Disney to build one ride. It would be one thing if Wizarding World was subpar to the Disney standard (as the large majority of Universal is), but they managed to make this incredible land in an incredibly short amount of time. On top of that, they’re building a whole other expansion to that land in a year. While it can’t be said if it will be as good as the first half, we can probably assume it because Rowling won’t let her baby be messed with. My comment wasn’t so much a hating on mediocre media outreach as it was a poor attempt at sarcasm pointing out that Disney has really seemingly lost a good deal of its creative edge and the sense of urgency and excitement that they used to have when bringing to life new experience, especially in Florida.

        1. chris

          im thinking the problem hes trying to get at is disney is now charging 99 plus they have a 6 out of 10 crowd lvl from now till sept so u know money is not slowing them down so why is it that they take so long to build something and when they do they take a 1 thing at a time approach which is bad considering they have 4 parks

        2. Natalie

          I don’t think a lack of ideas is the problem, I think it’s more the discussion that goes on back and forth while they tinker and deliberate on what will go where and how fast it will be. Planning takes up the most time on a project, I mean you said it yourself look at how quickly New Fantasyland was put together. But all I’m reading in these articles is the imagineers saying ‘we still have things we need to tweak’ which makes me wonder how much they have left to decide on. Discussions must last forever! But I think they’re going as fast as they can on it. It can’t be easy to build a whole new ride like that. Plus it’s innovative, they have the new swinging cart. That probably needed a LOT of testing before it was green-lit, I bet it took months and months of discussion and testing for the higher ups and health and safety departments to give it the thumbs up.

    2. Jeff Lynch

      Steve —

      You are comparing apples to pomegranates here, buddy.

      The fact is, you can’t compare adding new attractions to building a whole park. Not unless you want to be realistic about what the new park was like when it opened. I think you need to be honest here in that Disneyland when it opened was not complete, and the Opening Day attractions were not complicated or particularly impressive. There was nothing like this Mine Train Ride on Opening Day at Disney.

      Also, let’s be honest about something else here. Should super fans like those that read theme park fan sites be the ones setting arbitrary time tables for when things should be done? To me, it feels sometimes like little kids being upset that Christmas takes so long to get here. The fact is that WDW is in no rush to open new attractions because the attendance numbers are too high to justify spending millions opening new things at lightning pace.

      Disney has a business model and shareholders to answer to. Like it or not, the construction of new attractions is budgeted over a longer time period than we super fans would like. I wish it was different, but to the shareholders there is no justification for rushing to get something done fast so that “Steve on the internet will be happy”. If there was a crash in attendance numbers, the shareholders would demand action and the construction of all sorts of marvelous things. But with record-breaking attendance with the existing offerings, the shareholders do not approve of large capital expenditures because “Steve from the internet wants that”.

      Universal really needed to invest heavily to bring its parks more in line with what Disney offers. And Universal’s Potter expansion is taking it from a Six Flags level to a level closer to Disney. I still think Universal has to spend several billion more to make all of its two parks on the level of Disney. I’d love to see that happen, because it would then convince Disney shareholders to approve the massive expenditures that would take Disney into a new and unprecedented level of excellent. I doubt this will happen, though, because no matter how much Universal spends and builds I don’t think it will ever have the same emotional cachet of the Disney range of products.

      The only Disney construction we will ever see that is built at lightning speed is the Shanghai Disney Park, and that’s being rushed through construction quickly so that copycat parks don’t spring up in China first. There’s a business incentive for them to rush and open that park fast. There’s no such incentive to rush construction in Florida, however.

      What I really wish, more than anything, is for a monstrously wealthy individual with big dreams to buy Disney and take it off the market as a publicly traded company and return it to private ownership. That is the only way we would ever see huge, ambitious projects built just for the hell of it. As long as Disney is publicly traded and keeps pulling in the attendance numbers it does, there is never going to be the kind of construction at the US parks that “Steve from the internet” wants. For the record, I want what you want too, but I am just realistic about not being able to get it and know that Christmas won’t be here for another 10 months (and the Mine Train and other projects will always open when Disney shareholders want them to open)

      1. Coastryder

        Thank you, Jeff for explaining that to the ‘ digital aged eager’ folks. Just to add something else, many people forget about receiving permits from the city, seismic codes, height restrictions, and OSCHA (sp). Building codes are VERY different than they were in 1955, 1975, or even today. A lot of time is swallowed up by waiting for approvals from various guilds..

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