VIDEO: Festival of Fantasy parade floats arrive to Magic Kingdom, ready for March debut at Walt Disney World

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The Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade will debut in March at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and its new floats recently made their way into the park. Though Festival of Fantasy will be a daytime parade, the floats made their trip under the cover of darkness, as seen in the video below.

Walt Disney World cast members and crew escorted several of the floats down the road in the middle of the night.

Video: Festival of Fantasy parade floats arrive to Magic Kingdom

The floats in this magical caravan include a 53-foot-long steampunk-inspired Maleficent Dragon from the 1959 Disney animated classic, “Sleeping Beauty,” a Fantasia-themed balloon and gondola for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, a giant “Brave” bagpipe, and a “Peter Pan” float featuring Skull Rock and Captain Hook’s The Jolly Roger pirate ship.

When Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade debuts in March, it will bring the stories and characters of Fantasyland to Main Street, U.S.A. through fantastic and innovative new parade floats, vibrant costumes, and an original soundtrack featuring beloved songs from favorite Disney films. A new parade theme song also debuts.

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